Original and expensive gift for men

Choosing a gift for this or that person isfar from the most simple action. In the modern world, this issue is more difficult to solve than it seems. Especially if you want to present not just a present, but an expensive and original subject. What can you give in this case? Next, everything will be told about how to pick up an expensive gift for a man. What tips can help solve the problem? How can I single out my present from a number of similar ones? What features of the donee when choosing a gift are recommended to pay attention?

expensive gift for men

Choosing gifts

In fact, everything is much easier than it seems. Yes, in the modern world it is pleasant to please, and it's difficult to surprise people. Nevertheless, if you try, you can realize the idea.

Some people have a natural gift - this is talentto the choice of presents. If you have enough money, they do not have problems with gifts. It is to such people that you can turn for help.

If the predisposition to skill is pleasantno surprise, then pick an expensive gift for a man will be much harder. There are several recommendations, observing which, everyone can choose a good and original present.

Age and relationship

The first thing you need to pay attention to isthis is the age of the man. Maybe it's a gift for a teenager or just a kid? Or a middle-aged man? Or maybe an elderly man? It is necessary to decide with the age of the donee first. After all, an expensive man's gift, intended, say, a teenager, is unlikely to please the elderly person. For each age category, there are original ideas.

The degree of kinship also plays an important role.The more dear, the more expensive the gift. It is this rule that often helps to decide. If there are no family ties, it is recommended to pay attention to the position of a person. So, even an expensive gift for an employee male is usually cheaper and easier than a present for the boss. This is normal.

The reason for a surprise

The next nuance is the reason whya gift is presented. Some events (like the anniversary of the wedding or February 23) allow you to narrow the selection to themed presents. They, as a rule, differ in their originality. But the cost of thematic gifts vary - you can find both really expensive options, and budget analogues.

expensive pens as a gift to a man

Here are the recommendations for choosing a presentation, taking into account the occasion for congratulations:

  • on the anniversary of the wedding - with a romantic bias, it is allowed to choose a gift for the family or the couple as a whole;
  • for the anniversary - a memorable present, intended solely for the birthday;
  • for a birthday - any gift that can be remembered (about possible options will be told later);
  • February 23 - a themed present, a souvenir;
  • Promotion - an expensive gift, reminiscent of work or intended to build a career.

These are optional recommendations, but theyreally help determine the choice. What is an expensive gift to give a man? Next, several variants of expensive and original presents for all age categories will be offered.


A huge role in choosing a gift is played by hobbiesrights. It is recommended to pay special attention to them. Sometimes it is hobbies and hobbies that will help to present an expensive, interesting and useful present.

For example, hunters can give a gun orhunting knife, anglers - the newest fishing rod or boat, musicians - a musical instrument on which a person can play, a gambler - a powerful computer or gaming computer devices. Next, gifts for different age categories will be offered.

Toddler Boy

Let's start with the kids. Children boys can also be considered men. Therefore, it is impossible to deprive them of attention.

In practice, it is not so difficult for young children to choose an expensive and useful gift that will surely please the child. The bulk of presents for kids is universal.

expensive gift to a man for a day

Among expensive, original and even useful children's gifts for future men can be identified:

  • constructors (such as Lego);
  • railways;
  • toys on the radio control;
  • quadrocopter;
  • cars with a motor for kids.

Also here you can include a variety ofdeveloping mats and game arcs. Sets of metal machines will also pleasantly please future men. Among the original gifts are often offered to present a themed suit with a variety of accessories. For example, a pirate or a policeman.


Which one can make an expensive gift to a man onbirthday? As already mentioned, much depends on age. What to teach a teenager? In the modern world, the choice of presents for young people is huge. Often, adolescents are congratulated as well as adult men.

So, for young people the following presents can come up:

  • a walk in a hot air balloon;
  • a game of paintball;
  • subscription to sports / shooting;
  • A game console (for example, Play Station 4 or xBox 360);
  • branded clothing;
  • tickets for a musical concert of your favorite band.

But this is not an exclusive list.You can give teenagers musical instruments, for example. It is best to ask a teenager what exactly he wants. But the listed options are in great demand. In addition, they are not always expensive.

expensive gifts for men for their birthday

A man of middle age

Expensive gifts for a man on his birthday orany other holiday are different. As already mentioned, much depends on the person's hobbies. In addition, it is recommended to determine in advance the amount that can be spent. All this will help to choose a present.

Middle-aged men choose gifts more difficultTotal. Nevertheless, for this category of people the spectrum of presents is the most wide. It's not so easy to dwell on a specific option, but it still seems possible.

