Vyya - what is it?

Have you ever come across the words “viya” on the pages of books? It certainly made you turn to the dictionary. This word is archaic, it is not widely used now.

What is your name?

Dictionaries Ozhegova, Dahl, Ephraim define the meaning of this word as "neck". Example: “bending the neck” means “to subdue”. In some northern dialects, the word “viya” - this is the ancient Slavic name of the neck - still exists today.

How was the word used before?

In the Bible, the word “viya” is used twelve times, “stiffness” and its derivatives - about ten.

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The Christian martyr Stephen answered his persecutors, calling them stiff-necked. He meant disobedience to God.

The expression “hardened your neck” is found in the Book of Kings, in Proverbs, and in the Acts of the Apostles. The meaning of the word - "become stubborn, rebellious."

In the literal meaning "neck" this word is also found in the Bible. For example, when the apostle Paul was seen off, “falling on his neck, they kissed him”.

F. Tyutchev wrote about observing his second wife, Ernestina, during her prayer: "A brilliant wilted wilted ..."

G.Derzhavin wrote about justice: "Wrong hugs bend."

Ironic overtones

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You can find this word in an ironic context. Vyya is the funny name of the neck in the verses of P. Khizhnyak: "I always wash with cold water."

O. Radchenko advises: "Do not bend yourself needlessly."

And Lokhankin, the abandoned husband of Varvara from the Golden Calf, perhaps explained this meaning in the most memorable way. When his wife left him for Ptiburdukov, he suddenly spoke with hexameters: “Go away, Ptiburdukov, not for you, on the neck, that is, I nadal you”.

In this context, the interpretation of the word becomes extremely clear. Viya is a neck, but a more noble word, befitting the Lokhankin hexameters.

Pathetics and stiltness

But not only in an ironic context is this word used. Given his euphoria, the writers use it in a highly pathetic way. For example, V. Nabokov wrote about V. Khodasevich as a poet "refusing to bend".

A.S. Pushkin wrote about the Assyrian king and the peoples conquered by him: "Israel did not bow down the neck." The usual word “neck” would have made the description of biblical events much easier.

In medicine

Interestingly, the cervical ligament in the anatomy is officially called nuchal. Apparently, in the translation of medical terms from the Latin "viya" - it was a common word.

It is poorly developed in humans, but in animals, especially ruminants, with large horns, it is strong enough. Now it is clear what the biblical words "hardened your neck".

Acquaintance with the word took place. Now you can sometimes use it. And in what context - you decide.

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