Replacing the touchscreen on the phone

Introduced everywhere and in all modern technologies significantly simplify our lives. Not spared "touch innovation" and mobile devices - phones. Today, most of these electronics are equipped with Touch Screen-panels, through which the user can interact with a particular communication device with particular ease. But, as you know, there is no smoke without fire ... At some unfortunate moment, the beloved smartphone becomes “unanswered”, without reacting to the touch of your fingers. However, replacing the touchscreen - as an inevitable process of repairing these types of faults - will help you regain lost control of the device. How to do it yourself and why, in some cases, you cannot do without the help of specialists in this article.

About mobile fragility, optical illusion and the need for a repair process

Replacing touchscreen

It often happens that when the phone falls, the touch panel is broken, but it retains its “workable” qualities.Under such unfavorable circumstances, the apparatus loses only its aesthetics. Nevertheless, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that the broken lines of cracked glass or plastic creeping across the screen is in general an unpleasant sight. As you understand, in order to restore the former beauty and attractiveness of a “face lost” device, a touchscreen will need to be replaced. Resetting the damaged part is necessary for another reason: the display under the touch panel becomes the most vulnerable. Since nothing more prevents dust and moisture from entering. And with a slight mechanical impact on the screen - be it an inadvertent pressing, pinched or some pressure that was previously uncritical in its strength (a tight pocket, for example) - there is a great risk that the matrix will not stand and that, as they say, will float.

A little about "Alas ..."

Xperia Touchscreen Replacement

Immediately make a reservation: for some modifications of mobile phones, it is simply unrealistic to change the touch glass at home. Sometimes, the manufacturer uses, so to speak, sandwich technology, firmly gluing together the display and the touch module.Of course, such a “tandem” has a lot of advantages, but the main disadvantage is one: the replacement of the touchscreen (glued with LCD) is impossible without the use of special equipment. Do not be deceived by all those who saw or read on the Internet about the miracle method, which guarantees one hundred percent favorableness of the process of separating the screen from the “wheelbarrow” - all these are bikes or isolated cases of a successful experiment.

So, before embarking on the restoration project “touchscreen replacement”, make sure that your mobile device is not the “successor” of OGS technology (full lamination)!

How to change the Touch Screen module if it is removable?

First of all, you need to know exactly how your phone understands. In the case when you dismantle the body parts of the smartphone, so to speak, blindly, it is unlikely that you will be able to avoid various breakdowns in the future. Without a special tool, some models simply cannot be disassembled. For example, to remove the back cover of the iPhone you need a screwdriver - pentalobe. Some smartphones are “owners” of glued cases, Others are supersaturated with various hidden retainers.Well, the third and all combine in themselves all kinds of constructional tricks. In general, without a disassembly manual, you just can not do.

General principles and fundamental rules: Samsung touchscreen replacement

Samsung Touchscreen Replacement

Only relatively recent modifications of the brand mentioned in the title are equipped with “hard-to-separate” screen modules. The rest of the phones, such as the S5320 and similar ones, are easy to reinstall in the touchscreen. Although, more precisely, the plastic touchscreen, because the main material from which it is made is a polymer. Well, let's take a look at the generally accepted universal action algorithm when replacing a removable Touch Screen element.

  • Purchase the touch module only original quality.
  • Use the service manual for disassembling your device.
  • Take your time and be patient (psychology in microelectronics is an important component of a successful outcome).
  • Before picking or pulling anything, make sure that all the bolts are unscrewed, and any sticker (sticker) does not hide the forgotten screwdriver.
  • Be careful not to tear the internal loops and connector connections.
  • Do not allow offsets and gaps in the process of positioning the touch screen, its edges should fit snugly to the phone case base.

In general, be careful and consistent. Do not hurry! Glued - heat up and free without jerks, twisted - unscrew and gently lift. The main thing - you should not have "extra" details.

Solution for “glued” Touch Screen-panels

When the Lenovo touchscreen is being replaced (and recently the models of this brand are mainly equipped with “sandwich” display modules), specialized equipment is used - separators, or, as they are called, preheaters. Naturally, the far "not a cheap" machine is the prerogative of service centers and professional workshops. However, if you turn to specialists, then a reasonable savings (after all, the screen is working) will ultimately still be insignificant. Therefore, it is more expedient to purchase the original display module and install it yourself.Lenovo Touchscreen ReplacementIt is worth noting that for some owners of smartphones the price of the part may seem somewhat expensive.Nevertheless, this is the only “painless” method to get rid of the problem we are covering ourselves. Do not try (oh, the brave of this world!) To repeat those stupid experiments using hot spirals and irons, which are abundantly enough on the Net. It is better to let the screen remain whole, so to speak, for the future, rather than you crush or melt it when its “unconventional” replacement is carried out.

Sony touchscreen is safer: a practical answer to the advertiser

Certainly, a rather controversial statement, but the sense is not deprived of demonstrable arguments, too. However, let's be realistic and consider, as an example, a step-by-step plan for the implementation of the repair process, which can be titled as “Installing the new display module on the phone from the legendary brand”:

  • As a rule, the back of the smartphone is attached with an adhesive backing.
  • Use a regular household hairdryer - walk along the edges of the protective cover (the back side of the device) and lift one of the edges with soft movements. Draw the tool blade all the way around the body.
  • Remove all the internal components of the phone, not forgetting that accuracy in actions is the key to the success of the enterprise!
  • The display module is also glued to the frame base - we warm it up and carefully remove it.

After you install the new screen, and with it the original touch panel and successfully assemble your favorite phone, you will be something to be proud of!

Sony Touchscreen Replacement

As a reassuring completion

Replacing the touchscreen Xperia or iPhone is implemented under the same scenarios as described above. If you do not want to take risks and feel somewhat insecure with a screwdriver in your hand - contact a specialized workshop, and they will help you there. Well, inquisitive practitioners would like to wish success in engineering surveys. All the best to you, and may your phone always be “megaclickable”!

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