Ryazan, the water park "Acapulco": description, photos and reviews

The water park is a warm sea at any time of the year. In winter, he will remind you of hot summer and wanderings, and in the summer he will relieve you of city fuss, if your vacation remains a dream. Almost every major city has its own water activities, and Ryazan is no exception. Aquapark "Acapulco" invites adults and children to visit, here everyone will find something to do and enjoy according to their own taste.


Many places for recreation offers Ryazan. Aquapark "Acapulco" - one of the favorite institutions of the citizens, where they will bring their friends and relatives. The water amusement park is spread over an area of ​​more than 2 thousand square meters, where the temperature of a tropical resort is maintained - from +28 to + 30 ° С. For entertainment, three breathtaking hills are installed, three water cannons and as many geysers add to the fun.

Two waterfalls enjoy great attention, and the system of two countercurrents is experiencing endurance.For everyone it becomes a pleasant walk along the long artificial river with a grotto and hydro-massage. The water park has a pool of 25 meters in length, its depth reaches 1.5 meters and its width is 16 meters. But not only adults indulge in water element Ryazan.

Acapulco water park is suitable for all age categories. The playground is equipped with slides, a fun fountain with a hippopotamus, a large body of water. The depth in the children's pool is only 0.5 meters, which is safe for kids, the temperature is maintained at + 30 ° C.

Ryazan Acapulco Water Park


Fans of traveling around the country visit many historical sites, one of them is Ryazan. Acapulco Waterpark is a modern entertainment complex where you can spend time just like in the resort area.

In the water park there are three slides. The administration approached the safety of using the rides with great responsibility. All parts of the structures were perfectly matched to each other, all roughness was removed and the constant flow of water was adjusted. Today you should not worry about cuts and bruises during rapid descent, it is better to surrender to the will of the current and get a charge of healthy adrenalin.Water fun quickly passes the time, creates a great mood for a long time, it is worth coming to Ryazan.

Acapulco Water Park is proud of its attractions. The Dorado and Martin slides invite you to make a rapid descent along a winding tube where the fall rate reaches 6 meters per second, and then, riding the stream, zip along the open chute and rush into the waters of the pool. Some vacationers can arrange a race ahead on these two slightly similar slides.

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For children

What water activities are offered to children in Ryazan? Aquapark "Acapulco" for children's audiences presents a variety of leisure options. For the smallest, a separate zone is equipped, where the pool is filled with warm water only 0.5 meters, low safety slides and gentle fountain splashes will give the kids the most joyful moments.

For schoolchildren in the water park are themed holidays, where you can bring your friends. A birthday spent in the company of friends and animators will be remembered by all participants.

Theme holidays:

  • "Champions" Acapulco "" (for 6-12 people).The entertainment program is designed for 1 hour and offers to demonstrate sports talents and the will to win. A series of sports and game tasks will add the winner’s name to the “Books of Champions” pages. Competitions are held under the supervision of a sports coach, pre-children are instructed, warm-up and learn the rules of the game.
  • "Cowboy find". This quest captures the entire area of ​​the water park, children learn to solve riddles, lead a team game and reach the goal. The program involves from 3 to 10 people, the duration is 60 minutes.
  • "Sea of ​​treasures". In search of pirate treasure participants are sent along with the leader of the team - the keen eye. The search for the lost treasure is conducted throughout the entire water area, and the real chest becomes the prize. The team can consist of up to 10 people, the search for the treasure lasts 1 hour.
  • "The Little Mermaid Underwater Kingdom". Ondine generously shares the secrets of the underwater world, sets riddles, tells stories and travels with the team. Visiting the Little Mermaid can simultaneously be from 3 to 10 children, the duration of the audience is 1 hour.
  • "Secrets of the Hawaiian Islands".Guests are waited by the holiday atmosphere that reigns on a distant island - flower garlands, delicious cocktails, rhythms and limbo music, hot summer and much more. Guests are invited from 3 to 10 people, the fun lasts 1 hour.

If none of the ready-made options are interested in the nominal, the animators of the water park will offer several more scenarios with all the wishes. For organized groups of schools and preschool institutions a separate program is offered on very favorable terms. Take advantage of the offer can city and regional children's institutions. You can learn more on the spot.

