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At the very southern tip of the PyreneesThe peninsula is the famous Spanish resort of Costa del Sol. The very geographical name of this place is able to say a lot. In Spanish, it means "sunny beach". And the name perfectly characterizes this section of the coast of Andalusia. It's really sunny, and the onset of winter can be seen only by looking at the calendar. Air temperature seldom drops below +16aboutFrom even in January. Koste del Sol is an off-season resort. The sun shines here 320 days a year. This, though not the only one, but one of the main reasons for its popularity.bones salt

Costa del Sol, Spain. Hotels, Attractions and Infrastructure

This section of the Mediterranean coaststretched from Malaga to Gibraltar. Here everything is turned face to the side of the sea, and completely there is nothing that could interfere with comfortable rest and pleasant pastime. In this part of Andalusia there is no manufacturing industry and objects that have a negative impact on the environment. The basis of the economy in Malaga is the reception of tourists from all countries and continents. For many kilometers stretched along the entire coast of beautiful beaches with clean sand. And just above, on the slopes of the coastal hills, covered with lush subtropical vegetation, there is an endless chain of hotels, hotels, campsites, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other places of entertainment.

Costa del Sol Spain hotels

Tourist infrastructure in Costa del Solhas been built up for a long time and corresponds to the highest world standards in this sphere. The resort coast of Andalusia is one of the most prestigious in the whole Mediterranean, and the land here is very expensive. This circumstance was appreciated by many rich and influential people of this world. Their land plots with real estate are scattered all along the coast to Gibraltar itself. Do not deprive the attention of this coast and the representatives of artistic bohemia and show business.

In addition to the luxurious beach holiday, the ancientAndalusia, offers its guests the opportunity to join their unique culture, monuments, objects and artifacts of which are abundantly present along the entire coast of Costa del Sol and not far from it. The most important historical sights include the oldest architectural and park ensemble of the Alhambra, as well as the landscape nature parks of Siera de la Nieve and Montes de Málaga.

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The Costa del Sol. Excursions and tours

On the price parameters tours to this coast are notbelong to the category of public, but they are offered by all the world's leading tourist structures. The policy of design and sale of tours in this direction is rather flexible. In full, the individual wishes of the customers are taken into account, and the possibility of excursion trips to these or other places of interest is provided. Essential price fluctuations for tours, depending on the season, can not be traced. The nearest international airport to Costa del Sol is Malaga.

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