The best adventure films of world cinema

Film adventures are a cinema genre with many varieties. The best adventure films are characterized by a sharp, intensely developing storyline based on an unexpected incident that does not fit into the framework of the usual course of life and encourages heroes to take action, and sometimes carries potential danger. The drama of film adventures inherited from genre literature.
best adventure films

American Western - first adventure film

Many film fans believe that westerns are the best adventure films of all time. The pioneer of this genre is considered to be the film by the extravagant Porter “The Great Train Robbery”, which was released in the distant 1903. Further, in the process of inexorable development, cinema introduced innovative expressive and spectacular changes that contributed to the formation of other subgenre film appearances.In the 1920s and 1930s, a gangster film appears, in the center of the plot of which is a criminal or an entire criminal syndicate, for example, The Godfather, directed by FF Coppola. Later, a thriller is born, the characteristic examples of which are the works of A. Hitchcock “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “Psychosis”, “Dizziness”, etc., which can be safely referred to the category of “best adventure films”.

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Sword and Cloak

The adventure genre films also include the heirs of a historical adventure novel, i.e. a cape of a cloak and a sword. Their plot is based on an adventure story, a romantic hero whose dexterity, cunning, courage and strength serve the cause of justice. He not only finds himself in risky situations, but also manages to create them. The best adventure films in this genre - all free versions of “The Three Musketeers” based on the works of A. Dumas, as well as the films “Fanfan-Tulip”, “The Iron Mask” and others. in their timekeeping.

Textbook examples

Elements of adventure narration (overcoming obstacles, riddles, fights and chases) are often used in fantastic motion pictures.A separate group of film travel stands out, in which the majority of the source of adventure and danger becomes an unknown geographical environment. Based on the opinions of film critics, you can select the best adventure films. The list of leaders of the XX century is as follows:

  • Treasures of the Sierra Madre;
  • “Mines of King Solomon”;
  • "The Adventures of Robin Hood";
  • "Roman with a stone";
  • "Mask of Zorro";
  • "Indiana Jones";,
  • "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Since the 1970s, catastrophe films have been gaining popularity, reflecting anxiety and uncertainty about the future of a simple man in the street, his aching feeling of helplessness before NTP novelties and the elemental forces of the surrounding nature: Whirlwind, Tornado, Armageddon, Dante Peak " and etc.
best adventure films of all time

Adventures with a taste of revolutionary reality

From the very beginning, Soviet cinema has more than actively used all the possibilities of adventure. In the 1920s, there was not one attempt to combine all the expressive means of this kinozhanr with revolutionary propaganda. The first successful example is the film directed by I. N. Perestiani “The Red Devils”.The creators embodied heroism and devotion to the cause of the revolution in the images of the main characters. Based on this movie, 20 years later, E. G. Keosayan’s “Elusive Avengers” was released.

In the 1930s, all domestic films were conditionally divided into two types: adventure pictures about scientific expeditions (“Alamasov Gorge”, “Golden Lake”) and spies, anti-gangs (“Dzhulbars”, “Thirteen”).

The best adventure films of that time are the screen versions of the works of J. Verne (“The Mysterious Island”, “The Children of Captain Grant”) and R. Stevenson (“Treasure Island”). The Great Patriotic War gave cinema a lot of films about heroism and patriotism of the Soviet people. Adventure pictures of that era are still loved by viewers: "Secretary of the District Committee", "Brave People", "Feat of the Scout", "Secret Mission". A special direction of the domestic adventure film is films about scouts. The most vivid examples are “Seventeen Moments of Spring” and “Dead Season”.
best adventure films

Traditions of a dashing western with a gentle lyrical intonation

The best adventure films, a list of which has been known to everyone since childhood, ideally combine the expressive means of western and the lyrical component.These are truly the pearls of the national cinema - “White Sun of the Desert”, “Own among strangers, a stranger among theirs” and the controversial “Cold summer of the fifty-third ...”.

A huge genre subsection in Russian adventure cinema consists of films about the work of the police. As an example, it would be appropriate to cite the movie "The meeting place can not be changed." The best adventure films, foreign and domestic, have always been and will be popular with the wide audience of cinema audience, so that the genre of film adventures will not die for many years.

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