Tasty and healthy greens: Romano salad

romano saladThe salad with the beautiful name Romano is a type of long-leaf variety of lettuce. It has strong, thick, but juicy leaves. The head of lettuce is large and loose. Greens has a tart spicy taste with a delicate aroma. Romano salad can be used as a separate dish and in combination with other ingredients.

The benefits of salad

Like any other greens, Romano salad is a source of vitamins. In addition, the leaves of the plant contain a lot of folic acid. Eating this green food has a beneficial effect on human health. Salad is considered an excellent prevention for heart disease, reduced hemoglobin.

Romano leaf salads. Recipes

Prepare apple-pomegranate salad from the leaves of Romano. Use green apple, pomegranate, Romano salad. For refueling you need: olive oil, lemon juice, honey, pepper. Cooking is very simple. You need to pick or chop the lettuce leaves, put them on the bottom of the bowl. Apples cut into cubes or straws. Sprinkle with lemon juice.Grains extract from pomegranate. Put apples and pomegranate seeds on the leaves in any order. Pour with dressing. For her, you need to mix butter, honey, lemon juice and pepper. Taste the need for salt and the consistency of the sauce.

Caesar with Romano leavessalads from

Thanks to Romano's salad, you will experience a new taste in your favorite Caesar. For cooking, use: chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, egg, Dijon mustard, garlic, lemon, anchovies, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, white croutons. Cook the chicken breast. To do this, cut it into pieces, fry in oil until rosy color. Prepare the salad dressing. In a blender, put an egg, a clove of garlic, Worcestershire sauce, anchovies, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, a couple of teaspoons of mustard. Beat up. Add olive oil, 50 grams of Parmesan cheese (it needs to be grated). Whisk again. The sauce is ready. Put the Romano salad on the dish. Place a nice chicken breast on it. Pour sauce, garnish with white croutons and strips of Parmesan cheese.

very tasty saladsSalmon with Romano lettuce

Very tasty Romano leaves salads are obtained from fish. Try to make a dish with salmon.Use for this: a few leaves of Romano, a piece of salmon, orange, cherry tomatoes, a small cucumber, avocado, salad onion, olive oil, pepper and salt. Cook the salmon on the grill. You can use a special pan. If not, then fry the steak in the usual. Before hot fish need to salt and pepper. Wash lettuce leaves, dry and narvite hands in a container for the finished dish. Wash all vegetables. Cherry tomatoes cut in half, chop the onion with thin half-rings (you can pour boiling water over the bitterness), cucumber and avocado - into strips or cubes. Put all the vegetables on the lettuce leaves. Pour a little oil, salt. Stir slightly. Orange peel of white peel and white films. With the cooled salmon, remove the skin, remove all the bones. Divide the meat into even small pieces and place it nicely on the vegetables. Next, place the orange slices. You can serve the dish to the table.

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