Aquapark "Acapulco" (Ryazan) address is as follows: Mayakovsky Street, Building 1A (BP "Capital Atron").

acapulco water park ryazan reviews

For adults

For an adult audience with the onset of Saturday evening it is time for entertainment in the water park "Acapulco." The dance floor is arranged in the pool space and is adjacent to two jacuzzis, geysers and a mysterious grotto. Residents of aquaclub ignite guests with new hits and compositions. Every visitor is guaranteed fun in a society of like-minded people.

Lovers of a more relaxing holiday fit bath procedures.The complex has a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and a Russian sauna. You can relax in the company of up to ten people. For those who wish to work masseur.

Acapulco water park is often visited for the whole day, while for fun, time flies, but the feeling of hunger catches up with everyone. For children and adults there is a restaurant on site. The hall is designed for 120 seats. Visitors are offered a rich menu, where there was a place for dishes designed specifically for children. The assortment includes salads, grilled dishes, and desserts from our own pastry shop. The bar menu is replete with cocktails and drinks.

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Additional services

Aquapark "Acapulco" in Ryazan invites everyone to stay healthy and to polish the figure in water aerobics classes. This type of fitness has a lot of positive effects and there are no contraindications. Classes in the pool stimulate the entire musculoskeletal system, strengthen muscles, stimulate the immune system and balance the nervous system. Advantages of aquafitness:

  • Lack of load on the joints, ligaments.
  • Low injury risk.
  • The resistance of the aquatic environment contributes to the rapid formation of the muscle frame.
  • Lymphatic drainage, massage effects.

The cost of visits depends on the purchased subscription to the water park (Ryazan) "Acapulco". Prices range from 320 rubles per session to 2,800 rubles per 12.

Acapulco Water Park Ryazan mode of operation

Water treatment system

The administration of the water park pays attention not only to the safety of the entire water area and attractions, but also to the sanitary state of the aquatic environment. For water purification, powerful filters manufactured by the Swedish company Pahlen have been purchased and are operating. The system sanitizes water in several stages.

First, the water from the pool is passed through filters filled with quartz sand, then disinfection takes place with the help of ultraviolet installations. After preparation, chlorine-containing substances are added to the water in a strict dosage. Water constantly passes sanitary control, where one of the conditions is the neutral level of Ph.

Ryazan Acapulco Water Park


Water recreation is popular with many, the water park "Acapulco" (Ryazan) received mostly positive reviews. Vacationers talk about the diversity of opportunities when each family member has fun at will. Parents with young children say that the kids are interesting and very fun in the children's area. Almost unconditionally everyone liked the bath and jacuzzi.

Negative reviews tell about the inattention of staff, associating it with a large flow of tourists. Some people blame administration for too chlorinated water and lack of lockers for clothes.

Ryazan Acapulco Water Park

Helpful information

Going to the water park, you must have with you:

  • Bathing suit.
  • Towels and personal care products.
  • Beach shoes with non-slip soles.
  • Children may need inflatable sleeves, a cap, an extra towel.
  • For forgetful works shop on site.

In the water park "Acapulco" children under 4 years old are admitted free of charge, up to 14 years - only accompanied by adults.

The cost of visiting on weekdays starts from 500 rubles for 2 hours of stay, on weekends - from 700 rubles / 2 hours. Constantly there are discounts and promotions, thanks to which you can save up to 50% of the cost for the whole family. For those who can not live without water, a subscription to the water park (Ryazan) "Acapulco" will do. Prices range from 1500 for adults and 960 rubles for children for 8 hours of stay, up to 3900 (adult) and 2800 rubles (for children) for 16 hours.

How to get there

"Acapulco" water park (Ryazan) mode of operation has the following:

  • Monday is a sanitary day.
  • From Tuesday to Sunday - from 10:00 to 22:00.
  • Saturday - from 22:00 to 04:00 a weekly beach party.

They know perfectly well where the popular place of rest is located, the townspeople. The following information will help those who are going to visit Ryazan for the first time, Acapulco Waterpark. How to get to the water rides? Vacationers delivers a free bus.

The first flight is at 07.00 from the “Cruise” shopping center, the last - at 22.20 from the “Okskaya Zhemchuzhina” shopping center.

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