Personal life and biography of the singer of Glory

Anastasia Slanevskaya, better known under the pseudonym Slava, is today considered one of the most beautiful and talented pop singers in our country. Obvious of her success in the field of cinema and on television. Therefore, the biography of the singer of Glory interests many of her fans. And even people who are indifferent to the music of the “light” genre should get acquainted with the life story of this strong woman, which is a bit like the tale of Cinderella.

Biography of Anastasia Slanevskaya (until 2004)

Singer Slava was born in 1980 in Moscow. In her youth, her maternal grandmother sang in the famous choir of Pyatnitsky, while her mother and aunt participated in amateur performances, singing the Beatles songs. As for Anastasia’s father, Vladimir Slanevsky, he has nothing to do with art, and at the moment he has another family.

biography of the Glory singer

The main passion of Glory in childhood was sports, or rather volleyball. After finishing school, she spent a long time looking for her place in life: she tried to study as a psychologist, and then as a linguist and a tourism manager, worked as an administrator at a casino and tried to achieve success in interior design.At the same time, Slava did not stop singing, mostly in karaoke clubs.

Lucky case

In 2002, fate in the person of TV director Sergei Kalvarsky made a huge gift to the girl. The fact is that one evening he went to a karaoke club, where he heard the singing of Anastasia. It struck Kalvarsky so much that he invited her to work. Soon Oleg Chelyshev joined them as a producer.

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The first joint creation of Kalvarsky and Slava was the clip for the song “I love and hate”, which was nominated for the Russian MTV RMA2004 award. In the autumn of the same year, the first debut album of the singer was released, which was named “The Traveler”. His main hit, written by Viktor Drobysh, directed by Mikhail Khleborodov, filmed a video clip in the road-movie style, which immediately became super popular. 2005 was also successful for Slava, marked by her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final.

Movie debut

Further biography of the singer of Glory should be interesting and lovers of her work as a film actress. Anastasia's debut in this capacity took place in 2007, when the first part of the fantastic action movie “Paragraph 78” came out.And Slava was the only woman on the set, playing one of the team members, consisting of professional soldiers. Her partners were Gosha Kutsenko, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Anatoly Bely, and to create the image of a bold girl, Fox, Anastasia even shaved her head, parting with her chic curls. In the work on the film Slava acted not only as an actress, but also as a singer, performing the hit “To the sky”. By the way, the new image only contributed to the growth of Anastasia’s popularity, and her portraits adorned the covers of LOVE, XXL, SYNC and even the number of the famous PENTHOUSE, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Russian version of this edition.

Second and third albums

Further creative biography of the singer Slava was no less successful. In particular, in 2006 she presented her second album to music lovers, promoted by her own production center Slava Music. “Cool” was originally conceived as a more diverse genre than the previous compilation, and it contained a lot of stylizations for rock, for trance, and even for break. Famous Western musicians took part in the recording of the album, and the songs were created by famous Russian composers and poets.The album was a resounding success, and such compositions as “Stole a Smile”, “Classy” and “White Road” more than once occupied the top lines in the famous charts. Another album Slava released in the fall of 2007. He was named The Best. After his release, the singer announced her intention to start a new stage in her career.

Glory singer husband biography

Album “Loneliness”

The biography of the singer of Glory as a singer and actress successfully developed in subsequent years. So, in 2013, her fourth album “Loneliness” was released, and duets with such famous performers as Grigory Leps, Stas Pieha, Craig David and Mitya Fomin were included in it. Five new remixes were also presented to the fans of Glory. A few months later, the girl released a new hit in a duet with Irina Allegrova, the clip for which was recognized as one of the best works of its kind in recent years. Slava - the singer, biography, whose children and husband are constantly in the center of attention of the yellow press, today is experiencing a creative upsurge and trying himself in various fields. In particular, she recently participated in the project “Dancing with the Stars”.

Singer Slava: biography, personal life

Anastasia Slanevskaya became a mother very early, at age 18. Therefore, her eldest daughter, Alexandra Morozova, is already 16. Almost nothing is known about her father. The only thing that Slava decided to tell in one of her interviews is that after the birth of the baby, the young family had to live in the house of her matter, which constantly became a cause for scandals. As a result, Alexandra's father left Anastasia and daughter, and after a while she left her home, deciding to start an independent life. Only a few years later, Slava appeared on the stage, the singer.

singer Slava biography personal life

Biography: husband, family life

Officially, Anastasia Slanevskaya is considered unmarried. However, everyone knows her relationship with businessman Anatoly Daniletsky. They could well be called a civil marriage, if it were not for the fact that the “spouse” has long been married and has two adult daughters. Despite this, in 2011, Slava and Alexander Daniletsky had a daughter, Antonina Slanevskaya, in whose upbringing a businessman takes an active part. Moreover, he has excellent relations with the eldest daughter of the singer. Thus, when the singer Slava is discussed, the biography, the family and the relationship with Daniletsky cause a lot of gossip among fans to gossip about the stars.Anyway, Anastasia Slanevskaya looks happy, and no one can dispute the fact that she is an accomplished singer and an irresistible woman.

Glory singer biography children

Now you know who the singer Slava, biography, whose personal life and work are of constant interest to her fans.

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