A novel timeless: reviews of the book "Amphibian Man".

There are not so many authors in the world whose works are absolutely loved by readers and still enthusiastically award books with reviews. Opinions unanimously agree on the book “Amphibian Man” - a work that is stunning in its depth, forcing one more time to reconsider one's views on life.reviews of the book amphibian manMany people of Soviet education, this book is one of the most beloved, because it has everything: love and betrayal, chase and fantastic characters, descriptions of nature and the subtle psychology of the human soul.

A few lines about the author

The book was written in 1927 by Alexander Belyaev, who spent most of his life confined to a bed: he had spondylitis of the spine. This did not prevent him from writing 17 novels and more than 70 stories, narratives and other science fiction works, in which there were more than forty ideas and fantasies, which were later realized in reality.

Alexander Romanovich died in the Leningrad blockade in 1942, leaving behind a great legacy and received an honorary nickname: "Russian Jules Verne."

Book Reviews

The Amphibian Man was published in the press back in 1928 and immediately became popular not only because of its fantastic ideas, but also because of the sad love story between two young people, separated from each other by cruel circumstances and dishonest people. .amphibian man summary

Roman Belyaev recommends that students in grades 6–7 should be read, as it affects such important values ​​as friendship, loyalty and teaches to put moral principles and honor above material values, which provide only temporary pleasure. Judging by the reviews of the book "Amphibian Man", it is clear that good will still win evil, but at such a high price that after reading it will not leave a few unpleasant aftertaste from injustice, human meanness and violation of all ethical norms.

The plot of the book

The summary of the "Amphibian Man" is unlikely to convey the whole range of sensations, experiences and mental trepidation from reading the entire book.Alexander Romanovich very finely conveyed the subtleties of the whole story, the character of the characters and their emotional states, which a brief retelling is not able to convey even by half.

Belyayev's book Amphibian Man tells the story of a brilliant scientist who created the first man with gills, that is, able to breathe under water. Locals have repeatedly seen him frolicking in the water and called him the "sea devil." Was awarded a reward for his capture.belyaev amphibian man

A young guy who has lived in a limited space for a long time accidentally enters the world of people - he saves a sinking beautiful girl and falls in love with her. Initially, she reciprocates, but fate is such that she needs to marry another in order to save her father.

Ichthyander (that is the name of the protagonist) decides to help and collects pearls at the bottom of the sea, but accidentally falls into the nets arranged to catch him. By the will of fate, it turns out that he is a prisoner of his husband's future husband. The young man is imprisoned, held in brutal conditions, because of which he loses his ability to breathe the lungs forever and almost dies. Fortunately, friends help him escape: the unfortunate guy leaves his close people forever, swimming away to live in the ocean, away from the greedy people who were hunting him.

From the brief content of the “Amphibian Man” it becomes clear that this is a fantastic novel with elements of melodrama and thriller, which keeps in suspense until the last lines.

Leading characters

The main characters of the “Amphibian Man” are quite multifaceted, so it’s pointless to judge or regret them the first time: as you read the book, the attitude to them changes several times depending on the angle of the author’s presentation.

  • Ichthyander - the protagonist of the book, an amphibian man, in the opinion of readers is considered the passive victim of the doctor and circumstances.
  • Gutieriere is a young girl, Ihtiandr’s beloved, strong-willed, courageous, but surrendered because of love for her father.
  • Dr. Salvator is a scientist trying to cross different life forms. He transplanted the shark's gills to a dying boy, creating the first amphibian man who knows how to breathe light, living on land, and under water - breathing with the help of gills.
  • Pedro Zurita is Gutierie's future husband, an avid and vicious predator, a typical representative of the capitalist race. So absorbed in the thirst for profit, that does not notice its moral degradation, but sincerely loves the girl.
  • Balthazar - father Guttiere, an old laborer, who devoted his life to the sea.Pretty naive and unsophisticated, falls for the trick for which he pays for not only his life, but also the happiness of his daughter.

The basic concept of "Human Amphibians"

Review of the book in some children of the current generation is quite tough: a scientist who considered himself the father of Ihtiandr and who had a lot of money provided him with everything but the most important thing: communication with people and the ability to live among them. According to young readers, the absence of these qualities led to the sad ending of the novel.amphibian man protagonistsThe guy did not know the simplest things, but at the same time he had academic knowledge about the sea and their inhabitants, understood zoology and geography, even astronomy, but had no idea what lies and betrayal, did not know what money was and what thirst owning them.

Roman Belyaev fills this gap and shows the whole human essence in all its unseemly nature, allowing the reader to draw his own conclusions without imposing his opinion.

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