The smallest "Mercedes"

When it comes to small "Mercedes", thenimmediately come to mind miniature cars Smart. Their production was launched 20 years ago, and so far the world knows 10 models. About them now and it is necessary to tell.

small Mercedes

City Coupe

So it was decided to name the first small"Mercedes", issued by Smart. Looking at the photo in the article, you can evaluate its appearance. The length of the car is only 2.5 meters! This city car developers have equipped with a 3-cylinder gasoline engine, the working volume of which was 599 cm³. There were two versions of this power unit. One produced 45 horsepower, and the second - 55 liters. from. Versions with a weaker engine became known under the name Pure. Models with the engine are called Pulse.

Interestingly, this model is fast in the peoplechristened "female". The small "Mercedes-Smart" actually attracted a lot of attention from women's representatives. Looking ahead, it is worth saying that to this day Smart models are in the ranking of cars that are the most in demand among girls all over the world.

Further production

In 1999, a year after the start of production,the Passion modification was released. From the two earlier versions, it was distinguished by the presence of an air conditioner, fog lamps and safety capsule tridion, made in silver. Then came the City Coupe with a diesel engine, which produced 41 liters. from. at a volume of 0.8 liters. By the way, all versions were equipped with a robotic 6-speed transmission, which had both fully automatic and manual operation.

Despite its small size, this carturned out functional. It is equipped with front and side airbags, folding steering column, EBD system, belts with pretensioners, power windows, CZ, car radio and a set for repairing punctures. Since 1999, the basic equipment was supplemented with a glass roof, audio preparation, 12 V socket, an additional key with a remote control panel and a gas tank lock.

the smallest Mercedes


This little "Mercedes-Smart" was released in 2002. It became a little bigger than its predecessor - its length was 2619 mm.

Smart Crossblade draws attention to itself asminimum because it is made in the body of a cabriolet. He does not have doors, windshields and roofs. All of the above is replaced by small handrails that protect the driver and his passengers, protecting them from falling out of the car. And the results of crash tests confirmed the undoubted security of this miniature convertible. The driver and the passenger, due to their high location, are almost outside the dangerous collision zone. And experts noted that the suspension of the machine effectively absorbs the impact energy, and then distributes the force on the bottom in different directions.

By the way, this machine is equipped with a 3-cylinder 70-horsepower engine, which allows to accelerate to a maximum of 135 km / h.

City cabrio

This little "Mercedes" is a modification withOpen top of the model, which was told at the very beginning. The City Coupe was popular, so the manufacturers decided to make it a novelty - a cabriolet. But visuals are the only differences, because technically the novelty repeats the predecessor completely.

Dimensions remained the same. The body is a load-bearing steel frame of a single-volume configuration with soft folding top manufactured by Webasto. The roof of this model is semi-automatic. It consists of three elements. This is a sliding roof, a folding top and side guides.

You can remove it by clicking on the special button,which the developers placed between the front seats. Also it is on the key fob. It is necessary to hold this button for two seconds, after which the top will fit into the trunk. After that, it only remains to remove the side guides and to remove them into the specially designed compartment.

Mercedes small car


Enumerating small models of "Mercedes", costsnote the attention and this car. Smart Roadster is a 2-door sports car with a rear-wheel drive, which in comparison with the previously mentioned versions is not so miniature, because its length is as much as 3247 mm.

The roadster was produced with two engines. One of them produced 61 liters. with another, 82 liters. from. Regardless of the unit being installed, the machine was equipped with a 6-speed transmission (both "automatic" and "mechanics"), and could accelerate to a maximum of 160 km / h.

But the dynamics and expenditure differed. Models with a 61-strong unit were accelerated to "hundreds" in 15.5 seconds. The consumption was 6.2 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers around the city. On the highway - about 4.9 liters. Versions with 82-strong unit, in turn, reached a mark of 100 km / h in just 10.5 seconds. The consumption is higher by 0.1-0.2 liters.

Roadster was so popular that evenspecialists tuning studio Brabus decided to release their biturbirovannoy version on its base. The idea was implemented, and the light saw 10 improved "Roadster". Experts Brabus equipped the model with two engines, the total capacity of which was 218 "horses". As a result, the maximum speed limit reached 250 km / h. And up to "hundred" this machine could accelerate in less than 5 seconds.


This small car, the photo of which is located inarticle - "Mercedes-Smart" in the body of a hatchback with a fairly spacious cabin, capable of accommodating five people. And it's impressive, because the length of this model is only 3752 mm.

