Tablets "Thorsid": instructions for use, description, analogs and reviews

Swelling at the end of the day bothers many people. Especially those who, by the nature of their activities, have to spend all their working time on their feet. However, some edemas are becoming more dangerous. Regardless of how complicated the situation is, all these people would prefer to solve their problem in a short time with a safe and effective drug.

Recently, the drug Torsid has enjoyed considerable popularity in this regard. Instructions for use, price, reviews - all this convinces patients that this drug is exactly what they need in their position. Can you share their point of view? This article is intended to help you answer this question. In it, we consider what constitutes "Thorcid", what are the features of its use and how effective it is.

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Is this medicine as effective as the instructions for use of the drug "Torsid"? Reviews of the drug mostly leave positive. So, patients say they appreciate its good composition and speed of action. It helps some patients not only to quickly and effectively get rid of edema, but also to normalize blood pressure (although this is not its intended purpose).

Other consumers have reported that they have not noticed the effect on the minimum doses of the drug, but after adjusting by the attending physician, the treatment regimen began to see significant improvements. Many patients strongly recommend not to try to choose decongestants on their own, but to trust this choice to specialists. After all, the causes of edema are extremely diverse. Some of them are more dangerous, some less. In any case, it is better to place the responsibility for your health on an experienced specialist.

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Release form

What does the instructions for use say about the release form of the drug "Thorcid"? Tablets are sold in blisters of ten pieces each.In one such tablet may be five or ten milligrams of torasemide (the main active ingredient of the drug). Magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate (tabletose eighty), anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide, and pregelatinized starch are used as additional ingredients.

Solution for injection is sold in ampoules of five pieces per pack. Each ampoule contains five milligrams (milliliters) of the main active ingredient - torasemide. Water for injection, polyethylene glycol four hundred, sodium hydroxide, and also tromethamine are also used.

On such forms of release reports for consumers of the drug "Thorcid" instructions for use.

The price of the drug in question ranges from 37 to 255 rubles. The cost of the drug depends on the amount of the purchased medication, the desired form of release and the selected network of pharmacies.

Who can apply

In what cases recommends the use of the drug "Torsid" in its treatment instructions for use?

Tablets are taken in the fight against essential hypertension. It is also effective as a major component of the treatment or prophylactic treatment of relapses of edema, as well as effusions.If the latter are caused by heart failure, which requires intravenous therapy, then it is reasonable to use another form of the drug "Thorcid" - ampoules. Instructions for use strongly recommends that you select a treatment regimen exclusively together with your doctor. Only in this case, it will be compiled correctly and will benefit the patient.

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In what situations is it strictly forbidden to use the drug "Thorcid"? The following conditions and diseases are distinguished: hyponatremia, hypovolemia, hypokalemia (as well as other disorders of water and electrolyte balance), gout, childbearing period, also infant feeding by breast, early adolescence (up to twelve years old), hypotension, significant disorders of liver function ( coma or precoma), anuria (as an accompanying symptom of renal failure), simultaneous use in the treatment of lithium, aminoglycoside or cephalosporins, individual intolerable the main active ingredient or any other ingredient that is part of the drug, significant urination disorders,dangerous changes in the results of blood tests, dangerous fluctuations in acid-base balance, toxic kidney damage.

Mode of application

How to use tablets "Torsid"? They are intended for adult patients (including teenagers from the age of twelve). A pill is usually taken once, preferably in the morning after a meal. It is not chewed and washed down with plenty of clean water. The minimum dose ranges from two and a half milligrams of the drug to five milligrams, depending on the specific disease and the characteristics of the patient. During treatment, the dosage is usually increased - up to twenty milligrams.

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Side effects

Does the use of the drug "Thorcid" (10 mg) give instructions for possible adverse reactions from the body? Tablets can actually cause unpleasant effects during long-term therapy. Among them are the following: increased metabolic alkalosis, decreased vascular tone, syncope, water disturbances, and electrolyte balance (including hypokalemia, hypovolemia, hyponatremia), headache,acute myocardial infarction, confusion, heart rhythm disturbances, thrombosis, muscle cramps, dizziness, angina pectoris, increased fatigue, diarrhea, urinary retention, increased blood glucose levels, constipation, vomiting, elevated liver enzymes, increased serum creatinine, increased concentration uric acid in the blood, significant stretching of the bladder, increased blood lipids, anorexia, nausea, stomach pain, hearing loss, decrease in platelet count, tinnitus, decrease in the number of red blood cells, , Reduced amounts of leukocytes, blurred vision, rash, paresthesia, photosensitivity, dry mouth, sensitivity, severe skin reactions.

