The best hotels in Vnukovo: photos and reviews

Vnukovo is a town located on the border with the capital of Russia. Here is the largest international airport, where every day hundreds and thousands of guests arrive. Many of them need accommodation in hotels and hotels. Very popular among places to stay are those who are located near the point of arrival. What are the best options for hotels?

Homehotel ("Houmotel")

Five kilometers from the airport is a small hotel, offering its guests fifteen comfortable apartments. In each of them are provided living conditions that meet all the requirements of guests. The apartments here are all arranged in a classic style and decorated in bright colors. Guests staying here can watch TVs that are installed in each room, as well as enjoy access to the Internet.In the reviews about this place for rest, it is often said that a great solution is that bath accessories are provided in every bathroom.

The cost of daily living in a hotel near Vnukovo ranges from 3,000 rubles per near vnukovo


An excellent place for rest and overnight offers the guests of Moscow 107 rooms, among which 3 provide the conditions of superior comfort. This hotel is located near the airport Vnukovo, a fifteen-minute walk from it - it is this fact that often pleases its guests, which they write about in their reviews posted on social networks.

The hotel is designed mainly for double occupancy, but it contains several single apartments. Guests also note the acceptable cost set for the night - it is about 2,800 rubles.


This hotel near Vnukovo is rather a mini-hotel, offering guests 14 rooms with a higher level of comfort. Each of them has a large double bed, as well as several places for storing clothes and luggage brought with them. In their spare time, vacationers can watch their favorite TV shows on the installed plasma screens.

Tourists in their reviews often note that the hotel has a small garden, which is pleasing to the eye during the warm season. A lot of pleasant emotions among the guests are caused by the availability of free tea and coffee service for guests, as well as a separate parking space for a car. They also note that "Granddaughter" is a hotel near Vnukovo with a transfer.

Prices for accommodation here are quite moderate - they start from 2,200 rubles per in vnukovo


Hotel near the airport attracts the attention of travelers for its excellent living conditions. It has only five rooms, equipped not only with comfortable modern furniture, but also plasma televisions with satellite channels. According to the guests, a small minus in it is that the lavatory here is common for all guests, but many consider it a pleasant moment to provide individual bathrobes and slippers.

The cost of one night stay in such a hotel in Vnukovo is from 2,000 rubles per apartment.hotel near vnukovo with transfer


A great option for recreation, presented in the form of a guest house, located in a very quiet and cozy corner of the Moscow region.Here, as its guests note, there is no city bustle, which is sometimes very tiresome, which is usual for residents and guests of the capital. Pilgrim provides all its guests with not only comfortable accommodation, but also a transfer from the point of arrival.

Each room available in the foundation of such a hotel in Vnukovo presents to its guests modern furniture, a TV, and an individual bathroom equipped with a hairdryer and a jacuzzi.

The price per night in these apartments is about 3,000 rubles.


A small hotel in Vnukovo, named after the street on which it is located, offers its guests excellent living conditions. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden, which is very often mentioned in its comments by its guests. They also note that only modern furniture, created according to original sketches, is at the disposal of the residents. Toiletries are provided in the bathroom, and a kettle and TV are in the living area.

During the day spent in the proposed such a hotel in Vnukovo conditions, you need to pay 4,000 rubles, which many of her guests consider to be quite an acceptable amount.Moscow hotels near Vnukovo

"Board Hotel"

As a place for travelers, a small hotel is often chosen, designed for 50 rooms, presented with a rather comfortable atmosphere and having an individual bathroom. You can populate it at any time of the day. Special attention is attracted by the fact that this small hotel has a cafe, which serves a buffet every day, offering delicious dishes prepared in European style. A visit to it is included in the cost of living in the apartments of such a hotel, which is about 3,500 rubles per day for the entire room.


The hotel with the same name is located on the territory of the settlement where the airport is located, within a ten minute drive from the building of its terminal. Here, in all the apartments that are represented in the rooms, modern renovation has been made, as well as new and high-quality furniture has been installed. Guests who live here, high marks celebrate the beautiful decoration, made in a fairly harmonious combination of white, brown and black colors, giving a certain nobility to the rooms.Hotel rooms are equipped with appliances in the form of a kettle, a TV with satellite channels, as well as a safe and air conditioning. Hotel Uninn offers its guests a number of necessary services, among which the airport transfer is very popular.

