Restaurant "Bruce Lee": description, interior, menu and reviews of visitors

The Chinese restaurant "Bruce Lee" in Moscow, which is located along Zvenigorodskaya Street, is a cozy atmosphere of a leisurely rest accompanied by the sounds of pleasant music, an original interior in the style of old China, and traditional Chinese and Asian cuisine.

As well as an excellent bar offering a varied assortment of beer, cocktails and other beverages.

Bruce Is a Restaurant


Restaurant "Bruce Lee" ("Way of the Dragon") echoes the eponymous Moscow institution that is located near the metro station "Kropotkinskaya." And the concept and the situation, and in terms of the interior, and the menu.

But there is some difference: in this institution, the waiters wear special costumes - cinema characters or famous artists (for example, characters from the movie "Kill Bill" and "Ninja", the image of Umy Thurman and others).

Some visitors consider the restaurant a bit “Europeanized” compared to those in China.Nevertheless, here every visitor has the unique opportunity to taste the most favorite and popular dishes of excellent Chinese cuisine, which are masterfully prepared by the chef of the establishment, Chinese by origin.

In particular, these are vegetable, fish and meat dishes cooked in a special wok pan, as well as salads, noodles, rice and so on.


Bruce Lee restaurant for 1905

As for the situation of the restaurant "Bruce Lee", we can note the following features of the interior:

  1. The absence of bright red shades (inherent in the Chinese style of decoration of institutions) and images of sakura.
  2. The interior is replete with a brown-green gamut of shades.
  3. Quite a lot of wood (beams passing along the ceilings, dressers and cabinets, solid antique tables and chairs, decorated with ornate carved patterns, as well as ornaments on the surface of the table tops of round tables).
  4. Murals on the walls (motifs "Chinese dragons", "brickwork", landscapes).
  5. Chinese lamps and lampshades (romantic illuminating the halls of the restaurant).
  6. Potted flowers (which perfectly refresh the space and give a lively atmosphere).
  7. Candles on each table, exhibited in beautiful and original candlesticks.
  8. And other elements of decoration in the Chinese style.

Chinese culture in cooking

The country of China is one of the earliest civilized, cultural, original in the world. Over the past 5 thousand years, the physical typology of the population has not undergone fundamental changes. And the history of China has the same number of thousands of years and includes the development of artistic, political, philosophical, culinary and other aspects of the life of the country.

As for culinary art, this is a special topic for the population. It primarily reflects the character of the Chinese people, their psychology and mentality.

Residents of the country prefer not prestigious and exotic products, and always try to make something special from the simple. At the same time special technological methods, special dishes, unique recipes are used. As well as the ability to control the fire.

For thousands of years, the Chinese school of culinary art has not been subjected to fundamental changes. Perhaps in some ways it is incomprehensible for a modern, "advanced" society. But at the same time it is stable, tested over thousands of years and does not require proof. Much invented by the Chinese in cooking is the canon.

She simply has the right to be among the many cuisines of the world as a distinctive and in her own special and interesting link in international culinary art.

Even for the simplest inhabitant of this amazing country, the process of cooking and eating food is not just an act of stupid feeding, not to be hungry. This is a whole culture of family life, family, occupying a leading position in the lifestyle of each person.

The Chinese culinary experts believe that the main aspects in the cooking process are such aspects: the heat treatment of the products and the proportions of the ingredients.

Modern Chinese cuisine has more than 20 thousand dishes.

Restaurant kitchen

Compared to Argo, the Bruce Lee restaurant offers traditional Chinese and Asian dishes. A neighboring institution "Argo" - Caucasian cuisine.

For cooking, the Bruce Lee always uses the freshest products bought from regular suppliers.

As well as the features of cooking: fast heat treatment in wok, which allows you to keep a lot of useful microelements in food.

Traditional Chinese cuisine is currently one of the most popular and sought-after not only in Russia,but also other countries. It contains many essential and essential vitamins and ingredients in its signature dishes.

Many people know that the Chinese are very fond of meat, rice, seafood (especially fish, in particular, sea bass), vegetables.

Which offers to try the restaurant "Bruce Lee".


argo bruce lee restaurant

In addition to Peking style duck, the institution offers the following dishes:

  1. Noodles with vegetables and meat (beef, chicken, shrimps, pork).
  2. Noodles with vegetables.
  3. Noodles with mushrooms and smoked meats.
  4. Wonton with meat (chicken, pork).
  5. Dim Sama vegetable and bruce lee menu
  6. Vegetables on the wok.
  7. Rice (with seafood, mushrooms and cashews, shrimps, chicken, chicken).
  8. Fried rice.
  9. Chicken meat
  10. Beef with vegetables.
  11. Chicken with peanuts and vegetables.
  12. Eggplant.
  13. Fried tofu.
  14. Crab soup with corn.
  15. Chicken Chinese noodle soup.
  16. Mushroom soup.
  17. Cheese soup.
  18. Soup "Tom Yam".
  19. Salads ("Caesar" with chicken, salad with shrimps and pineapple slices, "Asian" with tangerines, vegetable with beef, noodles with vegetables or pork, salad with chicken).Bruce Is A Chinese Restaurant
  20. Dessert.
  21. Drinks (fruit juices, mineral water, strong alcohol and beer, original author cocktails).

There is a children's menu, business lunches (from 12.00 to 16.00), a banquet menu.

Musical evenings

In the evening and on weekends, real musical party movement begins at the Bruce Lee Restaurant and Bar.

A lot of people come to distract from everyday worries and plunge into the world of good music and dance.

At the console, as always, the best DJs of the capital.

There is also a great selection of hookahs.


What could be the feedback from the visitors, if in the restaurant "Bruce Lee" (for "1905") the motto "We love what we do"?

Guests note the following:

  1. Cozy quiet place for unhurried conversation.
  2. For thermophilic people there are rugs, heaters.
  3. Delicious cuisine, a diverse selection of dishes, beautiful presentation.
  4. Attentive staff, quality and fast customer service.
  5. Good, always fresh ingredients, high-quality cooking.
  6. Colorful institution, beautiful interior, all designed with taste and style.
  7. Some dishes deserve special praise: Tom Yam soup, Peking Duck, Tofu soup, rice with chicken meat, caramel eggplants, Chinese dim Sama dumplings and others.
  8. An excellent selection of cocktails, which are made directly in the presence of a client,considering all the finest tastes and preferences.
  9. Delicious business lunch at affordable prices.
  10. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant.Bruce Does Dragon's Way Restaurant
  11. I am glad that you can ask for a version of some dishes in a vegetarian version.
  12. The dishes of Chinese cuisine cooked in the institution are great.
  13. Good desserts.
  14. Great place for a romantic dinner, meeting with friends, business meeting.
  15. Great veranda.
  16. Reasonably low prices.
  17. Convenient location of the restaurant.
  18. Excellent bar list.
  19. Good job bartender.
  20. Nice place for a big company.
  21. Great music parties.


Located institution on the street 2nd Zvenigorod, 12, building 14 (entrance from the courtyard), Moscow.

The nearest metro station to the restaurant "Bruce Lee": "Street 1905" and "Krasnopresnenskaya."

The average receipt of the institution: 700-1500 rubles per person.

Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday - from 12.00 to midnight; on Friday and Saturday - from 12.00 to 06.00; on Sunday - from 12.00 to midnight.

There is internet and parking for cars.

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