What whiten your teeth at home? Folk remedies, gels, toothpastes

Unfortunately, not every person can boast a healthy snow-white smile, but this attribute of appearance is considered a symbol of health, attractiveness and success quite a long time ago and everywhere. It is impossible to smile broadly and heartily when the teeth are in poor condition, the main criterion of which is their color and presence of plaque. Regular dental procedures can solve such problems, but their implementation is associated with significant financial costs. Fortunately, there is a simpler way out of the situation, but in order to know it, you should answer the question of how to whiten your teeth at home.

Causes of enamel darkening

Before proceeding to the enumeration of semi-professional and folk techniques, let's talk a little more about what is associated with the natural whiteness of teeth.The most common myth on this topic is associated with the assumption that a bright and pure color is due to a high content of calcium. In fact, this is not at all the case, because the enamel, rich in this useful component, has a less presentable yellowish tint. The main reason for whiteness is considered to be the genetic factor. It should be remembered that even the best heredity can be spoiled by external problems, for example:

  • Improper cleaning (most people spend little time on this process or simply do the necessary manipulations wrongly, not thoroughly, and sometimes forget about them).
  • The presence of bad habits (tobacco affects the enamel color in the most negative way).
  • Unsuitable diet (regular consumption of coloring products, it can be coffee, wine, various fruits or berries).

than whiten teeth at home

If you decide to use traditional methods, remember that they almost never give quick results and require systematic use.

List of main contraindications

Before you decide on any major cleaning, you need to clarify who can and who can not whiten the enamel of the teeth. So, experts refer to contraindications:

  • Diseases of the oral cavity (caries, periodontal disease).
  • The presence of seals.
  • The presence of damage to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.
  • Herpes.
  • Thrush in the corners of the lips and mucous membranes.
  • Increased tooth sensitivity.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Early childhood.
  • Allergies to products that can be used for bleaching.

If you fall into the category of persons who are not subject to these restrictions, do not rush to rejoice. Before carrying out any independent activities, it is recommended to visit the dentist to confirm the health of the teeth and oral cavity. Remember: bleaching can worsen their condition!

Recipe number 1: hydrogen peroxide

To begin, let's discuss techniques that are popular among lovers of traditional medicine. So, how to whiten your teeth with peroxide? There are several popular methods for its use, two of which are listed below:

  • Moisten clean cotton with a small amount of peroxide and gently wipe your teeth with the material, then carefully brush them with a regular paste;
  • Add two drops of the substance to the toothpaste and brush the enamel as you do on other days.

It is not recommended to perform such manipulations twice a day, to get the desired result it will be enough to use the products once every two days. Try not to overdo it, peroxide damages not only the upper layer of enamel, but also dental tissue, and if it enters the stomach through the oral cavity, it has a negative effect on its mucosa. Advocates of this method claim that the regular use of such lotions for two weeks allows you to get excellent results.

In general, it is assumed that in 1 hour you can whiten your teeth with peroxide. However, such a statement is quite controversial, such quick results without harm to health, of course, can be achieved only with the use of special formulations under the supervision of a dentist. And even then not always. The effectiveness of peroxide recognizes the majority of dentists: note that this component is present in a significant number of pastes and professional formulations. Its unique action allows to eliminate pigmentation both on enamel and inside it.

Recipe number 2: ash or activated carbon

What whiten your teeth at home? Our grandparents used charcoal for this, the unique properties of which were explained by the presence of potassium hydroxide. Nowadays, the available analogue of this proven tool is activated carbon, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. To bleach it is crushed and applied to the brush as a regular toothpaste.

It is considered that such an impact is quite delicate, but this is not quite so. With prolonged and regular use of coal also causes significant damage to the state of enamel. In addition, it is recommended to remember that the clarification achieved by a couple of tones is stored for a very short time, usually not more than a week.

Recipe number 3: baking soda

Quite often you can meet the question of how to whiten your teeth with soda. This popular food product allows you to achieve good results. The principle of its use is extremely simple: the substance is mixed with a small amount of water, and then applied to the brush. Unfortunately, in addition to a number of advantages, this method has certain disadvantages. So, soda can provoke inflammation of the gums, as well as the development of a number of chronic diseases.

teeth whitening pencil

Now that you know how to whiten your teeth with soda, you need to discuss how often this should be done. There are many opinions on this issue, most of which boil down to the fact that one should not carry out manipulations more often than once a week.

Recipe number 4: tea tree and other essential oils

How do whiten teeth at home fans of natural products? Recently, tea tree oil is in great demand. The unique substance is actively used in cosmetology and has a delicate, but effective effect when whitening teeth. The oil is applied to the toothbrush and used for routine cleaning several times a week. After its application, do not forget to re-treat the enamel using a conventional paste, and, if necessary, rinse the oral cavity.

Among other things, a couple of drops of tea oil can be added to a glass of warm water and used for additional rinsing the mouth. Such actions will help strengthen the teeth and act as an excellent prevention of caries. An alternative to the product are essential substances based on citrus fruits.

Recipe number 5: "delicious" ways

What whiten your teeth at home? One of the most original and enjoyable solution is the use of tasty fruits or berries. So, the teeth can be processed puree of strawberries or smeared with lemon peel. Despite the fact that the effect of such products is quite gentle, do not forget to rinse the mouth with clean water after their use.whiten your teeth at home quickly

Mandatory measures before bleaching

If you plan to whiten your teeth at home quickly, be sure to pre-strengthen the enamel. The easiest way to achieve the goal by eating the right foods. First of all, it is milk and its derivatives, cheeses, natural yogurts. In short, everything that contains a large amount of calcium. Replace these dishes for those who like to sit on a diet will be able to special pills, including natural mineral, found in the pharmacy.

