The series "Fizruk": actors, role, photo

In the spring of 2014, a new comedy series was launched on TNT. For three years, the actors of the series "Fizruk" delighted the audience with new seasons. In most cases, critics speak positively about the project, which even entered the top ten TV series for 2014. In today's article we will meet with the actors and roles of the series "Fizruk".


The protagonist of the project, Oleg Fomin, who has worked his entire conscious life as the head of security at Mamai, known in criminal circles, finds himself on the street. His former employer, Mamai, became an "honest" businessman and said that their paths diverged, since Thomas was "stuck in the nineties." Oleg wants to return to the old job at any cost and decides to get to Mamai through his child Sanya.

Child Mamaia Thomas has never seen in his life. And having come to work as a physical education teacher at school, at first he calls the schoolgirl a fat girl, and then he finds out that this is the daughter Mamai. Plans change, because in order to become a friend of Alexandra, it will take much more time.Oleg Yevgenyevich remains to work as a teacher in a school, where the atmosphere reigns in a team that is special and unusual for him.

TV series actors fizruk

The series "Fizruk": actors and roles

The protagonist - Oleg Fomin - was played by the audience’s favorite Dmitry Nagiyev. Thomas used to live "by the rules", daring, hamovity, but despite this is very kind and ready to help. Oleg lives in the “three rubles” in the center of Moscow, drives a Gelendvagen and does not suffer from a lack of money. Falls in love with a teacher of the Russian language, the feeling for which changes him.

Alexandra Mamaeva was played by aspiring actress Polina Grenz. Sasha is a notorious girl who has become an outcast in her class, because she does not want to follow the instinct of the crowd. In the first season, Sasha is in love with her classmate, who uses her feelings.

Thomas's beloved - Tatiana Chernyshov - was played by actress Anastasia Panina. Despite her proud and mischievous character, Tanya tries to seem like a balanced and independent woman. In the first season, he and Thomas constantly have conflicts, and in the second she is in love with him.

The best friend of Thomas - Lech "Psycho" - played by actor Vladimir Sychev. He has a very hot-tempered character, for which he received his nickname.Is the owner of a strip club. Not without the help of Psycho Thomas gets a job at school.

Father Thomas - Ernest Shilovsky - played by actor Viktor Sukhorukov. Ernest Petrovich works as the head of a provincial theater and, to become equal to his position, is a very mannered man, playing even in life. He left his family, even when Oleg was small, because he considers himself a "free artist" who cannot be burdened with his family.

In the fourth season of the series “Fizruk”, actor Alexander Yakin played the owner of the bathhouse Sanya, who later works at the Zheleznogorsk Theater.

Evgeny Kulakov played the role of Lev Romanovich - chemistry teacher. He is very cowardly and squeezed, is the subject of ridicule even students. But thanks to the help in various adventures he gets the location of Thomas.

Another interesting character is Valya, aka Usach, played by actor Daniel Vakhrushev. Valya himself is called a personality, but in reality he is just a normal nerd and a loser. Barbel hopelessly in love with Sasha Mamaeva, but for her he is just a friend.

The actor of the series “Fizruk” Yegor Klinaev played the role of Nikita Serebryansky. Nikita meets Sasha for some time, but she leaves him becausethat he is not mature enough.

Yang Tsapnik in the TV series "Fizruk" played the role of the criminal authority of Chromuli. There is a legend that he got his nickname because of his leg, which is shorter than the other, because he punished debtors by hammering them into the ground.

In the second season of the series appears Elena Belova, she is Squirrel. She was played by actress Ekaterina Melnik. By an unpleasant coincidence, Belk is the new boss of Thomas.

Vladimir Zherebtsov played Slava - the former fiance of Tatiana.

Oksana Sidorenko played the role of Polina, a stripper who works at the Psycho nightclub. By education, Paul - a psychologist, because often helps the hero of the series tips.

In season 4 of the Fizruk TV series, actor Georgy Kudrenko played a new character - Vitalik, who is Sani's brother and doesn’t have much intelligence.