Do you want to make an expensive present? For a middle-aged man, the following variants of presents can come up:

  • cufflinks;
  • souvenir weapon;
  • expensive branded underwear or clothes;
  • sports watches;
  • 3D-pen;
  • virtual reality glasses;
  • chocolate figurines;
  • a set of glasses / piles;
  • alcohol (say, wine) for a long time;
  • perfume.

As already mentioned, on the proposed lists, possible gifts do not end. These are just the most common presents among the expensive items that are most often found in practice.

Elderly age

Dear gift to a man on his birthday or any other occasion can be presented, if you know what exactly a person loves. It is this nuance that is key when choosing a gift.

dear gift to your beloved man

What can you teach a man older or more mature? Such people, as a rule, prefer exquisite items. For them you can choose:

  • paintings;
  • Sculptures and decor elements from famous designers;
  • gold cufflinks;
  • gift chess;
  • figurines made of bronze;
  • gold figurines and commemorative medals;
  • globes-bars;
  • alcoholic sets;
  • models of ships;
  • dishes made of silver.

You can see that the list of gifts is varied. In general, an elderly person can choose an expensive present easier than for young people.

Universal gifts

Now a little about universality.The modern market of goods and services is filled with different kinds of goods. Among them, there are necessarily expensive gifts for a man on his birthday, capable of making a fortune for a strong half of the society of any age.

Among such presents are often singled out:

  • branded pens (for example, Parker);
  • cameras;
  • video cameras;
  • smartphones;
  • wristwatch;
  • books (especially gift editions).

Most often preference is given to diversegadgets. Modern devices are able to please both adult men and boys with different hobbies. If you want to make a really expensive gift, it is recommended to give preference to Apple products. It is distinguished by its quality and capabilities.

the most expensive gift for a man

To the person you love

Very often I want to surprise my beloved men. What gifts for a strong half of the society are great as gifts from wives and girls?

An expensive gift to a beloved man is usually not so difficult to do. After all, a woman should know what exactly wants to get her companion as a presentation.

The most common variants of original ideas are the following sentences:

  • cufflinks of gold;
  • accessories for PC or car;
  • gaming consoles;
  • tablets;
  • computers;
  • photo session with a famous photographer;
  • a walk in a hot air balloon;
  • subscription to the laser tag;
  • gift editions of books;
  • sets for cooking mojito;
  • purse;
  • beads;
  • sets for field kitchen;
  • a cigarette-case with a pocket ashtray.

Some believe that the most expensive gifta man - this is what a woman did with her own hands. And someone does consider himself a beloved beautiful present. In fact, it is recommended to forget about such gifts. In any case, if you want to excel at the cost and originality of the presentation.

Working moments

A huge problem is the choice of a giftmale leader. For example, at work. After all, a loved one can like anything. A stranger, the boss, it is necessary to make refined gifts.

Of what to choose?Dear pens are a gift to a man - this is a classic of the genre. This kind of presentation is often presented by subordinates to their leaders. Memorable branded pens are really pleasing, but they do not differ in originality. Is it possible to order engraving on such a present.

expensive gifts for February 23, men

To choose an expensive gift to the leader-man, it is recommended to look at the following ideas:

  • cigarette case;
  • purse;
  • a document bag made of genuine leather;
  • Wrist Watch;
  • expensive branded perfume;
  • a business card with a case;
  • Retro-hours or retro-phone;
  • alcoholic sets;
  • wine or cognac of long aging.

It is desirable to consider the nature of the activitythe company in which the donee works. A person who spends a lot of time in the office at work, as an expensive and original gift will fit the chair into the office. Both computer and ordinary.

February 23

And what to give for this holiday?What expensive gifts for February 23, men are offered to present in this or that case? By and large, all the offered lists of presents are suitable for any cases. They can be given to men for anything. As for this holiday, it is better to present expensive gifts specifically to those for whom it is professional. The rest of the men can be presented on this day just symbolic presents.

What not to give

There is a certain list of presents that are not recommended for men, even if these gifts are expensive and branded. Among them are:

  • Socks (including their sets);
  • shaving kits;
  • any sentimental gifts;
  • sweaters.

Dear handles as a gift to a man whose activitiesor hobbies associated with writing or filling out documents, is a win-win option. In other cases, it is best to focus on hobbies and hobbies of the birthday person. Only this way it will be possible to surprise a person pleasantly.


Now it is clear what expensive gifts for menfor a birthday or other holiday are encountered in practice. In fact, there are a lot of options. If you want to surprise, then as an option to a loved one you can choose the purchase of a tourist voucher or the design of a trip. A man will appreciate this gift.

As has been said many times, regardless of the reason and cost of the presentation, great attention must be paid to the human hobby. Only in this case the gift will please the donee.

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