Tariff plan "Megaphone Vip: all inclusive": description

For subscribers who are not used to saving onand would like to have the maximum opportunities, without limiting themselves in communication and use of the Internet, the tariff plan "All inclusive" by the company "Megaphone" is developed. It will also become a real godsend for people who often travel around Russia and would like to have better communication, or even better - communicate under the same conditions as when they were in their region. For a certain subscription fee, the customer is provided with the maximum allowable volumes of communication services that subscribers of other tariff plans can only dream of. What conditions means the tariff "Megaphone Vip: all inclusive" and to whom it can be accessed, and also how it is possible to connect to it, will be described in this article.

megaphone all-inclusive

Description of TP

Below you will find information about the tariff planapplicable to the Moscow region. In other areas, the conditions (subscriber payments, the volume of service packages) will differ in one direction or the other. "Megaphone Vip: all inclusive" is provided for a monthly fee, which is charged once every thirty days on the date of connection or transition to the tariff plan. The amount of monthly fee for clients of the Moscow region is 2700 rubles. For this amount, the subscriber is available certain limits of communication services. It is noteworthy that all of them are available both when they are in their region (that is, in Moscow, Moscow region), and in any other in Russia.

Tariff "Megaphone Vip: all inclusive": conditions

For a monthly fee, the subscriber receives unlimitedcommunication within the network (you can call the numbers of all Megafon subscribers free of charge by depleting the main package limit with minutes). For a month 5000 minutes are given (for calls to the numbers of all mobile operators, as well as to landlines). Please note that in the tariff "Megaphone Vip: all inclusive" communication with Megafon subscribers is also taken into account when the package is used. After exhausting the established monthly limit, making calls to "Megaphone" will be free of charge, but when calling to other numbers in your area you will have to pay 1.60 rubles. per minute connection. Also, five thousand text messages per month are provided - they can be sent to any numbers registered in the territory of our country. For all SMS sent in excess of this rate, will be written off 2.90 rubles. (a piece).

all-inclusive VIP megaphone

Providing the Internet to the TP

Along with a package of minutes and messages, at the tariffplan "Megaphone Vip: all inclusive" also provides the amount of Internet traffic in twenty gigabytes. You can use it for a month. In case of exceeding the limit set by the tariff plan, it is possible to activate the speed extension options. To use the Internet for free within the limits of the established traffic it is possible both in the area, and being in any region on the country.

Connection features of the tariff plan

Enable "All inclusive. Vip "(" Megaphone ") can be independently, if it is a question of switching to it from another TP of this cellular operator. To activate, just type in the request * 105 * 0040 # or send a message (empty or with any set of characters) to the number 0500940. You need to top up the account for 1360 rubles. It will be debited from the account as 50% of the subscription fee. For fifteen days, the subscriber will receive half of the volume of services set for TP (ie 2500 messages and minutes, as well as 10 gigabytes of Internet). On the sixteenth day, the remaining part of the subscription fee will be debited and the second part will be available for Internet packages, messages and calls. At the same time, if in the first half of the month the allocated amount is not used, it will be added to the one that will be added after the second part of the monthly payment is written off. Such a system is valid only the first month after activation. In the future, it will be necessary to replenish the balance for the amount of 2700 rubles or more (in order to keep a positive balance on the account) until the date when the transfer was made.

tariff megaphone vip all inclusive how to disable

Tariff "Megaphone Vip: all inclusive": how to disable

If the tariff plan needs to be deactivated on the Megafon number, for example, to connect a more profitable and interesting offer, then it can be done simply:

  • activate a new tariff plan (using the appropriate USSD requests, through a personal cabinet, through a contact center specialist or otherwise);
  • terminate the contract in the event that you areFurther, do not plan to use this number (for termination, you should apply to the office and issue the appropriate application, simply do not use the number for three months, for example, on the number with TA without a monthly fee is impossible, because the account is in arrears).

tariff megaphone vip all inclusive conditions

Also perform an operation to change the tariff planit is possible in the office of the cellular operator. To clarify the possibility and conditions for switching to the "All Inclusive" tariff plan or from it to any other one, please go to the official provider portal or call center phone without forgetting to take with you the ID card of the owner of the number.

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