The main types of whitening pastes

Of course, there is a fairly large category of people who consider such methods ineffective and sometimes even harmful to health. As a rule, these people ask another questionnamely, "How to whiten your teeth with toothpaste?" It should be noted that specialized products can affect the state of enamel in different ways.

how to whiten soda

So, it is customary to allocate two significant groups of funds:

  • Pastes with oxidizing agents.Contribute to the destruction of dark pigments on the teeth. Provide the most rapid results, with regular use can destroy the enamel, and in rare cases - to provoke an allergic reaction.
  • Pastes with abrasive particles.Carry out active cleaning, removing mechanical impurities. In addition to the visible improvement in color, enamel injury is almost always occurring.

tooth whitening gel

Let's talk a little more about what it is, toothpaste, whitening teeth, on a specific example. The composition called “ROX PRO: Delicate Whitening” received quite positive feedback from ordinary people. This paste has a soft, gentle effect that brightens the enamel in one or two tones. Additional positive properties of the product include strengthening the gums.

The principle of action of such a toothpaste is based on the elimination of plaque from staining food, while you can be absolutely sure about your enamel, it will not be damaged by aggressive substances or large abrasive particles.

Homemade pasta recipe

By the way, toothpaste can be prepared by yourself. This will require a return to the list of popular recipes. The composition of the homemade mixture includes components such as soda, peroxide and ordinary salt. Ingredients should be taken in such proportions that the resulting product consistency resemble the usual paste. Please note that such a home-grown drug is very active, it will certainly bring the desired changes, but without consequences in this case it is unlikely to manage. Try to mix the components of the paste as thoroughly as possible so that the mixture is homogeneous, because the presence of large particles extremely negatively affects the enamel and contributes to its injury.how to whiten your teeth with toothpaste

How to use special products

Special pastes, of course, can be classified as semi-professional means for cleaning enamel. That is why, answering the question how to whiten teeth without harm, it is necessary to pay the most attention to special-purpose products. Such products are characterized by a number of features, for example, they should definitely be used in a course (usually it is designed for one or two weeks), and the result obtained is kept for at least six months.When deciding to use semi-professional tools, try to follow the above algorithm:

  • Carefully study the composition to determine the main active ingredients, specify the available contraindications.
  • Try to use the selected product regularly, in the morning and in the evening, or according to the scheme proposed by the developers.
  • Observe the suggested dosage to avoid possible complications.

Semi-professional gel: guaranteed results

Teeth whitening gel is also in great demand. Although such a drug can be used at home, however, its choice and initial use must be authorized by the dentist. It is the specialist who will check whether the use of this agent is possible and will help to select the optimal concentration. Gels of this kind are also available in several types:

  • Liquid composition applied to the enamel with a brush.Such a decision is evaluated by dentists quite positively, it has few contraindications and brings the desired results. The course of application of the composition - about three weeks, the liquid freezes on the teeth and eventually washed off with saliva without harm to the body.
  • Capes with gel.There are individual (custom-made by the customer cast) or universal. They contain active ingredients that react with enamel after the cap has been put on. Do not forget about the need for regular cleaning of the tray in the intervals between uses.whiten your teeth with peroxide

Pencil stick

A whitening pencil for teeth can be an affordable solution. Compact and efficient, it fits easily even in a handbag and can be used for its intended purpose, regardless of external conditions. There are several names of similar products, but one of the most popular is considered to be a tool called "Yotuel". It is a small container filled with gel and a special applicator resembling a lipstick brush.

A teeth whitening pencil is easy to use. Apply a small amount of the composition to all teeth, wait a few minutes until it dries, and return to the usual life. The tool is washed off with saliva and does not require additional rinsing.

Convenient strips

Can special strips whiten teeth? This product is another modern and excellent product.It is a material whose inner surface is treated with a special chemical composition. The strips are fixed on the lower and upper teeth and left for 10-30 minutes, then the material is removed. The exposure time is determined by the concentration of the composition or a dentist.

Side effects you should be aware of

To whiten teeth at home quickly, perhaps, and perhaps, but quite often it leads to the development of a number of side effects. Experts note that after carrying out such manipulations, their patients begin to suffer from:

  • Irritation or injury to soft tissues (such a state minimizes rinsing based on chamomile infusion).
  • Damage to the enamel, and, as a consequence, the development of a number of dental diseases requiring treatment by a dentist.

To consolidate the positive effect of any process of teeth whitening and cleaning should be combined with rinses. For these purposes, you can use both ready-made solutions and home-made decoctions with herbs and flowers.

Recommendations for the period after bleaching

After you have achieved the desired effect, and your teeth have acquired the desired snow-white shade, do not forget about the careful and regular care of them.Such measures will help you to improve the condition of the teeth, as well as to consolidate the results. So, it is recommended:

  • To brush your teeth regularly (clearly 2 times a day, no more, but no less).
  • Use additional devices to care for your teeth, for example, a special thread that allows you to remove stuck food debris.
  • Visit the dentist with preventive visits every six months.
  • As the need arises, visit a specialist to replace fillings or clean tartar.
  • Abandon bad habits and adjust the diet, minimizing the use of products that paint enamel as much as possible.

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