The whole truth about men you just do not like him

A man can say: "I have a terrible blockage at work; I recently experienced a break in a serious relationship, which was a big blow to me; the divorce of the parents left an indelible mark in my soul and brought a lot of new troubles; now I need to focus on my career. " It's easier for us to jump out of the window than say: "You do not suit me."

Stop to think up excuses for us, our actions speak for themselves: you just do not like.

This is the opinion of the authors of the book "The whole truth about men" Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuchillo. They made a list of excuses that should be avoided by every woman hoping for happiness.

He does not like you that much, since he does not invite you out on a date. Because if he likes you, he will definitely give you a meeting.

  • Justification:"Perhaps he does not want to destroy our friendship."I hate to tell you about it, but it'sjustification does not hold water. And please do not tell me that he's just "afraid." The only thing he fears is to admit that you do not attract him at all.
  • Justification:"Probably, he does not dare to take the first step."You can hint to a man that you have sympathy for him, but you should not help him invite you out on a date. The fact that you smile and playfully wink at him will be enough.
  • Justification:"Maybe he does not want to rush things."If you really like a man, butThere are deeply personal reasons why he does not want to rush things, he will immediately tell you about it. He will not leave you in ignorance, because he needs confidence that you will not be disappointed and will not disappear from his life.
  • Justification:"But he gave me his phone number."Do not let him with cheap tricks force you to invite him on a date. If you are interested in a man, he will take all the trouble on himself.
  • Justification:"Perhaps he forgot about me."Be sure, you impressed him. Now leave it at that. If he likes you, he will remember you even after the tsunami, flood or defeat of the national football team in the next match.


  • Any justification basically means that you are not interested in it very much. Men are not afraid to "destroy friendship".
  • Do not succumb to his tricks and do not invite him on a date. If he likes you, he will invite you.
  • If you can find it, then it can find you. If he wants to find you, he will do it.
  • "Hey, let's meet at such and such a party / in some bar / at a friend's house" does not belong to the category of invitations to a date.
  • You are good enough to be invited to a date.

He does not like you much if he does not call you.

Men can use the phone.

  • Justification:"But he is so often on the road". Take a note: a man who is interested in you, wants to spend time with you.
  • Justification:"But his head is completely occupied with other matters."The most important question here is: "Is it okay if a man forgot to call me?" I answer: "No". He should never forget what he promised to call you. Do not you expect such a guy who will forget about everything that happened in his life rather than forget about you?
  • Justification:"He does not say what he really thinks."This is the whole problem: at the end of a date or a telephone conversation, many men tell you what they think you would like to hear. They think that this is better than nothing. Therefore, if the guy you are meeting with does not call you, despite all your promises, is it worth it to get hung up on? After all, you need a man who at least can keep his word.
  • Justification:"But he's very busy."The word "busy" is nonsense, it's usuallyuse donkeys. The word "busy" with one volley can destroy any relationship. Extreme "employment" may seem like a convincing excuse, but in fact behind this concept there is always a man who was not interested in calling you.


  • If he does not call you, then he does not think about you.
  • If he makes promises, and then brings you to the small things, rest assured: the same will happen when it comes to more serious things.
  • Do not build a relationship with someone who can not keep his word.
  • If he does not want to do the slightest effort to calm you and smooth out the brewing conflicts in your relationship, he simply does not respect your feelings and needs.
  • You deserve to be fucked up.

He does not like you much if he does not recognize the fact that you meet.

Spending time together does not mean meeting.

  • Justification:"He just went through a painful break in relations."Beware of the word "friend". It is often used by men or women who are in love with these men in order to justify their most misbehavior.
  • Justification:"But we do meet."Men, like women, seek to gain a feelingsecurity and security when they see that the relationship becomes serious. One of the most common ways to achieve this is to claim your rights to a loved one. A man who is really passionate about you will want you to belong to him completely. And what's wrong with that?
  • Justification:"It's better than nothing."Let me remind you: you need a man who wants you, regularly calls you and makes you feel the sexiest and most welcome woman in the world. Relations in which you meet with a man every two weeks or once a month, without feeling either love or sympathy on his part, can last a day, or a week, or a month. But can they last a lifetime?


  • Men talk about their feelings, even if you refuse to listen or do not believe their confessions. "I'm not ready for a serious relationship" means "I'm not ready for a serious relationship with you."
  • "Better than nothing" should not suit you.
  • If you do not understand what is happening in your relationship, then there is nothing terrible in slowing down and asking him a couple of questions.
  • There's a guy in the world who wants to tell everyone that he's your boyfriend. Stop playing the fool, go and find him.

He does not like you much if he does not want to have sex with you. If a man likes a woman, he always wants to touch her.

Dear ladies, you've already met and morethere will be a great many men. It's very unpleasant for me to tell you about this, but some of these men will simply decide that you are not in their taste. But the truth, simple, cruel and bitter, is clear as a white day: you do not involve him, but he does not want to hurt you.

