Vasily Ordynsky: biography, filmography

Vasily Ordynsky is a Soviet actor, director andscreenwriter. The most famous works are the films "Man was born", "Sverstnitsy", as well as the screen version of the works of Russian classics "First Love" and "Walking by Flour".


Vasily Ordynsky was born in 1923 in Kostroma. He dreamed of becoming an actor from childhood. But after graduating from high school, it was not possible to enter a theater high school: the war began. In August 1941, Vasily Ordynsky was at the front. But soon he was sent to the military school. Received the title of officer, he reached Berlin. And only in 1948 he was demobilized.

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During the war, Vasily Ordynsky did not leave hisyouthful dreams of cinema. But now he wanted not to play in films, but to create them, so he entered the VGIK for directing faculty. Teachers of Ordynsky were Gerasimov and Makarova.

Carier start

In the movie, the hero of this article debuted in 1954with the movie "Trouble". Then there was the picture "The secret of beauty". Fame to Ordynsky brought a film "Man was born." As the performer of the main role, the director saw his wife - a young Lyudmila Gurchenko. But the artistic council did not approve her candidacy. Olga Bgan took the role of Nadezhda Smirnova. The beginning artist Lyudmila Gurchenko voiced the main character.

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In 1959, the screens went melodrama"Peers". The film tells the story of the fate of three girls. Sveta, Tanya and Cyrus are friends since childhood, but after leaving school, each of them goes its own way. Kira enters the theater high school. Tanya - in the medical institute. Light is a frivolous person. She fails the entrance exams and spends most of her time in a circle of dubious personalities. In the film, the then-starring actress Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina played. The picture of Ordynsky is also remarkable for the fact that it was in it that Vladimir Vysotsky made his debut. The Star of the Taganka Theater got an episodic role, not shown in the credits.

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Ordynsky Vasily - the director who created the films inthe spirit of socialist realism. In 1960 a picture appeared on the screens, designed to support Khrushchev's anti-religious campaign. Roles in the film "Clouds over Borsk" were performed by Nikita Mikhalkov, Inna Churikova and other actors.

The first film about the war in the works of Ordynsky was the painting "At your doorstep." The premiere took place in 1962. Other works of this director:

  1. "Big ore."
  2. "Red Square".
  3. "First love".
  4. "Through all the years."
  5. "The Road to Calvary".

For most of his paintings Ordynsky himself wrotescenarios. In addition, in the movie, he performed two episodic roles. Vasily Ordynsky played an officer in the film "At Your Doorstep" and the political instructor in Vladimir Basov's painting "Shield and Sword".

Personal life

It is also known as the first husband Gurchenko VasilyOrdynsky. The personal life of the director is not closely related to the biography of the famous actress and singer. But since the men of Lyudmila Gurchenko are a topic that has long become one of the favorite among journalists, Ordynsky is often remembered as one of her spouses.

At one of the evenings in VGIK Vasily OrdynskyI met an eighteen-year-old student from Kharkov. A young, budding director married Lyudmila. According to the traditions of the world of cinematography, he had to shoot his wife in every film, and certainly in the main role. But that did not happen. A year later Gurchenko left her husband. Neither he nor she ever publicly talked about these relationships. About why the actress left her first husband, there are many versions. One of them was expressed by the creators of the biographical series "Lyudmila Gurchenko".

In 1964 Ordynsky married for the second time. His chosen one was the editor of "Mosfilm" Marianne Roose. In this marriage, a daughter was born, who, although she played an episodic role in one of the films of her father, did not associate her life with the cinema.

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