The hatchback was produced in several variants. They differed in their engines. The weakest model was the version with a 1.1-liter 74-horsepower engine. He spent 5.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in a mixed cycle, and up to "hundreds" was accelerated in 13.4 seconds. The most powerful production model was the Smart Forfour hatchback 1.5 AT. Its speed limit was limited to a mark of 190 km / h. Consumption was 6.1 liters, and dynamics - 5.8 seconds to "hundreds".

Smart Forfour, as well as the abovemodel, attracted the attention of specialists tuning studio Brabus. The hatchback, due to the work carried out, received a 177-horsepower turbocharged engine. Thanks to this unit, the improved Forfour was able to accelerate to a maximum of 221 km / h. And the first "hundred" such model exchanges after 6.9 seconds after the start of the movement.

small Mercedes photo


This little Mercedes, whose photo can also be seen in the article, was released in 2008. Subcompact car in length reaches only 2695 mm.

He, like other models, has his ownfeature. And this is a 3-cylinder engine with a micro-hybrid drive. He has a very interesting principle of work. When the machine is moving at a speed of up to 8 km / h, the engine does not work. The drive itself silences it. Thus, the motor is disconnected from the transmission, and the fuel consumption is stopped. Then, when the driver starts to gain speed, the engine starts anew from a lower gear. It is proved that such a system saves about 30% of gasoline when driving at low speeds.

By the way, the car is equipped with a 71-horsepower engine, due to which up to 100 kilometers it accelerates in 13.7 seconds. The maximum is limited to 145 km / h.

There is another version, equipped with 84-strong unit. The speed limit is the same, but the dynamics are more impressive - only 10.7 seconds to 100 km.

small Mercedes models


Now we need to move away from the discussion of modelsSmart and pay attention to the cars directly produced by the concern Mercedes-Benz. In particular, the model A-150, which was first introduced to the public in 2008.

This is really a small Mercedes-Benz, as you can see by looking at the photo provided in the article. The length of the car, made in the body of a 3-door hatchback, reaches only 3838 mm.

Under the hood of the hatchback is a 95-strong1.5-liter engine that can work in pairs with both a 5-speed "mechanics" and an automatic variator. With this engine, the car accelerates to "hundreds" in 12.6 seconds. Its speed limit is limited to 175 km / h.

What about the expense? The hatchback is economical. In the city mode for 100 kilometers it takes only 7.9 liters of gasoline. When driving along the highway, the consumption is reduced to 5.4 liters.

Mercedes small female


The B-180 is, of course, not the smallest car from the Mercedes, but still it is compact in comparison with other models of the famous concern. Its length reaches 4,359 mm.

This is a hatchback, which was released in November 2011of the year. Under his hood is a 109-horsepower 1.8-liter engine that consumes diesel. He has an amazingly economical expense. At 100 "urban" kilometers the motor consumes only 5.5 liters of fuel. And this consumption is reduced when driving on the highway to 4.1 liters.

It should be noted that the model is completed as6-speed "mechanics", and 7-speed "automatic". The acceleration for both versions is the same - 10.9 seconds to 100 kilometers. The maximum speed is 190 km / h.

This sports hatchback gained its popularityfast. It features an attractive design, a salon with high-quality finish, an economical and powerful engine, as well as a rich bundle. The list of basic equipment includes ABS, anti-slip, emergency braking, climate control, airbags, a six-speaker audio system, an on-board computer with a widescreen display, and many other useful functions.

the smallest Mercedes photo

Mini crossover

Mercedes-Benz GLA - that's about which car nowI would like to talk. Photo of the smallest "Mercedes" off-road class in the article demonstrates the car in all its glory. It is evident that it is compact, but hardly anyone will say that its length reaches only 4417 mm. This - the merit of designers who have made every effort to make the model in a sporty brutal and even somewhat aggressive.

There is a mini crossover with four engines to choose from. Two of them (156 and 211 horsepower) consume gasoline. Others (136 and 170 hp) operate on diesel fuel.

This car, like any other Mercedes,not only beautiful, but also functional. In the base, it has an anti-lock and anti-slip system, an option for emergency braking and collision avoidance, driver fatigue control, numerous airbags (window, knee, side and front) and much more.

Well, as you can see, the eminent German concern has excelled in producing both luxury luxury cars of the highest price category and compact small cars.

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