  • Justification:"He is afraid that he will be hurt again."Is he afraid? Yes, he is afraid of offending you. That's why he did not clarify the situation with your relationship in any way. He loves you as a friend. If he loved you as a woman, he would not be able to control himself and turn a stormy romance with you.
  • Justification:"I so drive him crazy, that he does not show any interest."Of course, many people in the past hadsuffer, and now they are afraid of a serious relationship. But you know what? If you really like a man, nothing will prevent him from achieving you, even the fear of a serious relationship. If he has really big problems about this, he can go for a stupid treatment, but he will never keep you in suspense.
  • Justification:"But it's so cool."It used to be that a woman refusesto have sex when he wants to gain power over a man. It seems that the representatives of the stronger sex also learned to use this. If a guy, lying with you on the couch, joyfully weaves cookies and watches a movie, then you simply do not involve him.
  • Justification:"He finds a lot of explanations for everything."You can believe his excuses, if you want, butfirst ask yourself a couple of questions. Are you satisfied with such a relationship? The most important thing here is whether you want to feel this way, perhaps for the rest of your life? Sex also refers to the greatest pleasures that a person can experience.


  • People constantly talk about what they really are. If a man tells you that monogamy is not for him, then there is no reason not to believe him.
  • Communication is wonderful. But if communication is combined with sex - it's even better. Call a spade a spade, or rather, call a friend a friend. And find yourself a friend who can not refrain from touching you.
  • If you have low self-esteem, then you will have to spend more time on it to increase it than to look for a new boyfriend.

He does not like you much if he sleeps with another woman. There is not one really convincing justification for treason.

  • Justification:"He has no excuse, and he knows about it."Treason is bad. And the inability to explain why you have betrayed a person is even worse. If you do not have one red flag, how about two? Do not meet with men who do not know why they did this or that act.
  • Justification:"But I'm getting fat."I am completely sure that you need to drop 90 kg inthe kind of your useless boyfriend, and not the twenty kilograms he is talking about. Immediately get rid of this loser, or I'll come to your house and throw him out of there.
  • Justification:"He needs more sex than me."There is no excuse for changing you. Dot. There are many ways to solve this rather common problem that arises from the difference in sexual appetites.
  • Justification:"But he at least knew her."I explain in other words: it does not matter if he likes you or not. He made it clear to you what his attitude towards your novel is. He went on about his feelings and arranged everything so that to be alone with another woman, kiss her, take off her clothes and do everything else that usually happens when two adults are having sex.


  • There is no justification for change. Let me repeat: treason is no excuse. Now say it yourself: treason is no excuse.
  • The only thing for which you are responsible for the moral fall of another person is your own feelings.
  • Treason is treason. It does not matter with whom he changed you and how many times it happened.
  • Deceivers are never happy. (Because they're all scoundrels.)
  • The wrong man first of all changes to himself, since he can not build a normal relationship with you.

He does not like you much if he wants to see you, only when he's drunk. If he likes you, he will seek to see you when his brain is not clouded by a couple of alcohol.

  • Justification:"But I like it when it's drunk."If, while sitting in a bar, he drunk says something like: "Baby, you are so beautiful!" And while hugging you a little tighter than it should be, it's high time to learn something: you can not believe everything a man says when he is drunk. Do you really need this?
  • Justification:"At least he does not drink the strongest drinks."Do not be fooled by yourself. A guy who does not fall off his feet and is not pissed off with drunkenness should not get away with the fact that he quietly turns off his brains in a different, easier way every time you are together.


  • His words mean nothing, if he pronounced them indrunk. "I love you" or the like, said under the influence of any drink stronger than grape juice, has no power in court and in real life.
  • Drinking alcohol and drugs - this is not the way to the most intimate feelings of a person.
  • You deserve a man who does not need to pour anything to spend time with you.

He does not like you much if he does not want to marry you.

Each of your ex-men who spokeyou, that does not want to marry, or does not believe in marriage, or he has doubts about marriage, will someday bind himself with sacred bonds. Not with you.

  • "He does not want to marry" and "He does not want to marry me" are two different things. Make sure that you have correctly determined which category belongs to your chosen one.
  • If you have opposite views on marriage, then surely there are other issues that will lead to disagreements.
  • If nothing changes in your relationship, then what are you waiting for?
  • Somewhere on the earth a man walks who wants to marry you.

He does not like you much if he leaves you.

