Tips: how to choose cucumber seeds

To date, the market offers us such a huge variety of hybrids and varieties of vegetables that even an experienced gardener can stand in a dead end when choosing. How can an unknowing person understand all this and choose the best cucumber seeds?

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Practical advice

First, you need to decide on where you will produce cucumber cultivation - in the garden or in the greenhouse. For soil with protection (greenhouses), parthenocarpic forms (parthenocarpy are fruits without pollination) are most suitable, since their productive formation does not depend on insect pollinators. However, this is a sign that depends on the growing conditions - plants that are exposed to stress (temperature drops, drought, excessive moisture), often wither. Cucumber seeds can be planted under temporary cover from the film and in open ground. Both parthenocarpic, half parthenocarpic and hybrids pollinated by bees will successfully take root there. Among the latter, the most popular are cucumber seeds of the female type of flowering (Lord, Farmer, True Friends and others), because they are the most productive.However, high-quality pollination requires overseeding varieties, forming a sufficient number of male-type flowers.

Varieties and features

Not all cucumber seeds are intended for cultivation in “Spartan conditions”. It depends on their biological characteristics. In the open beds, seeds of Chinese cucumbers are grown, for example, which are adapted to the effects of dry wind and low air humidity. All types of this vegetable are significantly different in shade tolerance. In the summer, it is worth growing cucumbers of the spring-summer ecotype, which include most of the varieties for gardeners. Light-loving - all hybrids with the arrangement in the form of bunches at the ovaries in the nodes. If you want to get higher yields in a short period of time, choose cucumber seeds of early-ripe sprinter hybrids, which give most of the fruits in the first month. To collect a large number of Zelentsov in late summer or early autumn, they plant cold-resistant varieties with a long fertile period (Sultan, Virenta, Finist, Farmer, Arina, Lord).

chinese cucumber seeds

3 groups of cucumbers by maturity

  1. Early ripening: the number of days from emergence to the beginning of the first fruits is less than 45.
  2. Mid-season - from 40 to 50 days.
  3. Late-ripe - about 50 days.

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You probably know that ...

Even the most cold-resistant vegetables at low temperatures slow down their growth. According to the purpose, cucumber varieties can be distinguished as canning, salad, universal and pickling. The most popular are species with the location of bundles of ovaries in the nodes. These hybrids are distinguished by high yield and excellent qualities of Zelentsovo (Sultan, Buyan, True friends, Anyuta). What are the best cucumber seeds? Contact a specialist to find the most suitable option for you according to the type of your soil. Vegetables for salad have smooth or lumpy fruits of medium size. Zelentsy do not have bitterness, they have crispy sweetish flesh. It is highly undesirable to use pesticides when growing cucumbers. Since this is a dietary vegetable, it is better to breed modern hybrids that are resistant to various diseases.

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