Dmitry Nagiyev

The famous actor was born on April 4, 1967 in Leningrad. After school, he studied at the Electrotechnical Institute. In 1991 he graduated from LGITMiK. After studying he worked as a radio presenter. The actor played his first role in the film “Purgatory” in 1997.

He played roles in the films: "Mole", "On its head", "Deadly Force", "Kamenskaya", "First Fast", "Master and Margarita", "The Best Film", "City of Temptations","Robinsonka", "Kitchen", "Polar flight", "Capital of Sin", "Gladiators of Rome", "Man with a guarantee", "Horoscope for good luck", "New Trees", "Fizruk saves Russia", "Kitchen in Paris "," Kitchen. Last Stand "," One Left. "

Anastasia Panina

Born on January 15, 1983. Since childhood, she played sports and became an actress quite by accident. Once her friends saw the announcement of the recruitment of actors in the now famous television series. When Panina came to the casting, she was offered to study at the Moscow Art Academic Theater and was approved for the role she later refused.

TV series fizruk actors and roles

She performed roles in the films: “Special Group”, “Prescription Happiness”, “Why Did You Leave ...”, “Two in the Rain”, “Dirty Work”, “Loop”, “Sky of the Fallen”, “Teacher”, “Avenger” "," Scheduled Love "," Deal "," Bouncer "," Love In Search "," Line of Light "," Psychologini "," Deception ".

Vladimir Sychev

The actor was born on June 6, 1971 in Moscow. Already at the age of 12, he acted in the film magazine "Jumble", from the roles in which his acting career began. Educated, graduating in 1993 GITIS.

TV series actors fizruk 2

Performed roles in the films: "Boomer", "DMB", "Where is your son?", "Hammer and Sickle", "Daddy's Daughters", "Gulchatay", "Homeland", "The Law of the Stone Jungle", "Graduation", " All of you piss me off! "," The guy from our cemetery. "

Polina Grenz

Born in Moscow on October 28, 1994.While studying at school, the girl took part in amateur art activities all the time, and also led her own blog on YouTube. After school, the parents did not allow Polina to enter the theater institute, and then she entered the sociology department. In parallel, she attended theater courses.

Once on the courses, they looked for an actress for a new television series, and Grenz was invited to sample. The girl went without much enthusiasm, but, to her surprise, was approved. Dmitry Nagiyev played a significant role in this, as he said that it is very natural in comparison with other applicants. As a result, the girl became part of the actors of the series "Fizruk". Photos of Pauline can be seen in all social networks, especially on Instagram.

Physical instructor serial season 4

Daniil Vakhrushev

Born on April 10, 1992. He studied at the school of correspondent education, but was never able to work as an advertising manager. Daniel realized that his calling was to shoot commercials. After much doubt, the guy entered VGIK. The role in "Fizruk" brought the actor fame and recognition of the audience.

He performed the roles in the films: "Moon", "Prom", "Last cop", "Karpov 2", "The Law of the Stone Jungle", "Hold the Shot, Baby!", "SuperBobrov", "Former".

TV series actor

Yegor Klinayev

The actor was born April 10, 1999 in a family of musicians.because from early childhood the boy was engaged in music. He played his first role in the film "The Secret of Egor" in 2012. Unfortunately, the actor of the TV series “Fizruk” Yegor Klinaev died tragically when he wanted to help the injured in a traffic accident on the Moscow Ring Road. By stupid chance, he was hit by a car that was driving past. Egor was a talented young actor and had awards for his work.

Performed roles in the films: "Private Pioneer", "Street", "Stepmother", "Looking for a man", "Champions", "Delta".

series fizruk actors photo

Oksana Sidorenko

She was born on January 1, 1987. From 5 years old the girl was engaged in dancing. She participated in dance competitions and won prizes. Oksana took part in various dance shows, such as "Dancing with the Stars". In 2009, she received an acting education, having graduated from GITIS. She played her first roles in the series “Footprint” and “Interns”. She performed the roles in the films: "You are not alone", "Londongrad", "Black Rose".

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