  • Justification:"I need him."Do not be satisfied with being bored without you. He must be bored. You in fact such unique. And yet, as he was, he remained the man who left you.
  • Justification:"After such a decision is much easier."There is one thing that a young man will never do, if he does not think his life without you: he will never leave you.
  • Justification:"But everyone does that."Oh yeah, sex after parting - it's not bad at all, because it's great to sleep with a man you know. And it's great to sleep with a person to whom you have strong feelings.
  • Justification:"But then he wants to go back."Unfortunately, after you leave, yourthe young man begins to look for something better. And when he does not succeed, he is lonely and he returns home. It does not look like you like him very much. He just really does not like being alone.
  • Justification:"I refuse to accept the fact that he left me."I'm sorry that he left you. Trying to get him back again and again, you point the former boyfriend at the thought: "What did I ever find in this bitchy bitch?" Remember one simple piece of advice, ladies: always be on top. Never go crazy.


  • You will not be able to prevent parting with a conversation. Discussions here will not help. The severance of relations is the final decision, and it is not subject to appeal.
  • Sex after parting does not mean that you are together again.
  • You do not need to remind him how wonderful you are.
  • He himself can take care of his cat.
  • Somewhere you are waiting for a young man who will be just happy that you again do not agree with your horrendously nasty former boyfriend.

He does not like you much if he just took it and disappeared.

Well, everything is very clear here. He let you know that you are so not in his taste that he did not even bother to leave you any news about yourself.

  • Justification:"Maybe he's dead."There is nothing worse than not getting a response fromthe beloved. The only reason you should write to him again is the desire to get a clear refusal, now in a verbal form. Have you forgotten? You are too busy with your fans, and you do not have time for such nonsense.
  • Justification:"So, it turns out, I can not even quarrel with him for the last time?".First time, it may seem that youIt will help if you call him and make a scandal. You may have a feeling that you let him get away with it. But believe me, nothing you want to say to him will be a revelation for him. And you already have something to spend your time on.
  • Justification:"But I just want to get an answer". Do you deserve to find out what really happened? Undoubtedly. I can tell you what happened: you met a terrible person.


  • Perhaps he really is in the hospital, suffering from amnesia, but most likely he's just not so keen on you.
  • The lack of an answer is his answer to you.
  • Do not give him the opportunity to reject you again.
  • Let his mother arrange scandals for him. And you are too busy for this.
  • There is no riddle here: he just left your life, and he was unworthy of you.

He does not like you much if he is married (here are all the other, the most incredible reasons).

If you can not love each other freely and openly, then this is not true love.


  • He is married.
  • If it does not belong to you entirely, then it belongs to it.
  • In the world there are a lot of cool and gentle single men. Try to meet one of them.
  • You are not so easy to forget. Let him find you when he is ready for a new relationship.

He does not like you much if he behaves like a selfish egoist, a braggart, or just like a big jerk.

If he really loves you, then he will do his best to make you happy.

  • Justification:"But he really wants to improve."Loving people try to treat each other wellfriend and even enjoy, showing tenderness and care to loved ones. If your partner is very bad at it, then in the end you reap the same fruits as in a situation called "He does not like you much".
  • Justification:"But he was just brought up like this."It is not necessary that he goes insane onyour CD collection. It is not necessary that he likes all your shoes. But any full-fledged and sensible man simply has to make an effort and love your friends and your family.
  • Justification:"But it will change."Spitfire is not a temporary problem. People who shout at others simply do not know how to control themselves and need psychiatric help. People who shout at others think that they have the right to do so.
  • Justification:"After all, what matters is what happens between us alone."Why be with a person who needs to be humiliatedyou to feel your own superiority? Especially in front of friends! And why should you pay attention to the fact that he treats you better when you are alone?
  • Justification:"But he's just trying to help."It is very difficult to believe that you deservetrue love, when someone is struggling to convince you that you do not deserve anything in this life. But, as I see, all the exhortations to part with him on you still do not work. So first of all, just realize: you are too good for such a relationship.


  • Do not complicate the already difficult life, sharing it with a person who gives you a lot of trouble.
  • You are worthy of such a man who in any situation will behave with you as befits. (Do not forget that you should treat him well.)
  • The idiots have a place in the circus, not in your apartment.
  • Getting rid of useless people, you will get a lot of free time, which you can spend on something that gives you pleasure.

So what do you do?

Then you ask: "And what if the next novel does not exist at all?" And we will reply: "Send these terrible thoughts to a distant voyage on a ship, which will certainly drown, because it is destined to break about the Islands of Sadness. And we do not want you on this ship. "


  • I will not meet with a man who does not invite me to date.
  • I will not meet with a person who forces me to wait for his call for hours.
  • I will not meet with a person who is not sure that he wants to meet with me.
  • I will not meet with a person because of whom I feel sexually unattractive.
  • I will not meet with a person who abusers alcohol or drugs, so it causes me discomfort.
  • I will not meet with a man who is afraid to build plans for the future with me.
  • I will not, under any circumstances, waste time on a person who has already rejected me once.
  • I will not meet a married man.
  • I will not meet a man if he is not really a kind, sincere and gentle person.

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