Therapeutic gymnastics for the back

Constant rush, lack of sleep, lack of essential nutrients and a sedentary lifestyle lead to problems with the spine. We do not even guess how much our spinal column carries over the whole day. Tugging in front of yourself heavy objects, children in their arms, rearrangement in the house or just long holding heavy bags every day reduces the health of our backs. To support it, in most cases you can get by with a few exercises, but ... first things first.

Back diseases

gymnastics for the back and spineThere is not a single person who, before the age of 40, has experienced pain in the back. But the pain is different, as is the back disease.

  1. Osteochondrosis is the most common disease that should not be taken lightly, because it can lead to paralysis of the limbs. This disease is localized in different parts of the spine. It represents the pathological process of changing the discs located between the vertebrae. Osteochondrosis is cunning because it can develop in physically strong people, weak, young, elderly, it is impossible to guess who it will not spare.With an individual approach to treatment, not only drugs are prescribed, but also gymnastics for the back in osteochondrosis, the use of a corset, and so on.
  2. Spondylosis deformans - a disease of the elderly. It consists of changes in the lumbar vertebrae, which lead to the formation of osteophytes (bone outgrowths). The disease affects the nerve roots, is characterized by frequent pain, and also decreases mobility. The appearance of this disease is affected by scoliosis, as it does not evenly distribute the load. Treatment must begin at the first symptoms, when spondylosis can still be cured with exercise. The doctor must appoint special physical exercises, because gymnastics for the back muscles strengthens the entire musculoskeletal system, preventing excessive deposition of lime salts in the body.
  3. Lumbago - constant back pain, which intensifies with any physical exertion. Treatment should be selected only by an experienced doctor, since the causes of the disease are not fully determined.
  4. Intervertebral hernia - most often this disease is a consequence of osteochondrosis.It is very difficult, is a violation of metabolism in the intervertebral disc. The disease requires immediate treatment.
  5. Stenosis - narrowing of the spinal canal.
  6. Radiculitis - a consequence of untreated osteochondrosis. Symptoms of the disease are back pain, paralysis of the extremities, it is possible that the sensitivity in the legs disappears.
  7. Myositis is a chronic lesion of muscle fibers. This ends up with solid nodules inside. The disease develops as a complication after sore throat, rheumatism, flu, as well as after some injury or cooling. The nature of occurrence is infectious. When treatment is observed diet.

What are the ways to treat them?

back gymnastics

In medicine, there are several methods of treatment and strengthening of the back muscles and back problems.

  1. Gymnastics for the back and spine.
  2. Drug treatment (drugs).
  3. Apparatus support and treatment (radiofrequency thermal annuloplasty, endoscopic discectomy, puncture laser discectomy, and so on).
  4. Massage.
  5. Surgical intervention.

Medical gymnastics as a method of treatment

One of the most common methods of prevention and treatment of diseases of the muscles, back and spine is medical gymnastics for the back.Experts prescribe it to maintain muscle tone, develop joints, avoid stagnation and salt accumulation. Exercises in it are selected individually for each person, since the level of physical development is different. But the structure of gymnastics is the same: warm-up, main occupation, relaxation.

For training the muscles of the back most often used similar exercises. Below will be described the main tasks that are universal for all. But consultation of the doctor before their implementation is obligatory, because there are such diseases in which gymnastics is contraindicated.

Warm up muscles

gymnastics for back musclesBefore starting exercise, you need to stretch your back muscles. You can not immediately give them a load, as this adversely affects their condition. Gymnastics for the back, which begins with a warm-up, adjusts a person to the working mood, tones and warms up the muscles.

Exercise one: a man lies on his back, his head touches the floor, his arms are extended up parallel to the body. It is necessary to bend the legs at the knees, then tighten perpendicularly to the body, up to the chest, then straighten it. Repeat these actions several times (up to 10).

The second exercise helps to stretch and develop the back muscles for their further training. You need to lie on your back, bend your knees and pull them up to your chest. Put your chin between your knees. Stay in this position for a few seconds, then straighten up. Make the exercise should be 5-8 times.

The development of elasticity of the spine

gymnastics to strengthen the backWith the exercises on elasticity, you need to be extremely careful, because with intervertebral hernia and some other diseases, they can only aggravate the situation. After all, gymnastics for the back is not for everyone.

Begin the exercise should be supine. Bend the right leg and put it on the knee of the left, at this time, straighten the right hand and direct it upwards. The exercise is that with the knee of a bent leg, you touch the floor on the left side, and you turn your head to the right. Make 10 turns in one direction, then change legs and repeat the exercise the same number of times.

Cat imitation

gymnastics to strengthen the back musclesNo gymnastics to strengthen the muscles of the back can not do without exercise "cat's ridge." Starting position: stand on all fours, lean on the hands and knees. It is necessary to maximize back arch up and down.After the exercise, you will not feel fatigue in the spine, and you will also feel muscle tone.

Stretching the vertebrae

There are a lot of exercises to stretch the spine. Why do you need to do this? When we sit, we walk, we stand, the lumbar section takes on a large load - it holds upright the upper part of our body. Gradually, the vertebrae are compressed, the distance between them decreases. This threatens to erase intervertebral discs, a violation of the flexibility of the spine. To do this, stretch the lumbar region with the help of certain exercises.

An exercise: legs bend at the knees and put on any object (it should be approximately equal in size to the length of the thighs) - this could be a sofa, chair, ottoman. Then lift the head and pull the torso to the knees. Actions should be as slow as possible. It should be noted that gymnastics for the back is always done with smooth and slow movements, because jokes with the spine are bad - one wrong move can turn to a trauma surgeon. Exercise to stretch the spine and muscle training is done 10-15 times.

Attention shoulders

gymnastics for the back with osteochondrosisExercise begins with the fact that you put your right foot on the left knee bent. Then you lay your right hand behind your head, and at this time you pull the shoulder from the left side to your knee. After the done action, change hands and feet. You need to do this exercise up to 10 times on each side.

Training the muscles that support the spine

Best of all, the broadest, spongy, trapezius and rhomboid muscles of the back (which support the spine) are trained in the "lying on its side" position. To perform the exercise, you must lean on your left elbow, bend your knees back. At this time, the right hand is on the thigh and the hips are raised. In this position, the exercise is performed 10-15 times, then the position changes to the other side.

Gymnastics for the back: exercise with a roller

In therapeutic exercises, a roller is used to improve its results. At the time of the exercise with this auxiliary tool, the back muscles work better.

You need to sit on your knees. Between the legs and abdomen put a roller of cloth or towels. Having clasped your hands behind, you need to straighten your back so that the buttocks do not come off from the feet.

Muscle relaxation

therapeutic exercises for the backGymnastics to strengthen the back can not do without the final exercises. They are aimed at relaxing the muscles after active load. To do this, sit on the edge of the chair, bend forward, dangling shoulders and arms. In this position, you need to take a few deep breaths, then straighten up.

An alternative to this exercise is the following posture: put your legs on a chair up to your knees, place an object under your head and shoulders so that you can rest comfortably on it and it is about 20 cm from the floor. In this position you need to lie down for 3-5 minutes. Elevated legs and head - the best way to relax the spine.

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