As for the prices for accommodation, they are quite acceptable, the cost of a daily stay in such a place is from 2,800 rubles.hotel about vnukovo


A wonderful hotel, appreciated by its guests, is located not far from Moscow, in the village of the same name. The terminal building of the airport is five minutes drive from its location.

A lot of positive reviews left by tourists staying at the hotel "Vnukovo" contain information that all rooms in this place are decorated in the best way, using only the most modern solutions. They have excellent technical equipment - each apartment has a plasma-screen TV, a hairdryer and a kettle for the use of the guests. In addition, they have a modern air conditioning system. On a completely free basis, there is access to the Internet.Also, all travelers, vacationers in the hotel "Vnukovo", can visit the restaurant and leave private cars in the parking lot.

The cost of a daily room rental is quite high, but, according to tourists, it is well justified by the conditions provided. The price for accommodation here starts from 4500 rubles per apartment.

"Inside Business"

Located near the airport Vnukovo hotel for passengers who just arrived in Moscow, fits just perfect. Its location attracts the attention of a large number of tourists, as there is a considerable number of shops, restaurants and other entertainment facilities in the vicinity.

In the building of the hotel everything is arranged in the best possible way. There is a new repair, as well as in every room, except for modern furniture, a climate system is installed, which allows to maintain the temperature in the room at the desired level.

In this hotel near Vnukovo provides a range of services for guests. Among them, free access to the Internet and room cleaning are in great demand.In addition, guests, whose visit is related to solving business issues, can use the rental of the conference room, which is equipped with everything necessary for conducting negotiations, presentations and solving important problems.

Not far from the hotel there is a public transport stop, through which regular buses go to different parts of the capital.

The cost of living in the rooms of this hotel is from 2500 rubles, which is quite a bit for the conditions provided.


This luxury hotel is located in Moscow, next to Vnukovo. Her entire number of rooms consists of apartments of three categories: standard, studio and deluxe. In every room that is available here, a major modern renovation has been done, and everything has been decorated in a stylish interior. Here in all apartments there is an individual bathroom, where a set of bath accessories is provided. Some have a jacuzzi bath. The deluxe apartments are provided with household appliances, with which you can cook modest meals.

Guests of this hotel near Vnukovo often in their reviews note the acceptable cost of living in her apartment - it starts at 2,000 rubles.Many say that this is quite acceptable, because for quite modest pay, it offers excellent service and excellent living near the airport vnukovo

Hostel "Vnukovo"

Inexpensive hotel in Vnukovo with the same name is located just 10 minutes from the airport. Its territory offers rather modest living conditions. Guests who stay in such a hostel can enjoy free internet access, and there is free parking for their own cars. The building has a small dining room, in which they can feed them with quite tasty set meals.

Not far from the location of this small economy hotel there are several shops, catering establishments and entertainment places.

In small rooms here you can rent a bed for rent, the rent of which is from 300 rubles per person.


This is a mini-hotel, in which eleven rooms are presented, decorated in a contemporary style. It offers quite comfortable living conditions, including Wi-Fi access, as well as a small cafe, which serves dishes of Russian and European cuisines.In this place you can take ordered dishes with you and take them to a room with furniture designed for modest meals.

Not far from this hotel there is a metro station, and also from here you can order a transfer to anywhere in the hotel in Vnukovo


Hotel "Alexandria" is located ten minutes from the airport. There are several dozen rooms, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. In each of them there is a small amount of equipment and a bathroom in which the standard set of bathroom equipment is presented.

On the ground floor of the hotel there is a small bar, as well as a restaurant where they can offer a menu containing dishes of Russian, European and Caucasian cuisines. Next to its building is a large shopping center "Amulet", where there is a lot of entertainment and interesting shops that guests like to visit.

The cost of living in "Alexandria" is rather low - it is about 1,800 rubles per room. This price, according to many travelers, is quite acceptable if we compare it with the conditions provided for guests, as well as a fairly good level of service.

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