Patrick Swayze. Biography of a multifaceted personality

In 1991, Patrick Swayze was recognized as the sexiest man of the year. However, in addition to the unusual and attractive appearance, this man possessed a lot of different talents.patrick sueisi biography

Patrick Swayze. Biography

The family of the future actor was friendly. He was born on August 18, 1959 in Houston. In its origin there are many roots of different nations, the brightest of which are English and Irish.

His mother worked as a choreographer. Patrick has enjoyed dancing with her patronage since the earliest years. He was so keen on this occupation, he loved him so much that he graduated from two ballet schools - "Joffrey" and "Harkness".

In addition to dancing, future actor Patrick Swayze,whose biography is very interesting, was fond of different kinds of sports. Most of all he loved football. In addition, the young man was actively engaged in gymnastics, was an excellent swimmer. He was also interested in martial arts. Patrick was very fond of music, went to music school. With all this, he also coped well with the training load.

Patrick Swayze, whose biography was largely due to his mother, was interested in literally everyone. She always inspired him that he should be the first, the best in everything. And he did not let her down.

actor patrique sueisi biographyPatrick Swayze. Biography of career start times

It is logical to say that your lifePatrick dreamed of associating with dances, performances on stage. He even made some confident and successful steps in this area. So, in the seventies he successfully participates in the musical "Brillin". Critics have already prophesied to him the world dance glory. However, at the end of the seventies, an old trauma occurred during one of the football lessons.

So professional dances and competitions had to be forgotten. However, Patrick loved this business so much that he decided to do it at least as part of the Elliot Feld Dance Company.

Simultaneously, Swayze decides to become an actor. He takes acting courses. Gradually, he was invited to shoot some of the series, and then he played in low-budget, but brought him certain fame films "North and South", "Outcasts" and some others.

Patrick Swayze. Biography of the actor in the midst of a career

It's hard to argue with the phrase "A talented person is talented in everything", watching the game of Patrick in various artistic pictures.patrique suisi biography familyIt was quickly noticed by filmmakers. So, in 1987 Patrick Swayze was approved for the role of Johnny Castle in the acclaimed film "Dirty Dancing". This work brought him unprecedented success and fame. After that, he starred in several not very well-known films, and in 1990 played the role of Sam Whit in the movie "Ghost". His partner then became Demi Moore.

In total, he starred in 49 films and series, but it was these two paintings that made him a favorite of moviegoers.

Patrick Swayze. Biography of the last years of life

In 2008, fans of the actor learned thatHe is sick. His doctor explained that Patrick had pancreatic cancer. In early 2009, information was received that the disease had ceased to progress, and Swayze himself expressed the hope that he would live for another 5 years. However, in September 2009, his wife, with whom they lived together for 34 years, became a widow.

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Patrick Swayze. Biography of a multifaceted personality Patrick Swayze. Biography of a multifaceted personality Patrick Swayze. Biography of a multifaceted personality Patrick Swayze. Biography of a multifaceted personality Patrick Swayze. Biography of a multifaceted personality