One of the most beautiful mausoleums in the world

Have you been to the mausoleum for a long time? And in a truly beautiful mausoleum, where at some point you even forget about the true purpose of the place where you are?
The Shah-Cherah Mausoleum in Iranian Shiraz is amazing — beautiful outside, even more beautiful if you enter the courtyard, and exceed all expectations when you get inside the mausoleum, which is also a mosque.
After all, Shah-Cherah is the very mirror mosque, famous and unique in its kind. Inside, in the literal sense of the word, it sparkles and shimmers thanks to the fact that all the interior decoration, from the floor to the ceiling, is decorated with pieces of mirrors, glass, as well as thousands of silver and gold plates. This is without exaggeration fabulous beauty ...
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
2. Being in Shiraz, in the mausoleum of Shah-Cherah you just need to go, because you will not find another such place in the world.
And it is better to go either before sunset, when the marble in the courtyard is tinted with the crimson colors of the sunset sky, or in the evening, when it is already dark.All the space around the mausoleum and the mausoleum itself, thanks to the backlight, looks like in 1000 and 1 nights.
Keep in mind that when entering the territory of the mausoleum, it is necessary to undergo a procedure of inspection and, if necessary, inspection of things - a backpack, bag, photo equipment. Among all the Iranian shrines and sights that we visited, we met such a procedure only here. This is due to the fact that the mausoleum from the XIV (!!!) century is a place of pilgrimage for many Muslims. Why? About this below.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
3. At first I will tell about how the mausoleum appeared on this place.
Shah-Cherah - a majestic tombstone where the graves of two brothers, Ahmed and Mohammed, the sons of Moussa al-Kadim and the brothers Imam Reza are located. The brothers took refuge in Shiraz during the Abbasid persecution of Muslims.
They erected a mausoleum in the XIV century under the ruler Tashi Khatun. "Shah-e-Cherah" in Persian means "Lord of Light." This place got its name because of the history of its discovery. Ayatollah Dastakhib saw the light from a distance and decided to find its source. As he approached, he noticed that the light was coming from the grave in the cemetery. The grave, from which the light was coming, was dug up, and in it the body in armor and with a ring on its hand.The inscription on the ring reads: “Honor belongs to God, Ahmed, son of Moussa.” Thus, it became clear that the sons of al-Kadima were buried there.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
4. Today the monument consists of an original portico with ten columns on the east side, a spacious mausoleum with alcoves on four sides, a mosque on the west side of the mausoleum, several halls and tombs.
In fact, this is a complex of two mausoleums: in the first are the remains of Saint Seyid Mir Ahmad from the family of the Prophet Mohammed, who died in this city in 835. His brother Imam Reza, who fled from Medina to Persia after a quarrel with Caliph Harun al-Rashid, was previously killed in Mashhad. The sarcophagus with the coffin of Sayyid Mir Ahmad, shimmering under the light of chandeliers, stands in the center of the mausoleum's mirror hall. In the second, less rich and large-scale mausoleum, Seyid Mir Muhammad - brother of Seyid Mir Ahmad and Imam Reza is buried. And it is precisely to the tomb of Seyid Mir Ahmad that Muslims have been streaming for about 700 years.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
5. Interestingly, the complex was severely destroyed twice during earthquakes - in 1588 and in 1852. And both times it was restored. The last revival of the shrine lasted a century.
In the form in which we see it today, the Shah-Cheragh Mausoleum has been presented since 1958.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
6. View of the main mausoleum
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
7In front of the facade of the mosque there is a pool with fountains. In the night illumination the mosque-mausoleum looks especially beautiful from the outside, but during the day it looks quite typical and differs little from other similar buildings in Shiraz. That is why I recommend coming here in the dark.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
8. Marble slabs behind the fountain are covered with carpets, during prayer everything is occupied by the inclined figures of people.
But the most important thing is inside. And you need to see it with your own eyes!
From both sides to the tomb lined up the male and female queues - the believers come to the saint with their requests (men enter from the left, women - from the right). It should be noted that all inbound must remove shoes in front of the threshold of the mausoleum.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
9. When you get inside and see the interior of the sanctuary, you understand what fabulous beauty is. The surface of the walls and the dome sparkles and shines with pieces of mirrors. The decor contains jewels and silver plates. Mirror elements have a certain shape and color, so they flicker with green, gold and silver hues in their own way. The rich magnificence is complemented by huge chandeliers emitting yellowish-golden light and a multitude of carpets on the floor.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
ten.The inside of the dome is lined with fragments of mirrors, greenish glass of beryl and turquoise color and precious stones. Rays of light are fantastically refracted in precious chandeliers.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
11. The tomb, which is typical of the Shiraz mausoleums, is not located directly under the dome, but in an alcove between the mausoleum and the mosque.

12. Keep in mind that photographing inside the mausoleum is strictly prohibited, but ... judging by what you see here these photos, there are always options.
If you want not only to see what the Mirror Mosque looks like inside, but also to take several pictures without risking the anger of the servants, which are very numerous inside, the algorithm of actions is as follows: find a servant with a shoulder strap in the area in front of the mosque, ask if he says English If he doesn’t speak, he will immediately call his English-speaking colleague with the same band. These are special ministers who help tourists and pilgrims. Tell him you came from far away and would very much like to take a few pictures inside. This person will escort you to the mosque, enter with you, explain to the servants inside that you will take a few pictures and take you through the premises of the mosque, constantly being nearby,so no one asked you questions with claims about shooting.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
13. One of the fabulous mosque chandeliers
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
14. The decoration of the ceiling. Interestingly, slightly change the angle of the camera and the colors in the picture will be completely different - from yellowish to blue-green. All this is achieved thanks to the play of light in mirrors and plates on the arches and walls.
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
Shah Cheragh / Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
16. The Mirror Mosque made a tremendous impression on me, immediately removing all the questions: "And why did we come to this city? There is absolutely nothing to do here." Mirror Mosque.

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