Without cookies we will not be able to work properly on the Internet. Let's take a look at what cookies are. So:

What are cookies?

At the moment, it is not known for certain where the name of these files came from. It is said that cookies appeared with the development of Unix systems.

Cookies are, above all, textinformation that is used by your browser. The server sends this information to your computer, where it is processed using a browser. Thus, the information only once enters the system of your computer and with each new request from the server, this information is sent back to the network. Some cookies are stored only during one session of work on the Internet. They are automatically deleted after the browser is closed. Other cookies are written to the file for a period of time to use this information in new sessions on the Internet. It should be noted that cookies are supported by almost all known browsers, at least it is supported by the most popular browsers that are used worldwide by millions of Internet users.

It is necessary to understand that cookies in the browser arejust text information, and it can not greatly affect the operation of systems. Another thing is the servers that read what is written in the cookies. The matter is that the server makes a decision about those actions which it should make on the basis of that is written in cookies. Accordingly, an experienced user has the opportunity to somehow influence the situation with the help of cookies. The most common example of the influence of cookies is that when you do not need to re-authorize on any of the sites where it's required. Cookies store data about your login and password, and you can go to the site completely free the next day. In this case, you do not need to enter a login and password for a new one.

Very often the system cookies is used inonline stores. The work area of ​​the site user includes a shopping cart, like in a real supermarket. Cookies record information about those products that you have selected and "put" in the basket. When you pay, accordingly, you have the opportunity to pay for all the goods at once, as for a single purchase. You do not need to pay for every single item. This very convenient system allows buyers to purchase more and more, and sellers sell more and more. Undoubtedly, it is profitable! Here's what cookies are.

The danger of cookies has been discussed for a long time. The most important threat of using Cookies technology is the penetration of personal information of users into someone else's, not very clean hands. Why can this happen? Our personal information, which is contained in cookies, is recorded on different remote servers. Accordingly, when hacking the server, all personal information is in the public domain. This also forces some users to manage their cookies using programs specifically designed for this purpose. In any case, working on the Internet without cookies will be inconvenient and inefficient.

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