Roofing material ondulin. Ondulin leaf dimensions

Ondulin, the dimensions of which are important for the master, is considered one of the most popular materials among those intended for roofing. The coating has been known in the construction materials market for over 50 years. In order for you to have the opportunity to carry out the correct calculations for the required amount of materials, you need to know the size of the sheet.

Canvas Dimensions

ondulin sizes

Ondulin, whose dimensions may differ slightly from those prescribed by GOST, has a standard length of 200 mm. As for the width, this parameter is equal to 950 millimeters, the sheet has a thickness of 3 millimeters, while the wave height is equivalent to 36 millimeters. The latter figure can vary up or down by 2 millimeters. One canvas weighs 6 kg. As for the sizes that were mentioned above, the length of the sheet may be more by 10 millimeters, whereas in the direction of reduction this indicator cannot decrease by more than 3 millimeters. The width of the material can vary in both directions by 5 millimeters.


Ondulin sheet sizes

Ondulin, the dimensions of which were mentioned above, has served, according to the manufacturer’s warranty, for about 50 years. You can count on full watertightness for 15 years, however these figures vary depending on the correctness of installation and compliance with the production technology. The material can be used at a fairly wide range of temperatures, which vary from -40 to +80 degrees. One square meter of coating can withstand a load of up to 300 kilograms. Squall wind speeds of 200 kilometers per hour is not terrible similar to covering material. After the completion of the roof arrangement, you can expect that the system will absorb the noise generated by precipitation up to 40 decibels, this applies to rain and hail. Cloths perfectly withstand the effects of oils, fungi, acids, alkalis, and also perfectly cope with mechanical effects.

Characteristics of ondulin for producing countries

Ondulin roof dimensions

Ondulin, the size of which should be of interest to the master, who intends to use this material, may have different dimensions depending on the country of origin.For example, in France, this material is produced in a length of 2 meters. This indicator is true for Belgium, USA and Switzerland. While the width varies, in France this material is produced with a width of 0, 95 meters. In Switzerland, the canvas on this parameter varies from 0.87 to 1.06 m. In Belgium, the canvas has a width of 0, 92 meters, while in the United States this figure is 1, 22 meters. The total area of ​​the sheet in the first country mentioned above is 1, 9 square meters, while in Switzerland these figures vary from 1.74 to 2.12 square meters. In Belgium and the United States, the total leaf area is 1.84 meters and 2.44 meters respectively.

Ondulin cost

ondulin useful size

Ondulin, the size of the sheet which you can choose according to the dimensions of the roof, may have a different cost. Sometimes it is exactly how much money to spend the consumer, is decisive when choosing. Price may vary depending on the color, as well as quality characteristics. Visiting the store, you will see that for one sheet of ondulin will have to pay from 400 to 500 rubles.

Material calculation

working size ondulin

Ondulin, the size of the sheet which you already know, must be acquired taking into account the calculations carried out in advance.It is important to take into account not only the dimensions of the web, but also the gaps that will go to the vertical and lateral overlaps. The area of ​​one sheet is equal to 1, 9 square meters, this figure is calculated by multiplying the width by the length, that is, 2 must be multiplied by 0.95. Given the overlap, the useful area of ​​the sheet is 1.6 square meters. Ondulin dimensions for the roof should be taken into account in the calculations. Thus, if there is a need to equip a roof whose area is 100 square meters and its slope does not exceed 15 degrees, then 63 sheets will be required. This figure can be calculated by dividing the total area by the useful area of ​​the web. However, such calculations can be taken as basic only if you have to equip a simple dvukhskatnuyu roof, which is devoid of additional architectural elements. Otherwise, it will be necessary to use the knowledge of geometry, which will be useful for determining the roof area from the projection.

Ondulin dimensions for the roof in this case also come in handy. However, initially it is necessary to split the plane into regular geometric shapes by the type of squares, triangles and rectangles.Then the area of ​​each individual element is determined, after the master must take into account the angle of the roof, the effective area of ​​the material will depend on the angle of the slope and can vary from 1.3 to 1.6 square meters. Then all the values ​​need to be added. If the roof projection is a rectangle and the angle of inclination is equivalent to 30 degrees, then the surface area is equal to the cosine of the angle and the area of ​​the rectangle.

Dimensions of additional elements

After the useful size of an ondulin became known, it is possible to take an interest in what dimensions have additional elements. They will certainly be used in the arrangement of the roof. The ridge element has a length and a useful length, which are equal to 100 and 850 millimeters, respectively. The thickness of this component is 3 millimeters. As for endova, the above parameters remain the same, but the gable element has dimensions equal to 1100x950 millimeters.


When making calculations, it is important to take the working size of the ondulin, only this way it will be possible to purchase the amount of materials that will be needed for the work.However, it is important to add 10 percent to the results obtained, which will be spent on cutting and possible marriage. Choosing this modern roofing material, you have the opportunity to create a roof that will have the strength, reliability and resistance to external negative factors. The coating is not too expensive compared to the counterparts on the market today.

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