Watermelon diet: reviews. Watermelon diet for weight loss: results

A woman is very rarely satisfied with their appearance. And if the face can be put in order rather quickly with the help of decorative cosmetics, then it will not be possible to accomplish the figure of such instant transformations. Here only diet can help. Sometimes quite strict, which can not transfer all. But there are very tasty ones, one of which is the watermelon diet, the reviews about which, by the way, are positive. We will talk about it today.

watermelon diet reviews

Why precisely watermelon diet?

The answer is pretty simple. Despite the rather strict menu (ideally, you can eat only watermelon flesh), it is probably the easiest of all. There is no need to calculate calories and feel a wild feeling of hunger. The only and the main condition of this diet is the daily consumption of a large amount of watermelon pulp. For every 10 kg of your weight should be 1 kg of pulp.

Watermelon diet for weight loss allows you to additionally use unlimited amounts of pure boiled water or green tea. There is no need to starve. The daily diet may contain ordinary meals. Below you will find several such options. But the most pleasant thing is that watermelon can be eaten all day long, not adhering to any regime.

How it works

The basis of the diet under consideration are the diuretic properties of watermelon. Taking so many delicious berries, you simply "wash out" all the harmful substances from the body. Consider which points you should pay special attention to.

watermelon diet reviews and rultaty

Choose a menu

Here are a few options. At the same time, the watermelon diet, the menu of which is quite diverse, is transferred relatively easily:

1. During breakfast, you need to eat 300 grams of watermelon pulp. Then an hour later to drink a cup of green tea with one toast. You can add any low-fat cheese to it, or replace toast with low-fat yogurt. For lunch - 350 grams of pulp. After an hour, eat a light soup, a piece of boiled chicken or steam fish. For dinner - 300 grams of watermelon and an hour later - a dish of vegetables.

2Breakfast and lunch may contain porridge cooked in water, meat or low-fat fish. Salads from fresh vegetables are also allowed. Lemon juice or low-fat yogurt is used as a dressing. You can add some cheese. For dinner - only watermelon per kilogram of pulp for every 10 kilograms of your weight.

3. Diet for a week:

  • On Monday, only watermelon.
  • Tuesday for breakfast oatmeal on the water with honey. For lunch - 100 grams of cottage cheese and a couple of peaches. For dinner - vegetable salad with a slice of black bread. Before going to bed you can eat one pear.
  • Wednesday - only watermelon.
  • On Thursday you can make a fruit salad for breakfast. At lunch, you need to eat porridge (100 grams) and 200 grams of watermelon pulp. In the evening - vegetable salad and some cottage cheese. You can eat a slice of black bread. Before bed - an apple.
  • Friday - watermelon day.
  • On Saturday for breakfast oatmeal with honey. For lunch - 100 grams of cottage cheese and fresh tomatoes. For dinner - boiled vegetables and watermelon flesh. A piece of black bread is allowed. Bedtime light dessert (peach).
  • Sunday - only watermelon.

watermelon melon diet

Out of the diet

Of course, those extra pounds will go away, but then it is necessary to stabilize the results obtained.Watermelon diet for weight loss (reviews about it can be seen in many women's forums) really shows excellent results, but you should not go back to your usual diet. Smoked, fried and farinaceous dishes just cross out all your efforts.

On the first day after completing the diet, you can eat vegetables, fruits, drink fresh juices. Then gradually introduce into the diet fermented milk products. The next will be porridge and fish. Then you can begin to eat boiled meat and eggs. Remember that your serving should be half the size of the usual.

Sample Daily Diet

This is how your daily menu might look like. For breakfast eat some cheese and oatmeal without sugar. For lunch you should cook 200 grams of boiled chicken or fish and eat them with chopped fresh vegetables. For dinner - the flesh of watermelon.

watermelon diet for weight loss

Watermelon-melon variation

Watermelon is not the only melon crop that helps to get rid of extra pounds. Watermelon-melon diet is another way to solve the problem of overweight. Melon pulp includes many easily digestible sugars, proteins and vitamins, as well as mineral salts and organic acids necessary for the body.

Watermelon diet reviews are, of course, excellent, but the option presented below is not inferior to it. We have selected three types of daily menu for you. In general, the diet is designed for a week, so just alternate the options presented below. In seven days you can lose weight up to 4 kilograms.

  • For breakfast - 200 grams of melon flesh and 50 grams of low-fat cottage cheese. You can also add a couple of pieces of black bread. At lunch, boil a small (150 grams) piece of fish low-fat varieties. To this you must add melon salad: cut a thick piece of melon into slices and combine with fifty grams of low-fat cheese, add lettuce leaves and make a dressing from lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil. As a drink - a cup of green tea. At lunch you need to eat 400 grams of watermelon pulp. For dinner, boil rice (200 grams) and make a vegetable salad (tomato and cucumber). Salt it is impossible, but you can fill with olive oil. For dessert - melon.

watermelon diet photo

  • For breakfast, cook an omelet (1 egg) and eat watermelon. You can drink green tea or apple infusion. To prepare the last, cut the apple into small pieces and pour boiling water on it, leaving to stand for half an hour. At lunch it is necessary to prepare a vegetable salad: boiled beets, carrots and fresh cucumbers.A serving is no more than 200 grams. Season it with lemon juice and add fresh greens. Add another 500 grams of melon pulp and a glass of water to the dishes (you can put a lemon slice). For lunch - 200 grams of cottage cheese 9% fat. We have dinner on this day with boiled chicken breast. To it is worth adding a couple of wholegrain bread and, of course, dessert - 400 grams of watermelon pulp.
  • For breakfast, 400 grams of watermelon pulp and low-fat yogurt. At lunch you can eat 200 grams of boiled rice with one chicken breast. We drink green tea. At lunch - black bread (a piece) with green tea. We have supper with boiled potatoes (no more than 200 grams) and a salad of greens and fresh cucumber, seasoned with vegetable oil. For dessert - melon or watermelon (400 grams of pulp).


As mentioned earlier, watermelon is the strongest diuretic. That is why the organism is cleansed not only from slags. At the same time with them go and useful substances, such as salts of potassium and sodium. They provide the normal functioning of the heart. Therefore, a preliminary consultation with the attending physician is necessary if you have problems with the functioning of this body.

The breakdown of carbohydrates, which are a lot in the watermelon pulp, can cause flatulence, heaviness and pain in the stomach.Especially often such troubles accompany losing weight women who have chronic diseases of the stomach, pancreas or duodenum. Therefore, watermelon diet in this case is not recommended. And in the period of aggravation of these ailments, it should be abandoned altogether.

watermelon diet for weight loss


Watermelon diet, reviews of which are good even among nutritionists, however, is not for everyone. We talked about this earlier. But she also has contraindications. Thus, the diet on watermelons is completely prohibited in diabetes and kidney stones. Only after prior consultation with your doctor can you follow the above menu to people with a history of the following:

  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • adhesive disease;
  • pyelonephritis.

Not only women, but also men want to look good. In such cases, a watermelon diet (photo of a striped berry, see below) requires coordination with a doctor for prostate adenoma. The need for consultation can not be forgotten.

watermelon diet menu

Watermelon diet: reviews and results

There are a lot of reviews about this type of weight loss. Most are positively positive.Weight really goes. However, many note that the feeling of hunger is completely absent. And it is not surprising, because with a minimum calorie content (only 27 calories per 100 grams), the pulp contains quite a lot of natural sugars. If we talk about weight, then women indicate different numbers. Most likely, its loss depends on the characteristics of the organism.

It is best to start losing weight with a delicious berry at the very end of summer. After all, this period is considered a real watermelon season. Good luck!

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