Power of art

Sadalsky, Danilko. Three Musketeers Musical
Catherine the Great calls her trusted valet and says in a tone that does not allow objections:
- Tonight in my bedroom should be Alexander of Macedon!
“But, Your Majesty, Macedonian died more than two thousand years ago!”
- Do it!
A bewildered valet wanders around Petersburg, seriously thinking about drowning in the Neva, and suddenly sees a playbill: “The famous French tragedian Talma!”. He goes to the theater and at a reasonable price agrees with a famous celebrity about a night performance.
At midnight, Talma, dressed in the costume of Alexander the Great, enters the empress's bedroom and takes possession of her with all the glitter inherent in the great king and commander.
The next morning, a very contented empress orders the valet to bring Julius Caesar into her bedroom. The valet, of course, negotiates with the same performer, and Catherine spends an unforgettable night in the arms of the Roman emperor.
Thus, she experienced both the fierce tenderness of King Arthur, the imperious cruelty of John the Terrible, and the capricious caress of William Shakespeare ...
In the end, Catherine demanded that the valet bring the performer of all these roles to her outside of any image, just as a male.
Once in the imperial bedroom, the actor Talma spread his hands and said:
- Excuse me, your majesty, but I am impotent.
- How?! - Catherine was amazed. - You proved to be an unsurpassed lover!
“The power of art, your majesty, the power of art ...”
садальский, данилко. три мушкетера, мюзикл.

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