Princess of Monaco Charlene Wittstock: athlete, beauty and ... mom!

Girls dream of being princesses, and boys want to be with princesses. But not everyone is lucky - there are not so many people wearing the crown. One of them - the Princess of Monaco Charlene Wittstock. In this article, we will tell you about her - the clever, beautiful, wife of Prince Albert II and the mother of two charming kids.

The birth of a princess

The future princess of Monaco, Charlene, was born on January 25, 1978 in the city of Bulawayo, which is located in southwest Zimbabwe. Parents of little Charlene were Europeans: father, Michael Kenneth Wittstock, sold computers, and mother, Lynette Gamberston, was a swimming and diving coach. Baby Charlene was not the only child in the family - she has two brothers, Sean and Garrett.

Swimming star

When baby Charlene did not even really know how to walk, her mother began to teach her to swim. The girl was doing well, and it is not surprising that in the water she felt like a fish.When she was 18 years old, she won first place in the South African Swimming Championship - it would seem that the future of the young swimmer is predetermined: sport, and only sport!

At 22, the future princess Monaco Charlene (unaware of such a sharp turn that will happen in her life) joined the team of South Africa participating in the Olympic Games. By the way, then her team took 5th place in the 4 x 100 meter relay.

Inspired by an excellent result, Charlene has taken first places in various competitions that were held not only in Africa, but also in Europe. All time talented and purposeful swimmer devoted to sports, and only to him!

Fatal injury

Relentless training and the desire to win led to the fact that in 2008 Charlene was going to participate in the Olympic Games held in Beijing. In fact, this was supposed to be her last match in big-time sports, after which she was going to devote herself to coaching and charity. However, fate brought about changes in the life of a sports blonde - due to a serious injury to her shoulder, Charlene had to give up not only the Olympics, but also the sport as a whole.The girl was waiting for a completely different fairy-tale future, but the future princess Monaco Charlene could not even dream of him!

princess monaco charlain

Love at second sight

She met her future husband, Prince Albert II, in 2000. The Millennium did not become the predicted end of the world, but it marked the beginning of the relationship of the future spouses. That year, Charlene was given a gold medal to her neck, won by her at an international swimming competition held in Monaco. Albert was then not a prince, but only an heir to this title. The fleeting meeting did not become fateful - the young people, barely glancing at each other, went about their business.

Six years later, in 2006, the ubiquitous paparazzi showed the world photos from the opening of the Olympic Games in Turin, in which Charlene and Albert exchanged such enamored views that it was immediately obvious: young people have a dizzying romance!

Altar path

For four years, the workers of the pen of all world publications died down in anxious waiting and wondered almost in the coffee grounds how serious this relationship was and whether they would end with a wedding ceremony. The fact is that by that time the loving Albert had earned the fame of the real playboy.Almost a hundred novels are credited with the conqueror of women's hearts: he turned the heads of such famous ladies as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brooke Shields. At the same time, the crowned macho almost got married twice: in 2001, actress Angie Everhart and in 2004, an athlete, the sixth jumper Alicia Warlik. In addition, this veteran of the love front recognized his two children, born out of wedlock by two different women - a waitress from the USA and a stewardess from Togo.

In other words, everyone was waiting for the gap between Charlene and Albert - it would seem that it was inevitable. However, on June 23, 2010, the whole world was shocked by the message of the royal court of Monaco about the upcoming marriage of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock.

Prince of Monaco and Princess Charlene

Wedding bells

After the wedding, the Prince of Monaco and Princess Charlene did not leave the pages of the most popular publications. No wonder - after all the tiny, but rich European principality of the ruling princess had no more than 25 years: the mother of the current prince died tragically in a car crash on September 14, 1982. In addition, the last wedding in Monaco was back in 1956, when the parents of Albert II, Prince Rainier III and Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, were married.

Charlene Princess Monaco is pregnant

Waiting for a miracle

Monaco froze in anticipation of reports that Charlene, Princess of Monaco, is pregnant. The fact is that the prince needed an heir, otherwise the throne after the death of Albert II would be transferred to one of his sisters - Princess Stephanie or Princess Caroline. But alas, this joyful event never came.

And in June 2014 the shocking news spread through the whole world - Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene are waiting for replenishment! The father of Princess Monaco "accidentally" told that his daughter was waiting for the twins. And again, Europeans wondered if this was true or just another journalistic "duck".

The miracle expected by all was finally accomplished - on December 10, 2014, two little children, a boy and a girl, Jacques and Gabriela, were born in the hospital of Princess Grace.

Prince of Monaco Alber and Princess Charlene

Prince and Princess

The princely couple showed heirs to residents of the capital on Christmas, January 7, 2015. Happy parents went out with the babies to the balcony to greet their subjects.

The baptism ceremony of the little prince and princess, Jacques and Gabriela, took place recently, on May 7, 2015, in the Cathedral of Monaco. About 700 guests attended the event. The father of Charlene, Garrett Wittstock, became the godfather of the baby Gabriela, and the closest friend of the princess, Nerin Pienar, was chosen as the godmother.

The godfather of the baby Jacques became the cousin of Prince Albert II, Christopher Le Vine, and the relative of the reigning prince, Diane de Polignac Nigra, was chosen as the godmother.

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