What are the most delicious rolls: names, reviews

Japanese cuisine came to Russia somewhere in the nineties of the last century. Restaurants in each city quickly began to appear, where visitors were invited to try original dishes with unusual names. The novelty appealed to the Russians, but to this day there are fierce debates among lovers of Japanese cuisine about which roll is the most delicious. And everyone has their own opinion on this.

Expensive - cute

Some people believe that the taste and quality of the finished product depends on its value. For them, price is the main indicator that is worth paying attention to when making a choice. And to the question of which roll is the most delicious, such people will definitely answer - dear. For such lovers, the famous Filipino cook Anhilito Araneta has created his unusual dish.

what roll is the most delicious

In the best restaurants of Manila, one serving of such sushi costs $ 2,750. What is the secret of this dish? It turns out that the Filipino cook used the following ingredients to make it:

The idea of ​​the master was to create the most exquisite exclusive dish.And he succeeded in the glory. If we evaluate the cost of the finished dish, then such a product, of course, will take the first place. In addition, it looks very impressive and luxurious.

"Chuka Maki"

In the case of using the most common food products, the question of which roll is the most delicious will not be easy to answer. It all depends on individual eating habits. For a start it is worth recalling that rolls are sushi consisting of rice and fillings, wrapped in a sheet of pressed algae (nori). After that, the finished roll can only be cut into several pieces.

Such products, firstly, differ from each other in the composition of the filling. Here you can safely show imagination or use already known options. For example, in Japan, the classic look of rolls called “Chuka Maki” is highly respected. The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that for its filling not fish is used, but a mixture of seaweed with peanut sauce. True, this dish is not popular among Russians. In our country, for some reason, there is a perception that the main component of Japanese sushi (or rolls) must be fresh fish.Perhaps this is due to the power of habit or shallow knowledge of the national cuisine of another country.

Cucumber Rolls

Vegetable lovers will love the cucumber rolls. They are prepared not in the usual way:

  1. First, fresh vegetables need to be washed, peeled them completely from the skin, and then cut with a sharp knife into thin strips. This should be done very carefully so as not to damage the fetus.
  2. Then in each strip you need to wrap a small lump of boiled rice. The edges must be overlapped so that the product does not fall apart.
  3. Next, the billet must be filled with stuffing, putting it on top of the rice. Usually, tobiko caviar, shrimps, crabs or fish are used for this.
  4. Beforehand, all components should be crushed and poured with a pre-prepared sauce or original Japanese soy mayonnaise. This will make the filling more sharp.

The one who tries such a product will no longer ask the question - which roll is the most delicious. After tasting the answer will not cause any doubts. Juicy, tender and very fresh rolls should definitely please everyone.


Today, residents of Russian cities can buy sushi not only in specialized café bars, but also in some large supermarkets.Here, visitors are offered products of their own production, which is sometimes prepared directly in the sales area.

People who buy this product for the first time, it is difficult to determine which rolls are the most delicious. Reviews as regular customers will help them make the right choice. Many sellers, for example, argue that the most popular product today are rolls "Maguro".

what rolls are the most delicious reviews

This is a typical product of the kind of Hosomak. Products are thin rolls with a filling consisting of only one component. Such rolls are made very simply:

  1. On the mat fit sheet nori.
  2. On top of it is distributed rice.
  3. Slices of raw fish are laid out from one side. Usually used to work fresh tuna.
  4. Using the mat products are wrapped in a roll, and then cut into 6 or 8 pieces.

This dish has a completely speaking name. After all, in Japanese "tuna" sounds like "Maguro".


Those who prefer non-standard solutions are also not easy to determine which are the most delicious rolls. The names of specific dishes sometimes have several different associations. Take, for example, Philadelphia rolls.

what are the most delicious name rolls

For some, it's just a city in the USA. But in this case refers to the cream cheese, which is the main ingredient of the filling. According to the technology of cooking, these rolls are referred to as uramak. Translated from Japanese, it sounds like "sushi inside out" or "roll vice versa." Indeed, such a dish consists of four layers arranged one after the other:

  1. The filling, in which must be present cream cheese. In addition to it in the mixture can also be cucumber and avocado.
  2. Nori leaf Pressed algae cover only the filling.
  3. Prepared flavored rice.
  4. Thinly sliced ​​raw fish fillet.

These rolls look very unusual. And lovers of seafood will definitely appreciate their original taste.


The more components contained in the filling, the brighter and more varied the taste of the finished dish. But such an abundance of products is difficult to fit in a small roll. Therefore, the Japanese invented futomaki. Now true lovers of sushi know which rolls are the most delicious. Photos and names of these products explain everything.

Futomaki - the largest sushi, whose diameter can reach five centimeters.In translation, the name sounds like a "fat" or "big" roll. For the filling they use a variety of products: caviar, crabs, salmon, eel or shrimp in any combination. This makes the dish not only tasty, but also quite satisfying. One serving of such rolls can easily replace a full meal.

In addition, there are also vegetarian options where cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, or avocados are usually put inside. One of the most popular footbags in Russia is “California”.

what rolls are the most delicious photos and titles

In such rolls, the filling of cucumber, flying fish roe, crabmeat, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise is inside the rice wrapped in nori leaf. The dish looks very impressive.

Hot rolls

The Europeans and the inhabitants of the Americas have their own idea of ​​which sushi and rolls are the most delicious. They do not approve of the Japanese addiction to raw foods. After all, this way of eating food is unsafe. In order to somehow adapt Oriental cuisine, the Europeans began to heat treat sushi.

what sushi and rolls are the most delicious

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Bake on the grill or in the oven.
  2. Fry in deep fat. By the way, the Japanese themselves used this variant of processing semi-finished products in antiquity.

True, in this case, the texture of the original components changes slightly.They become more tender and soft. The finished product acquires a pronounced aroma and unusual appearance. For example, before baking, rolls are most often covered with cheese, which after high-temperature processing melts and creates a ruddy, fragrant crust on the surface. Such products can eat even pregnant women without fear for the health of the unborn child.

Original sets

Anyone who is just beginning to discover the Japanese national cuisine, it is difficult to finally decide what the most delicious sushi and rolls. Reviews of friends and acquaintances here will not help. In this case, you need to understand personally. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is better for beginners to buy several types of such products at once. By the way, many specialized cafes offer their visitors to purchase original sets.

what are the most delicious sushi and rolls reviews

They contain rolls of several types and names at once. Some products in this set have such a bizarre shape that it is difficult to even imagine how a cook manages to cook them. Take, for example, rolls "Mosaic". It uses more sophisticated technology. For work you will need:

  • rice;
  • tobiko caviar;
  • cucumber;
  • fish (trout or salmon);
  • 2 sheets of nori.

The process consists of several stages:

  1. Mix rice with caviar.
  2. Distribute the resulting mass on a sheet of nori.
  3. Wrap a whole cucumber in it.
  4. Cut the roll lengthwise into 4 parts.
  5. Place the pieces of blanks on the second sheet (cucumbers out), and in the center place a piece of fish.
  6. Collapse products using a mat and give them a square shape. Now it remains only to cut the roll into pieces.

The set in which such original beaters will fall will surely attract the attention of buyers.

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