The best love poems

For some, the best poems are those written in the 19th century. For others - works. Everyone can create their own individual rating of the best poems. The most famous poetic works are listed in this article.

When it comes to lyrics, the names of famous Russian poets come to mind: from Pushkin to Yevtushenko. But it would be unfair not to recall the creator of the romantic sonnets.

Shakespeare's sonnets


Some sonnets of the great playwright can be safely included in the list of the best love poems. This poetic form was very popular in the time of Shakespeare. And he was always sensitive to the demands of his contemporaries. Shakespeare's sonnets are not only about love, but also about art, some are devoted to poetry. Researchers are trying to solve the puzzle of Shakespeare in sonnets, because almost nothing is known about his personal life. The most famous sonnets of the British poet are “And the shadow of love,” “You, my friend,” and “On inner beauty.”

Pushkin's lyrics


All famous poets from time to time turned to the topic of love. Even Yesenin, which is discussed further.Particular attention is the love lyrics in the work of Pushkin. If you make a list of the best poems of Russian poets, most of it in this list will be made up of his works. Early poet poetry refers to the years of study at the Lyceum. At that time, the young poet drew inspiration from ancient Greek mythology. In these verses there is an abstract female image, which the author often endows with the ancient name.

A significant impact on the work of Pushkin had Zhukovsky and Batyushkov. Later in verse he put love on the same level with spiritual freedom. The feelings of Pushkin's lyrical hero, as a rule, are unanswered. They burn in his soul, leaving behind only the ashes of memories. Pushkin has many wonderful works of love. But when it comes to the best poems of the Russian poet, an excerpt from the novel "Eugene Onegin" comes to mind. Tatyana Larina’s letter is a classic of lyric poetry.

silver Age

The best love poems in Russia were created at the beginning of the last century. So many lovers of poetry believe. The works of Anna Akhmatova are shrill, emotional. Moreover, the language of this poetess is understandable to everyone.A vivid example of love lyrics is Akhmatova's poem “Love.” It was written in 1911. Refers to the early work of the Russian poetess. In this poem revealed the versatility of love - a feeling that every person experienced at least once in his life. In the product a lot of images, metaphors.

About the love lyrics of Marina Tsvetaeva can talk endlessly. Her poems are touching, penetrate the very soul, are remembered for a lifetime. Works of the poetess are still popular today. The best love poems include "I like that you are not sick with me."

silver age poetry

Sergey Yesenin devoted his poetic works mainly to his homeland. Before he met Isadora Duncan, there were almost no love lyrics in his work. Yes, and well-known at that time an American dancer, his wife, he dedicated rather peculiar poems in which very little was said about love. When he returned from abroad, a new period began in his work. In poems appeared bitter memories of past years, regret. And the gentle image of the lyrical heroine. One of the most famous poems of Yesenin - “Fire of Blue rushed”.

Soviet poetry

During and after the war, poets wrote not only patriotic, but also lyrical poems. The lines of Simonov “Wait for me and I will return” have become incredibly popular.

One of the best love poems is The Ballad of Smoked Car. The work was created before the war. In the 30s, Kochetkov, in order to postpone the separation from his beloved wife, handed over a train ticket, which crashed that day. So the lines were born "Do not part with your loved ones." They are remembered by many thanks to the famous comedy Ryazanov. By the way, there are some more wonderful poems in that movie. Among them - "With me that's what's happening." But Yevtushenko's poem is not about love, rather, about its absence.

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