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It is not a secret for anybody that the success of a company largely depends on the employees who work in it, and, of course, the team as a whole. And it, in turn, is recruited and formed by a specialist personnel department. It is on his fragile shoulders that a heavy burden of responsibility falls on the face of the company, or rather, for the high-quality selection of personnel.

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HR day

The personnel officer is an arbitrary and informal definition of a position, which sounds much more serious. Namely, at various enterprises, a specialist of this profile is called a personnel manager, a personnel inspector, an HR specialist, an employee of a hiring service. And this is closer to the truth, because the personnel officer really serves, and nothing else. He is not only engaged in the search for worthy candidates for vacancies, but also actively participates in the corporate work of the company. He fights for compliance with the regular procedure, contributes to a painless adaptation of the new specialist, monitors the microclimate in the team.That is, along with their direct responsibilities, solves a lot of related issues, being part-time psychologist, accountant and administrator.

At first, the personnel department personnel appeared in state structures of internal affairs, in government bodies, and only after some time such posts began to appear in budget institutions and at industrial enterprises.

Day of cadre in Russia

Any professional holiday has its roots in history. So the day of the HR specialist was no exception. But it should be noted that the question of when the Personnel Day, today does not have a definite answer.

Day of cadre in Russia

The thing is that officially this date does not appear anywhere. Therefore, some personnel of the service staff celebrate their professional holiday on May 24, while others spend it on October 12. The first date is associated with the publication of the decree of the king "On the relationship between the owners of factory establishments and working people who enter it for hire." And this fact happened back in 1835. From this point on, the rights and obligations of both parties - both the employer and the employees - were formalized on paper.And since 2005, at the suggestion of the All-Russian Personnel Congress, on May 24, our country began to celebrate the Day of the personnel officer.
The second date, October 12, relates to 1918. Then the People's Commissariat of Justice took the guide to action "On the organization of the Soviet workers 'and peasants' militia" and founded the first personnel service of the internal affairs bodies. According to one version, it is believed that the employees of this particular structure were the pioneers who began to celebrate the Personnel Day in October.

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employee day

A common phrase, but still it has its true meaning. It is not without reason that good specialists, professionals in their work are always appreciated, have decent incomes, permanent bonuses, but, most importantly, are held in high esteem among colleagues and superiors. Unless, of course, they themselves do not occupy a leadership position, which also does not interfere with universal recognition and success at work.

Who, if not the best personnel, brings the company to the leading position and allows you to keep a decent bar for many years? And the initial start for the common cause is set by the personnel manager. It is this person who, thanks to his abilities, knowledge and skills, attracts promising specialists to work.Gives them the opportunity not only to do what they love, but also to quickly climb the career ladder. Therefore, it would be wrong to miss the Personnel Day and not to mark in red the professional holiday of such a valuable specialist.

Professional holiday

The hard step of choosing a future profession largely determines our entire future life. For someone, the chosen work becomes the meaning of life, a vocation, for others it is an opportunity to express oneself, grow and establish oneself as a person. A person grows, develops, gains invaluable experience, gains new knowledge, eventually becomes a master of his craft, so any type of craft must be marked with a special date - the day of his birth.

when is the personnel day

Do not forget that any work not only ennobles a person, but also deserves encouragement. The celebration of the name of the profession can be attributed to one of the variants of such an award for the work done. And the Personnel Day is not only a professional holiday, it is an opportunity to say words of gratitude to the cause that feeds, clothes, allows you to enjoy life, and most importantly, grow and develop as an individual.

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