Original base caps with a direct peak: features, types and manufacturers

Time passes quickly enough, and one season is replaced by another. Along with the time, the fashion for stylish accessories is rapidly changing. Over the past few years, baseball caps have become a sought-after and unique headdress among today's youth. However, the most popular falls on the headdress with a straight peak. As is known, a similar version of baseball caps was released by New Evra and for the first time broke into the world market in 1930 in the USA. The model has gradually improved, and to make the right choice today presents no difficulty.

Why wear a baseball cap?

Baseball caps with straight visor

There are several reasons why you just need to buy this headdress, it is not so important whether it will be from the leading world brands or from the usual for all brands:

  • Opportunity to hide from friends in large metropolitan areas.There is not always a desire to answer many primitive questions, and a baseball cap will best protect against them. It is only necessary to have a few copies, periodically alternate them, and as necessary to tighten harder.
  • The accessory will help to hide dirty hair, if for some reason it was not possible to clean up.
  • If you want to express your life position, you can easily do this by ordering an original headdress with your preferred inscription or even using creative abilities to embroider the letters yourself. By doing this, you can never stop listening to the complements.
  • Baseball cap is a fashionable accessory that will complement the most boring and simple image and make it unique.
  • And yet, despite the many advantages, the main function of the cap was and remains protection from the sun. Wearing it, you do not need to constantly squint from the bright light or worry about the appearance of freckles.

The difference between baseball caps and caps

It is rare to see differences between the cap and the baseball cap. In fact, they are not so much. It can be said that a baseball cap is a form of a cap that has six wedges connected by one button.It can be completely in color or completely different from them. The most fashionable baseball caps are those whose visor is slightly bent, which gives the headdress a special charm.

Baseball caps with straight visor

The baseball cap got its name due to the fact that baseball players were the first to wear such a copy for protection from the sun during a match. The headdress had a convex shape with a small circle on top. The main component of this cap was a visor. It also had special holes, eyelets, necessary for the scalp to breathe. In the headdress there were special clasps that allow you to adjust the size of the baseball cap to any head size. All parts were joined by internal seams. Such a copy of the cap over time became fashionable among fans of the popular game.

Now the form of the headdress has practically remained unchanged, although many different models of caps have appeared. In our time, baseball caps with a straight peak can be seen at hip-hop concerts, where performers wear it, tightly pressed to their heads. Such caps are called reperskim or snepbek. They can be considered part of the turnip culture.They differ from the usual ones in that their occipital part is pressed. Such headgear produced famous brands such as NIke, NEW ERA, Supreme.

There are several types of Snnebacks:

  • classic, consisting of a flat visor, five panels and fasteners;
  • with velcro;
  • with a strap, through which you can change the size of the cap.

Such a copy will be well combined with everyday clothes and youth style, as well as a perfect fit for jeans and sneakers. Snepbek can be worn in different ways. For example, you can wear it with a visor forward, as it was originally worn. Visor can be rotated to the side or back. It all depends on the chosen image and style.

Baseball caps for children

Children's baseball caps with straight visor

Small children, as well as adults, receive indescribable pleasure from wearing a stylish headdress. Children's baseball caps with a direct visor should not only please the child and fit him, but also fulfill two important functions:

  • strategic;
  • aesthetic.

The first function is undoubtedly the most important, since it means protecting the baby from external negative factors, such as direct sunlight. The second one assumes the appearance of the head accessory, which the kid should like and decorate.

To buy a baseball cap with a direct visor for children in our time is not a problem.Stores stylish clothes and almost all online stores are literally filled with such a product. You can not only choose any available model, but also order the original one, so that the cap will be released in a single copy. There is no reason to feel sorry for the budget in this case, it’s not just a hat, but also a very stylish item of clothing.

Baseball cap model for men

Men's straight caps

In the world of men's fashion, this headgear is set aside a certain place. Men's baseball caps with a straight peak are widely used by the opposite sex daily for different purposes. Some wear them to cover their heads from the sun, while others try to advertise their favorite football or basketball team, coming to the next match. And this is not surprising, because such baseball caps are very comfortable and will be appropriate anywhere.

Model baseball cap for women

women's baseball cap with straight visor

Baseball caps are fashionable not only among men, but also among the fairer sex. But is it right to wear a women's baseball cap with a straight peak like men? It is not typical for the fair sex to wear caps just for convenience, they wear them with their unique charm. This item of clothing is usually used as the completion of the finished image.For example, if a girl has beautiful long hair, she can braid them in a high tail and pull them through a hole in her cap. It will look very beautiful and fashionable. Especially this hairstyle in combination with a baseball cap will look stylish in combination with sportswear. In this case, you can look not only stylish, but at the same time feel comfortable.

A similar headdress looks not only on long hair, but also on short. In this case, you do not need to suffer with a hairstyle, but simply put a cap on top of your head.

Black baseball caps

Black baseball cap with straight visor

As already mentioned, in the modern world, baseball caps are one of the favorite hats that complete the stylish image and protect against negative environmental factors.

Models of headdresses differ not only in their name and form, they are also available in different color categories. The most popular among the flowers is black. And this is not surprising, because it is the most versatile shade that can be combined with any selected image. Its only drawback is that on hot days it will attract light rays rather than repel.

Prints and logos that can be placed on a black baseball cap will help dilute the black color, make it more interesting. Men can choose models with the names of their favorite sports clubs, and women can put in front of a beautiful embroidery.

You can wear a baseball cap not only in the warm season, but also in the winter cold, since such headdresses are made of various fabrics. Some are sewn specifically for the winter cold. Black baseball caps with a direct visor represent such brands as Atributika & Club, New Era, Head.

Baseball caps for girls

Baseball caps for girls with a straight peak

In the sunny season, going on vacation, it is important to take care of your children and buy hats for them. Like many adult girls, little women of fashion also want to look stylish and fashionable. For them, you can buy special baseball caps for girls with a straight peak, which are produced by such companies as Tutu, Kotik kids Collection, Magrof. In fact, there are a lot more manufacturers, because you can buy such a necessary thing for a little girl in many stores and online stores.

Baseball caps for boys

Baseball caps for boys with straight visor

Taking care of the summer heat is important not only for little girls, but also for boys.Therefore, for young mods, baseball caps are also annually produced for boys with a direct visor by such firms as Gulliver, Magrof, Tutu. These and many other brands can be easily purchased in stores or ordered online. It is not scary to make a mistake in size, since it can be easily adjusted.

Today, modern baseball caps are not just hats, but rather stylish and at the same time fashionable accessories. Virtually every model is able to create an image of a serious and solid person. You can easily choose the original options for any, even demanding taste, and for any purpose. Having bought a stylish piece of wardrobe, you can easily stay fashionable and at the same time be protected from adverse weather conditions. That is why such a practical headdress is popular not only among young people, but also among people of different ages.

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