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"COP: GO "is the most popular team shooter in the world today.Million gamers are going to daily to fight against each other in online battles, and they get different titles, and they can puzzle the newcomers into confusion .What is it? are given these titles? Why sometimes they go up and sometimes go down? This is exactly what this article will discuss.

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You will learn about what thesethe title of how the system functions, and also study the titles in "CS: GO" in order. This is a very interesting and important topic, so you should pay special attention to it. Titles in the "COP: GO" in order there are only eighteen, while they are divided into four blocks.

What is the essence of the system?

The title in the game "COP: GO "is an indicator of your success, as it is awarded to those players who show themselves best on the battlefield, but so far no one has been able to understand the specific operating principle of this system.So, when you have a certain title, you can either increase or decrease, depending on whether your team will win or lose matches.

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Many gamers expressed their assumptionsas to how many points are awarded or taken away for victory and defeat. But in most cases people think that 25 points are awarded for the victory, while for the defeat the same amount is taken. As soon as you gain 200 points with a plus or minus sign, you raise or lower your character in rank. Of course, there is a possibility that the number of points or limits differs from those indicated in this article, but the problem is that these glasses are not displayed in the game, so gamers only have to guess. Fortunately, the titles in the "COP: GO" are listed in the standard table in order, so there can be no problems and errors with this.


So, before considering the titles in "CS: GO "in order, it is necessary to pay attention to one more term, namely, to calibrate what it is: Calibration is carried out when you register a new account in the game and your character does not yet have battles. determine your skills and, accordingly, your rank to identify you in the pool of those players who match your skills.

In principle, the entire system is designed to ensure that,that gamers battled with those opponents who are approximately equal with them in terms of level, thereby maintaining a healthy competition and not allowing that the best will meet with the weakest and newcomers. Well, now you know everything you need, so it's time to look at the table of titles in "CS: GO", disassemble it into blocks and consider each of the titles separately.

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Low level

Table of titles in "COP: GO "begins with a low level, namely with silver ranks.Totally in this block there are six ranks, four of which are simply called" Silver "with the addition of the ordinal number from one to 4. After the four goes" Silver: Elite "and then" Silver: Elite Wizard. "These epaulets are easiest to get, and a talented player will quickly exchange these silver shoulder straps. Now you know how many titles in" CS: GO "are at low level. However, this does not stop there, so it's time to take a look on those epaulets, which you finish off it will be more difficult.

Normal level

What are the titles in "COP: GO "refers to the normal level, which is also often referred to as the golden rank - it's about the stars that you can get if you've played at a high level for a long time already, and there are four of them, three of which are called" The Golden Star " , and the names are assigned the same way as at the low level, that is, with the serial number from one to three.

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Completes this block "Gold Star: Master ", and this rank will already be quite difficult, but there are certain advantages, such as, for example, the almost complete absence of cheaters, inadequacies and other representatives of far from the most pleasant contingent who often have ranks of low level. titles in "CS: GO" refers to the normal level, so it remains to consider two more blocks, which seeks the majority of gamers.

High level

In this block, as in the previous one, there are fourThe title, which is called differently, depending on the translation. Someone prefers a simpler variant of the "Master Guardian" tracing, while others call such grades "Master Guardian". Anyway, the first two rank have serial numbers, while the third one already gets its description, namely "Elite". Well, the last title in this block is called "Honored Master Guardian", and this is the last step before entering the elite of this game.

Very high level

The last block includes four eliteThe title that only the best gamers in the world have. Each of the ranks has no more than three percent of users, while the top rank has received less than one percent. So, the first rank has the name "Legendary Golden Eagle," but it should be noted that this is an adaptation for the Russian-speaking user, because in the original title is called "eagle". The second is the "Legendary Golden Eagle: Elite", but the third one has nothing to do with birds. It is called the "Grand Master of the highest rank."

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Well, the highest rank, which has only 0.7percent of gamers, is "the World elite". But for many, this is the limit of dreams. Gamers who received such a title, usually play in international tournaments and win there. Naturally, here you are unlikely to find cheaters and other similar players. Therefore, if you manage to grow to such a rank, this will be proof that you really are among the best gamers in the world. So now you know what you need to strive for when you next play in "CS: GO". And now you will not be surprised by the change of ranks in the game, since you have a general idea of ​​what this system is and why it is needed at all. It's time to start earning yourself a higher rating.

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