Salt Lake (Bataysk) - active and happy holidays

In the summer season, many people go to rest, sunbathe and swim in the Salt Lake (Bataisk). In recent years, this place is very transformed, and on the shores of this pond a water park has grown.

Origin of the lake

The Solenoye lake is located in Bataysk (Rostovregion) in the north-eastern side of the city. This reservoir is of artificial origin, although it is connected with the basin of the river Koisug. In the 70s, when the construction of the motorway was taking place in these places, Salt Lake (Bataisk) was formed.

salt lake of Bataysk

Description of the pond

The name "Salty", as not difficult to guess,appeared due to the salty taste of water. This property was received by the lake because of the springs that feed it, they also support the ecological balance of the reservoir. Also, the feeding of the lake is partly due to precipitation. The bottom is sandy. Its average depth is 6 meters, but there are places where the depth of the holes is 28 meters.

Salt Lake (Bataysk) has its ichthyofauna. Here there are crustaceans, there are fish burbot, cupid and ram. Lately there have been rumors that piranhas were found in the waters.

At the very beginning of its formation, the inhabitants of this area took a liking to the lake for bathing and rest. Here, well-groomed beaches, cafeterias lined up quickly, and a full-fledged water park recently appeared.

salty lake bataysk reviews

New Water Park

In 2014, in the middle of June, there was an openinga water park called "DonPark". The location of this complex has made it popular with residents of Bataysk and its environs. Also here come the inhabitants of Rostov.

The territory occupied by the water park on the Salt Lake in Bataysk is 2.4 hectares. Given this area, the park is able to accommodate 1500 visitors at a time.

Also get to this holiday destination very muchjust. You can use public transport, which makes routes to this side regularly. If possible, you can go to the water park on your own car and leave it in a special parking lot.

Rest in the water park

The water park is divided into three zones. The first is for children. There is a private swimming pool with an area of ​​700 m.2. All children's and teenage attractions are brought to this water area. Children especially like to rest here, because every day there are animators in the park, entertaining kids.

The second zone of the park is designed for relaxation andpleasant water procedures. With the onset of the evening, this place turns into a foamy disco with concerts, promotions, parties. Immediately, near the wave pool, there is a cozy cafe.

The third zone includes slides for adults. Their extreme shape, shape and height are different. The highest reaches 20 meters.

Also, you will not have to worry about the serviceability and reliability of all attractions, as the latest technologies were used in the construction.

water park on the salt lake in Bataysk

Thanks to this water park, rest on Lake Solen became even more active, interesting and pleasant.

Reviews of holidaymakers

Many residents are happy to come to theday at the Salt Lake (Bataysk). Reviews show that you do not have to be bored. There are pleasant cafes in which music plays, there are mini-hotels where you can relax. It is also good that the territory is equipped with toilets. Many people especially like to visit the water park. As noted by many holidaymakers, the prices here are lower than in other similar complexes. But it's best to have fun in the water park before lunch, while there are not too many people. It is also important to be careful, because, riding on attractions, a person is under the sun, and his skin can quickly burn out.


Although Salt Lake (Bataysk) is constantly undergoingcheck Rospotrebnadzor, many residents decided not to swim in this pond. This is due to the fact that there is an old cemetery nearby, and during the rains all harmful decomposition products flow with water into the lake.

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