Oral B irrigator: description

Irrigators appeared on our market in relation torecently. Therefore it is not surprising that many of them do not understand to the very end what kind of thing it is. We suggest you to find out what Oral B accessories are, what kind of irrigator is better, and how to use the device properly.

What is an irrigator?

 oral b irrigator

Irrigators help to clean the cavitymouth more effectively, thereby reducing the number of preventive visits to the dentist. Thanks to this device, the remnants of food and plaque are removed not only from the teeth, but also from the interdental spaces, where not only a simple toothbrush can not cope, but even an electric toothbrush. They also help restore fresh breath, prevent caries and the formation of plaque.

Irrigators are fairly simple to use, andthanks to a large number of baits they can be used by the whole family. The only drawback of the devices are their sizes. They are much larger than simple toothbrushes, so they require space. But thanks to a special mount, irrigators can be hung on the wall, thereby increasing the free space on the shelf.

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of these devices has been clinically proven in comparison with conventional brushes:

  • the plaque is removed twice as much;
  • 97% of hard-to-reach places are processed;
  • gums strengthen;
  • the occurrence of tartar is minimized;
  • the raid is removed from coffee, tea and tobacco;
  • eliminates the bacteria responsible for an unpleasant odor.

Features of Irrigators "Oral Bi"

braun oral b

Braun Oral B - irrigator, which appliesunique microbubble technology. The principle of operation is as follows: air is cleaned by means of an air filter and fed into water, resulting in microbubbles that help fight bacteria.

This technology is most effective. Thanks to her Oral B, the irrigator cope with the remains of food, plaque and small stones not only in the interdental space. There is also a deep cleansing along the gum line, massage and strengthening them.

The irrigator works quite simply. First, the container must be filled with liquid. Then the device switches on and selects the jet head and operation mode. After this, it is necessary to stand near the sink and direct the nozzle to the teeth and gums. When the cleaning process is completed, the appliance should be switched off, the nozzle should be rinsed and the remaining liquid drained from the container.

Types of irrigators "Oral Bi"

irrigator oral b oxyjet

To date, there are two versions of the Oral B:

  • Irrigator Professional Care OxyJet MD20;
  • dental center Professional Care 8500 OxyJet Center + 3000 OC 20.

The main difference is that the second -this is a set of irrigator and electric brush. Also, the minimum pressure of the jet is increased in the dental center. The pulsation frequency, the maximum pressure of the jet, and the reservoir for the liquid are the same.

Irrigator Oral B OxyJet is one of the bestdevices on the modern market. The accessory can be used by the whole family, because the kit includes four nozzles, different in color. The device operates in two modes:

  • turbo flow is a kind of shower with microbubbles, it is recommended for easy massage and gum cleaning;
  • monopotok - a jet that allows you to most effectively clean the teeth, gums and interdental space.

Also in the device is provided five headsfluid, which allows you to configure the irrigator clearly for a specific person. Thus, the degree of purification is increased, and the probability of damage to the gums is minimized.

Complete irrigation system Braun Oral B

oral b set

The set of "Oral Bi" consists of such accessories:

  • the device itself is an irrigator;
  • nozzles for the irrigator (standard quantity - 4);
  • toothbrush (may not be);
  • toothbrush attachments (number and purpose are different);
  • Charger;
  • container for storing attachments.

In addition, you can buy more attachments,which differ in their application. And if you want your teeth to become even healthier, then it is better to pour into the container not water, but a special liquid, which is also sold in pharmacies.

If you still decide to buy yourself athing, like an irrigator, be sure to consult your dentist. It is worth remembering that each person has his own characteristics and someone this device can do harm (for example, if you have very painful gums), especially if you misuse them. Also, the doctor will be able to advise you which nozzles should be purchased.

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