Short haircut for girls - practical, comfortable and feminine

Female beauty is so diverse that even with short hair beautiful fine nature can look elegant and feminine. Nowadays for girls it is especially popular, because in our time there is no fast and rapid time for permanent half-hour styling, so the option of wearing short hair is the most practical and suitable. It would seem that you can come up with short hair? Nothing! But this is the deepest delusion. On short strands, you can perform a lot of different styling, the main thing in this case is to choose the right shape for the haircut under the oval of the face, hair color and styling options for the future hairstyle.

Short haircut for girls - stylish, practical and comfortable

A century ago, it was impossible to imagine the beautiful half of humanity without a spit or pompous styling. With the advent of the Second World War, women who served on the same level with men tried to keep pace with the house and not give in to the enemies in battle, from that time they did not have enough hair, and the girls cut off their strands - it was more convenient.But even with the departure of the war, the shape of such short haircuts did not disappear, but found its place under the sun. Already at that time, in fashion houses, models that personified both femininity, beauty, and lightness had in their appearance raisins: insolence, sexuality and freedom - all due to short haircuts.short haircut for girlsToday, the popularity of this hair form has not faded away, but, on the contrary, due to new design ideas, more and more women can choose the most suitable hairstyle for themselves. What are the styles of haircuts for short hair in trend today?

What haircut to pick under the oval of the face?

All short haircuts are divided into winning and covering problem areas. The first option applies to those girls who have a regular elongated oval face, as well as a slender, proportional figure. On these women, any fashionable haircuts will look stylish and elegant.

Girls who have problem areas, whether wide cheekbones, hanging eyelids in the eye, will have to try to find the perfect haircut.

Owners of a triangular face should avoid excessive volume at the top of the head - this will aggravate the situation.In such cases, it is better to choose short haircuts bob or bob, as well as sleek hair. The length of the strands on short haircuts not below the chin line.

Girls, whose oval of the face resembles an expanding trapeze downward, should, on the contrary, add pomp and volume at the crown of the head.

beautiful short haircuts for girlsBut chubby girls should disguise such a large face with hanging strands (up to the chin on the front of the face).

Types of haircuts

A short haircut for girls can be very diverse, so you should consider the most popular and most practical options.

Haircut bob is suitable for many girls. The classic version differs in that all strands around the perimeter have the same length. The shape of the haircut can be modified: asymmetric, on the leg, and so on, depending on the fantasy of the hairdresser.

Everything depends on the type of haircut

No less known option is the caret. Very stylish look hairstyles. Such a short haircut for girls differs in that the length of the strands, depending on the chosen style, should be the same or have a smooth line. The front of the hair usually involves a distinct angle.But the square is very variable, because it is perfectly combined with shaved temples, ragged tips and so on.short haircuts for girls with bangs

Another very popular haircut with long strands on top. Its peculiarity is that the temples and the back of the head have almost shaved areas, but not under “0”, but under “2” or “3” on a professional hairdresser's typewriter. At the very base there is a minimum length, but the higher to the top of the head, the longer the hair length. Perfectly combines such short haircuts for girls with bangs. In this case, the bangs are the longest and always fit in a controlled chaos with the help of mousse, varnish and hair dryer. All strands are pulled forward and tucked up, making a small tuft. The option is very stylish and feminine.

Originality is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Pixie haircut is suitable for women who want to rejuvenate their appearance. The main difference between this haircut and any other one is that there are so many sticking out strands. At the same time, the length of hair is different, and with proper styling, a particularly romantic and stylish look is obtained.short haircuts for fat girls

Beautiful short haircuts for girls can take a very different look and combine several techniques: cascade, ladder, garcon, sesun and so on.That is why every woman can find the perfect option.

Actual colors

To be in trend, you need not only to know which haircut is suitable, but also what colors this season should be used. All those who are used to the fact that short haircuts for full girls or slim ones should have a natural color are deeply mistaken. Short strands are a reason for more vivid options, and this season the combination of blond and raspberry and lilac flowers is especially popular. Blue strands, blood-red, and the presence of shaved multi-colored patterns on the temples are the most fashionable trends. That bright, extraordinary shades should be preferred.

fashionable haircuts for short hair for girlsFashionable haircuts for short hair for girls today are easy to pick up, because now new tools have appeared in hairdressing, and a bit more originality than before. If you want to change drastically, to be in a completely different way, you should choose a short swift. The main thing is to choose a suitable haircut, and then you can look stylish, feminine and feel comfortable and free.

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