Tomato Olya F1

Tomatoes Olya, having a beautiful name, is no less beautifulLook like on the bed, and on your desk or on the counter. This is a high-yielding, determinant plant. Tomato variety Olya has good resistance to viral diseases.

Tomato Olya forms three brushes at once, whichgrow and mature at the same time. Such brushes can form up to fifteen with a culture height of 1 meter 20 centimeters. Being a hybrid plant, Olya's tomato F1 is among the achievements represented by domestic breeding.

These tomatoes do not need pasynkovanii, theyare early and highly productive. After full shoots, the fruits begin to ripen in a hundred-two hundred days. Not a bad tomato Olya ties up the fruit and with reduced temperature and the same light. Its fruits have a rounded shape. They are bright red and shiny, slightly silvery, with excellent taste qualities.

Tomato Olya - the value of a hybrid

  • Has high productivity.
  • Well tolerates the heat.
  • Cold resistant.
  • Resistant to poor lighting.


Grow tomatoes of this type usually in two shoots. They reach a height of one and a half meters. The stepson must be run from under the first brush. Leaving all the flowers on the central shoots, only two brushes are left on the stepson. After that, prune the top and two leaves.

The cut location is immediately treated with activated or charcoal dust. Planted tomato Olya according to the scheme 50h50sm. Then you get more fruits, but a little smaller.

Tomat Olya is a small-sized

As was written above, the super-determinanttomato is characterized by limited growth. Having formed several brushes on the central shoot, they are perverted. To get an early harvest, all stepsons are removed and placed on five plants per square meter. This approach allows Ole to bring up to ten kilograms of tomato from each square meter.

If the seedlings are insufficient, then the plants form in three shoots. Then you can get from Oli and up to fifteen kilograms of fruit per square meter.


For seedling, one part of peat with twoparts of greenhouse land and one part of sawdust. Pre-sawdust brewed with boiling water, and then, twice, brought to a boil urea solution. A tablespoon of urea goes to a liter of boiling water. Tomatoes, as you know, like loose soil. They are also sympathetic to sawdust. In one bucket of this mixture, you also need to add a crushed egg shell, about two handfuls.

Also, half a liter of ash is added and severaltablespoons (2,3) double superphosphate. Instead of ash, potassium sulphate is used in the same amount. After thorough mixing, a hot solution of potassium permanganate is poured into the soil prepared in this way. Now you need to close tightly and leave it there until it cools completely. For seeding the container is filled with soil to half.

Tomat Olya needs lighting. That is, the light day is artificially increased to 14 hours. Twice tall tomatoes are dived. In this case, the second pick is performed after the first one in 21 days, when three real leaflets appear in the seedling. Thus, its (seedling) overgrowth is slowed down. Watering is initially carried out on the fourth day after emergence.

How to water:

  • up to three leaves - along the edge of the nursery, one, two teaspoons.
  • up to six - from 15 ml. (scoop) to 100 ml. (half a glass).

To enhance immunity after seven days, spray "Epin". Ten days later the first top dressing is performed after the first pick.

Olive seedlings at the first opportunity (temperatureoutside the window to 10˚) briefly carried out on a glassed balcony. In this case, the seedling does not like direct sunlight. For Oli it is good that the light was scattered, there was a lot of air and heat.

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