The best congratulations on the birthday of his daughter in prose and verse

On the birthday everyone is waiting for attention, smiles, congratulations and, of course, gifts. But this event is significant not only for the hero of the occasion, but also for parents. On this day, the sun became warmer, the world was kinder, and most importantly, there were more reasons for smiles and congratulations on the birthday of her daughter.

Everyone agrees that girls are more gentle, sensitive, romantic and are waiting for congratulations on their holiday. So what are the words to find for the daughter to make the holiday a success for the glory? Tips, recommendations, ideas can be found in the article below.

How to prepare for the perfect birthday greetings to your daughter

1. Creating a festive atmosphere

Need to decorate a room or an entire apartment. A beautiful, unusual setting on this day will help create a good mood and set the tone for the whole day. The decor style is chosen depending on the age and preferences of the girl / girl.

Creating a festive atmosphere

The easiest decoration option is balloons.Bright, large and small, curly and spherical - it does not matter. The main thing is a lot. They can be mounted on the wardrobe, around the crib, on the ceiling. You can simply sketch them on the floor or order / make yourself figures from the balls. For babies, any animals or figures of heroes of their favorite cartoons will be more suitable.

It will look good festoons. Even paper figured ones will do. It is very simple to make them - cut flowers, geometric figures or hearts out of paper and string them on threads. You can hang Christmas lights. Glowing colorful lights will give even more room fabulousness.

2. The choice of style congratulations

Decide on the style of congratulations: in verse, prose, in the form of a theatrical performance (small), comic or musical. Again, the choice depends on the tastes and preferences of the child.

3. Emotional component

Congratulations need sincerely. If the verses are from the heart and with the expression, if the prose is from the emotions. You need to really want to please your favorite girl.

Greetings examples

In addition, in verses or prose will be a greeting, it can be cool, wise or philosophical, original or just beautiful. Here are some examples.

Cool greetings

The best way to cheer up and have fun is to congratulate with a comic rhyme. It can be devoted to a teenage daughter or a young girl, even an adult. Laughter, as we all know, prolongs life. More often such congratulations in verses. They turn out funny and naughty.

To make you healthy

And the beautiful grew,

To happiness pood bale

You found yourself.

And a bag of laughter

And a kilo of smiles.

Everyone familiar with the joy

Smile here and there!

And let with your smile

The sun rises in the sky,

And the soul is a magic violin

You always sing!

Cool greetings


Happy Birthday, the best daughter in the world!
And enough already sit on salads, but on yogurt,
I baked a cake for your birthday,
Let's get a daughter from the holiday - pleasure!
After all, you love sweets so much, I know that
And I don’t like your diet and I don’t understand
Your chiseled figure does not spoil,
But we need to remember the holiday for a long time!

I remember a wonderful moment -

You appeared before me

To the sound of your own singing,

Half a meter only length!


I can not believe that time was

When you were crochet!

Did not say, did not go,

I could not hold the head!


Be happy, my dear,

And hold your head proudly!

Let not be silent for a long time

That song called life!

Congratulations and gifts


A treasure was found in our house

This happiness I did not even dream

_______ years ago

Our daughter's beloved and glorious was born.

Grew up to my mom's joy

And already in many things succeeded,

She grew up beautiful and clever,

And in a career, the dog ate a long time ago.


My little angel, my little flower,

My little crotchet!

There are many daughters in the world,

But you are so alone!


Like a naughty cat!

How I love you, my ray of light!

Stay like that!

Beautiful greetings

Beautiful greetings

You are so cute,

Kind and glorious.

Since birth

In our life, the main!

And one dream

Dad and mom have -

That has always been

You are happy the most !!!

Simple words, but what beautiful! You can also congratulate in prose:

My dear, beloved daughter! Please accept our most sincere congratulations. May happiness always shine in your eyes, and there will never be tears. If you have to cry, it is only for joy. Let the bad weather pass by. Smile more often and remember, our dear, that we love you very much!

Wise and philosophical greetings

Daughter is growing up.She enters into adulthood. Parents really want to encourage, make it clear that they are always there. You can share wisdom, and congratulating you on your birthday.

You are an adult - we cannot believe in any way!

You have already entered a new life.

Before you open all the doors,

And so many wonders ahead - hold on!

You are waiting for travel around the world,

You are just starting to live

So many secrets, riddles and secrets

You still have to open them.

Decide for yourself where to keep your way

And we are always ready to give advice.

In an attempt to happiness is not a sin to risk,

You are eighteen years old!

And if you need - we are happy to help.

Reach the goals for sure you can.

We are so proud that we have such a daughter!

May all your dreams come true!

Wise and philosophical greetings

In this poem the very essence of the relationship with the daughter of a young girl. She is now maximalist. She looks at the vast expanse at her feet, called "life." In this congratulation there is a reminder that the daughter is still loved, an assurance of support if necessary and a recognition of her maturity.

Touching congratulations

Affectionate, gentle and touching words - the privilege of the mother. A mother at any age can call her a daughter a "little darling", a "sun" or a "kitten."

My bead you and dewdrop
My little you and a blade of grass,
My happiness is incomparable
My daughter, the favorite sun,
Happy birthday to you, my joy
My life is sweet and sweet,
I love you hard and forever
Always be happy forever!


Swallow my little daughter

Sun's ray of gold,

Happy Birthday,

My little angel.

Let you all succeed,

Let dreams come true

Well, the main thing for mom,

To be happy you.

Touching poems


My angel is gentle, happy birthday!

I want to wish so much ...

Always - love, always - patience,

And evil and grief and not know.

Always be happy girl

Do not be offended by people.

From year to year you are still beautiful

From year to year you are wiser.

May all wishes come true

Let all things go.

Let the efforts be justified.

So that you, like a rose, bloomed!

How to deliver a greeting

An equally important component of a successful congratulation is a way to convey it to the addressee. Of course, it is better to congratulate personally, looking into your eyes. But this is not always possible.

How to deliver greetings

Congratulations can be issued in one of the following ways.

  • Calling by phone is the most convenient way to congratulate. You can say everything you want, talk, hear a native voice.
  • Sign the postcard.Postcard - the most popular way of congratulations. She can buy ready-made or do it yourself. In bookstores there is a huge choice for every taste: bright and restrained colors, on one sheet and double, simple and transforming postcards, there are even musical postcards. Many of them already contain ready-made greetings. You can restrict them, and you can enter your own.
  • Send sms - if your daughter is roaming or can not reach you. It is better in this case to send a small stanza.
  • By e-mail - you can attach a postcard, attach a file with the song - congratulations.
  • On the page in social networks. Here it is important to remember that greetings see everything (if it is not private). You do not need words that can put the birthday girl in an awkward position.
  • Order a radio greeting.
  • Congratulations in the newspaper.


Actually, it doesn't matter at all whether in verses or prose, seriously or jokingly, with or without music, you say: “Happy birthday, daughter!” The main thing is from the heart. Words may be awkward, but she will understand everything herself. Understand how expensive and loved.

They say that an angel sits on his shoulder on his birthday, listens to the words of wishes, and implements them.The more kind, sincere words there are, the more happy the life of the birthday woman will be. Therefore, it is not necessary to skimp on emotions, smiles, kind poems, wishes on the birthday of a daughter. No need to hide your love. Love can’t be spoiled by love!

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