Refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL11R: reviews, specs, instruction manual

The refrigerator is an integral partmodern kitchen. Without this home appliances is difficult to do, but the choice of models sometimes leads to a dead end. It is difficult for a simple consumer to orient in a variety of technical novelties and to understand the feasibility of purchasing complex multifunctional equipment. The market presents classic samples of refrigerators, which have long won popularity. This is the example of Bosch KGN39VL11R, reviews of which indicate its reliability, versatility and pretty decent characteristics.

bosch kgn39vl11r reviews

Basic parameters of the model

The considered refrigerator belongs totwo-chamber type and differs in the lower location of the freezer, which, according to consumers, is the most preferred option. The unit has fairly standard dimensions, but it looks impressive and solid.

  • Height - 200 cm.
  • The depth is 65 cm.
  • The width is 60 cm.

The volume of useful space is 315 liters. They have 221 liters in the refrigerating compartment, and 94 liters have been allocated to the freezer.

Refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL11R refers to economical models, its energy consumption class is positioned by the manufacturer as "A".

Model overview

The unit has won its customer and is very popular. Equipped with household appliances one compressor, so you can not turn off the refrigerator or freezer separately.

But this consumer will not be required. The refrigerator compartment, like the freezer compartment, is equipped with the function of automatic defrosting No Frost. For convenience of use the system "superfrost" is provided.

Refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL11R specifications haspretty decent. It makes it possible to freeze up to 14 kg of products per day. It is important that the shelves are not made of cheap plastic, but of durable, tempered glass.

Control is carried out by means of electronicdisplay. For the convenience of users an alarm is provided. So, when the temperature rises, the unit delivers a light and sound signal. If you forget to close the door, then the smart car will warn you about it with an audible alarm.

For many buyers, it is important that the modelallows you to outweigh the door to the desired side. Refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL11R silver, so it is suitable for installation in the kitchen, decorated in different style solutions.

fridge bosch kgn39vl11r

Technical features

The Bosch KGN39VL11R reviews are pretty good. This is due to its versatility and fairly decent technical characteristics.

Both the freezer and the freezer are equipped with an automatic defrosting function. This prevents the formation of a crust of ice on the walls and relieves the user of the need for manual defrosting.

Built-in Multi-Airflow system evenlydistributes the flow of cold air inside the chamber. This contributes to the safety of products and eliminates them from airing. In the refrigerator compartment there is a Chille zone, designed for cooling drinks. For convenience, it is equipped with telescopic skids, thanks to which the bottles can easily be put on cooling and reach. The temperature in this zone is kept somewhat lower than in the main compartment, which promotes rapid cooling.

fridge bosch kgn39vl11r reviews

Refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL11R reviews has and aboutcapacity. For vegetables a large box with a total capacity of 26 liters is provided. The advantage is the ability to regulate the humidity in this compartment in order to avoid spoilage of the products. The box is equipped with a convenient partition, which can be rearranged. This contributes to a harmonious redistribution of the space inside it. For convenience and quick access, the drawer is located on sliding inserts.

Advantages of the model under consideration

Bosch KGN 39VL11R reviews deserve both positive and negative. Among the advantages of the model, the buyers noted the following:

  • classic stylish and strict design;
  • thanks to the automatic defrost function does not need manual and is free from frost;
  • large enough aggregate, contains a lot of products, but it does not look cumbersome;
  • shelves, boxes and containers are well thought out, users note the convenience and variety of compartments and shelves;
  • The display is intuitive, the backlight is bright and comfortable in the dark;
  • the model is quite functional, there are regimes that contribute to the preservation of products.

The model has proved worthy in the marketsimilar goods. Most users recommend this fridge to their acquaintances. According to them, it is convenient to use, roomy and works properly without showing any defects.

fridge bosch kgn39vl11r silver

Disadvantages of the refrigerator

Among positive reviews there are alsonegative. Leading the view that the model is rather noisy. If you install it in the kitchen, there is no problem. But the acquisition of it in the studio apartment is unjustified. The work of the compressor will be quite noticeable to interfere with a quiet rest.

Possible malfunctions

The model is characterized by quality and long service life. But any mechanism can break down. The most typical breakdowns of this refrigerator are the following:

  1. Compressor does not turn on. Possible cause of the problem is the failure of the thermostat. This is a special sensor that measures and regulates the internal temperature inside the chambers of the unit. Unfortunately, its repair is not carried out, it is necessary to buy a new one.
  2. If you bought a Bosch refrigerator KGN39VL11R,The instruction for its operation should be kept all the time of use. It will help to understand why the product forms ice. This occurs when the drainage hole is clogged. It can be cleaned independently, using a tube for a cocktail or a small syringe.
  3. It happens that the refrigerator does not work. Most likely, it's the failure of the fan. It is necessary to replace the motor.
  4. If the refrigerator cools and the freezerdoes not work, it is most likely the case in the switching valve. This problem often occurs in refrigerators with a single compressor. In this case, it should be replaced.

refrigerator bosch kgn39vl11r 02 parts

On the refrigerator Bosch KGN39VL11R 02 spare parts can bepurchase in repair shops. But the best solution is to contact a specialized center. Only the master can assess the level of failure and repair the unit by all rules.

Refrigerator for fresh solutions

Units from Bosch will provide the family with freshproducts and facilitate the everyday work of the hostess. Thanks to the successful location of the shelves, it is always clear in the model under consideration where and what lies. A well-thought-out drawer and a convenient dispenser make it possible to correctly lay out vegetables and fruits.

It is convenient for any member of the family to add and take food. The refrigerator is high, but thanks to a well-thought-out design, the shelves allow you to feel comfort even to people with small stature.

It is worth mentioning the highlight. The internal allows you to see all the contents, regardless of the time of day, and the backlit display ensures a good view even at night.

Warranty from the manufacturer

The company "Bosch" takes care of its customers. Bosch KGN39VL11R02, like other models, has an energy-saving class "A". Innovative development allows you to keep food fresh for a long time. Separate compartments for vegetables, dairy products, a tray for butter, cheese are provided.

refrigerator bosch kgn39vl11r specifications

The freezer allows you to freeze morethe number of products in a short time. Automatic defrosting system gives freedom to the hostess. There is no longer any need to manually deal with this matter. Therefore, forces and time are significantly saved. Bosch KGN39VL11R reviews deserved deservedly. The model justifies its value, it works qualitatively and durably.

fridge bosch kgn39vl11r user guide

The refrigerator has a classic look and color"Silver metallic" many consumers like more than white. The freezer compartment, which is located at the bottom, according to reviews, is comfortable and very roomy. Three boxes give the opportunity to put a wide variety of products. Included is a container for ice freezing. Many consumers appreciated the presence of the "leave" function, which allows to significantly save electricity.

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