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The film "Step Forward 2: Streets"Was a continuation of the 2006 musical melodrama. This is ninety-eight minutes of exciting dances and relationships of young people.

step forward 2 street actors


The events of the film take us to modern Baltimore. There, in the Maryland School of Art, a street dancer named Andy can barely conquer classical dances. She is a difficult teenager, making friends with a dubious dance team "4.1.0". Street dancing has attracted the heroine since childhood. Therefore, she selflessly conquered asphalt. But once, having met Chase Collins at school, Andy decides to create his own dance team. Their way to the cherished "Streets" (dance competitions) is far from easy

Step Forward 2: Streets: actors and roles, photo

The motion picture is suitable for both family viewing and a noisy company. In the picture"Step forward 2: Streets"Actorswhich are real dancers, there is everything: love, defeat, victory. Let's get acquainted with the actors who starred in the film, and with the characters they played.

Brian evigan

The film, released on Valentine's Day, brought Brian huge popularity. She perfectly got into the image of the main character - Andy West. The youngest daughter of creative parents, Brian from the cradle loved to dance. Being very young, she combined singing, dancing, studying. Choreographer and dancer, she brilliantly entered the role of Andy.

step forward 2 street actors and roles

The actress herself, like her heroine, is an extravagant, impulsive, cheerful girl. She can do modern and classical dances. She sings and plays keyboards. And in college I created my own pop group. She plays roles in films (“House of the Damned”, “Creek in a hostel”, “Theme: I love you”), she is removed in clips of popular performers. Bryan is single; she has been meeting with film actor Patrick Fluger for more than six years.

Robert Hoffman

Another professional dancer who got the rolein the film “Step Up 2: Streets"Actorswhich turned out to be simply "universal soldiers". Perfectly folded (thanks to volleyball, basketball, taekwondo) the brown-eyed blond turned his head to more than one girl. Robert was born in September 1980 in rainy Florida. At the age of eight, he moved with his parents to Madison.

Dancing from kindergarten.Became popular due to perseverance and hard work. He danced in the clips of C. Aguilera, Asher, R. Martin and others. To date, a very popular and sought-after dancer and choreographer, not married, moreover - his heart is not occupied.

Step Forward 2 Street Actors And Roles Pics

Having a beautiful appearance and a high dance level, Robert was the perfect match for the role of promising dancer Chase Collins. In the film, Chase is the star of the Maryland School of Art, the brother of the director of the same institution. Handsome dancer, popular among students of the school, falls in love with crazy Andy. Beautiful couple fell in love with the audience. For them, touching and seemingly so different, it is very interesting to watch. They are united by a common cause, a dream. At the risk of his reputation, the classic dancer tries himself in the "Streets".

Hoffman can also be seen in other films, such as Street Dancing, Gigli, Coach Carter, Guess Who? And Burning Palm, where he plays himself a dancer. He is glad that he can realize himself in his beloved business and is not upset at all that most of his supporting roles.

Adam J. Sevani

He played in the film a dancer with the nickname Elk. He starred immediately in the four parts of the franchise. But precisely"Step forward 2: Streets"(Actorsbrilliantly played in this part) brought him the first recognition. A budding young actor plays the role of a dancer, friend of Andy.

step forward 2 street actors twins

The original style and interesting appearance (in the family of the actor there are Armenians, Italians) interested popular musicians (Will Smitt, F. Nadzhim, Missy Elliott), in the clips of which he danced. Currently she successfully dances, sings and acts in films.

Cassandra Ventura

A singer with an original appearance and a pleasant timbre, better known by the pseudonym Cassie, in the film “Step Up 2: Streets"Actorsand whose roles were chosen very carefully, got the image of the former girlfriend Chase Collins - Sophie. Cassie did not have to get used to the role for a long time, because she, like her heroine, is an excellent pupil in life.

step forward 2 street actors

In the film, they called her “robot” because she was a universal dancer, singer, model, and medalist. However, as in reality. Cassie with great success recorded for the same picture track

"Step Up 2: Streets": the actors who played the supporting roles

Daniel Polanco - a popular world-class dancer and choreographer, actress and model, became the stage friend of Brian Evigan - Missy. The role of guardian Andy went to Sonya Son (Sarah).Director of the school of art played Wil Kemp (Blake). The image of the main dancer "4.1.0" went to Black Thomas (Tak). As in the first part of the film, the beloved Channing Tatum (Andy's childhood friend - Tyler Gage) appeared here.

step forward 2 street actors

Instead of conclusion

The picture fell in love with the audience. The highlight are, of course, talented dancers. After the second part, the third and fourth were removed. The main male role of the third part of the franchise was played by Adam J.. Sevani (“Elk") Playingin film"Step forward 2: Streets". Twin actors - the Lombard brothers - starred in the third part of the film.

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