If you experience any of these symptoms during your treatment with Thorcid (10 mg), the instructions for use of the tablet recommends that you temporarily stop taking and immediately seek help from your competent doctor. It will help remove side effects and adjust the treatment regimen.

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Does the case of overdose drug "Torcid" (5 mg) instructions for use? Pills,taken in disagreement with the treatment regimen that was prescribed by the attending physician may indeed cause symptoms corresponding to an overdose. Among them are the following: drowsiness, collapse, as well as a variety of disorders that occur in the gastrointestinal tract, confusion, a significant increase in diuresis (which threatens the loss of body fluids and electrolytes necessary for the body).

How does the instructions for use recommend combating overdose with the drug "Thorcid"? The pill must be stopped immediately. It is important to immediately start a variety of medical procedures that are designed to normalize the water-electrolyte balance, depending on the type of symptom:

- hypokalemia - 7.4% solution of potassium chloride in the case of alkalosis and a ten percent solution of bicarbonate in the case of acidosis;

- hyponatremia - 5.8% sodium chloride solution, 8.4% sodium bicarbonate solution (in case hyponatremia is accompanied by acidosis).

A separate antidote for such cases is not provided. Therefore, any other symptoms must be eliminated separately.

Use during pregnancy

Is it permitted to use the drug "Torsid" during the child's pregnancy? The instructions for use do not recommend this, as no sufficiently convincing results of studies of the effect of the medication in question on the body of the pregnant woman and on the development of the fetus have been obtained. Neither its effectiveness nor its safety has been clarified.

If there is an urgent need to apply these medications while breastfeeding the infant, the feeding should be immediately discontinued for the entire duration of therapy. This is due to the fact that it has not yet been fully clarified whether the active substance of this drug is able to penetrate into breast milk.

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special instructions

The course prescribed by the attending physician with this medicine in the form of a solution for injection cannot last more than seven days. If the patient’s condition requires it, it is necessary to switch to another form, as the instructions for use for tablets "Torsid" - tablets. Reviews confirm that it minimizes the possibility of side effects.

Some patients reported manifestations of ototoxicity, which is expressed in the following symptoms: hum in the ears, temporary deafness. These phenomena are temporary.Among other things, the direct relationship between their appearance and the use of this drug has not been established.

It has not yet been established whether the medication in question causes dependence in the patients receiving it or not.

It is established that the drug affects the ability to adequately and safely manage vehicles and a variety of complex mechanisms. That is why it is not recommended to use the drug at a time when the patient has to work, which requires long-term concentration of attention, as well as a sufficient reaction rate.


It often happens that, for certain reasons, the patient cannot use exactly the medicine that the doctor prescribed for him. In such cases, excellent assistants are substitute drugs. For the drug "Thorsid" there are a lot of them. Among them are the following: "Britomar", "Toradiv", "Torasemid", "Trigrim", "Trifas", "Diuver".

Storage conditions

Where recommends to keep the drug "Torsid" instructions for use? It is important that this is a dry place, which is not penetrated by direct sunlight. The temperature in it should not exceed twenty-five degrees.In such conditions, the storage of the drug "Torsid" instructions for use allows no more than two years from the date of its manufacture. After the specified period, the drug is strictly prohibited to use. In addition to the fact that the drug stops to have a positive effect on the state of health, it can cause significant harm to the patient's body.

Pharmacy sales terms

What are the requirements for the sale of the drug "Thorcid" instructions put forward for use? It is important that the medication in question be dispensed solely by a prescription prescribed by a medical practitioner. This will help to avoid the natural use of the medicine "Thorsid". Instructions for use emphasizes this in a special way.

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Carefully take care of your precious health and help your loved ones with this. Choose only the most effective drugs.

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