What does Michelin star mean?

What do we know about haute cuisine? Most of our compatriots have a very distant idea about it, it is shaped by foreign films and colorful glossy magazines. Naturally, an indispensable attribute of high cuisine that characterizes it is the mysterious Michelin star. What it is? And why is it chefs worth gold?

Michelin star

The story of the birth of the golden Michelin star

Surprisingly, the creation of the Michelin Handbook chefs have absolutely no relation. The ancestors of the "Red Guide" (the so-called Michelin Guide) were two brothers - Edward and Andre. At the end of the nineteenth century, enterprising youths were able to launch the production of tires for bicycles. This activity began to bring them substantial income from the very first days of the opening of the plant. The automobile boom has consolidated the position of the Michelin brothers in this market segment, they began to produce tires and in every possible way advertised new-fashioned cars in order to prosper their business.

At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, Andre Michelin came up with the idea to advertise road trips to Europe. And in order to make it easier for drivers to navigate the sights, cafes and hotels that are found on the way, he created a guide where he posted a lot of interesting and useful information for motorists. The first reference book was published in red, which determined its further design. All subsequent Michelin reference books were issued in red, it became the hallmark of the guide.

By the way, some of the catering establishments Andre Michelin tagged a small gold star. It meant that in a cafe or restaurant, the dinner bill would be well above the average level accepted in the country. We can say that this was the first Michelin star in the history of high cuisine.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Transformation of the "Red Guide"

Conceived as a promotional project, the Michelin Guide was originally distributed to motorists for free. In 1920, the directory began to be sold for little money, during this period the rating of restaurants, collected in it, began to occupy more than fifty percent of all information. Which, in turn, led the Michelin brothers to the idea of ​​a radical change in the direction of the directory.As a result, in 1926, the first issue of the guide was released, consisting entirely of information about restaurants. Originally, the institutions were designated by only one star, but four years later two more stars were added. Since then, the evaluation system has never changed, and for many restaurants one mention of an establishment in the Michelin Guide is considered valuable. This fact provides him with popularity and crowds of guests, because absolutely all gourmets listen to the opinion of the guide. Why, for decades, Michelin stars have been the cherished dream of chefs? Let's try to figure it out.

Michelin Guide today: a brief description of the directory

Currently, the Michelin Guide is the only directory in the world that provides an impartial assessment of the activities of restaurants. Thanks to Michelin-starred gourmets always know where to go to experience the next culinary delight. After all, having come to the restaurant specified in the guide, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive high-class service, and the dishes served to you will be akin to high art.

Until now, not a single scandal has been associated with the Michelin Handbook, experts come to the restaurant in secret and do not announce their presence until the very end of the evening.Evaluation is always given impartially by a combination of various factors that are still kept secret. It is impossible to bribe the Michelin inspectors, their reputation remains impeccable at all times. And the Michelin star is the only globally recognized scale for assessing the talent of chefs.

Michelin star in Moscow

What do Michelin stars mean?

Michelin-starred restaurants are the pride of the country. After all, there are cases when gourmets came to the country just to visit an establishment that has three Michelin stars. There are few such restaurants all over the world - a little more than sixty. After all, to get even one star is extremely difficult, and two or three seem to many chefs just a pipe dream. And every restaurateur knows that getting a star does not guarantee a lifetime possession of it. Inspectors visit the places indicated in their directory regularly, they can take away the Michelin star or add another one to the rating. What do these stars mean? How to read the directory correctly?

In fact, the Michelin scale is a four-step, but the first level is often ignored by experts of high cuisine,although such facilities also deserve special attention of the guests. The evaluation system is as follows:

1. Restaurants mentioned in the directories

The cuisine in such places cannot be called high, but you will enjoy the high-quality dishes and a pleasant atmosphere. Serving in such restaurants is also always the pride of its owner.

2. One star

If you come across this restaurant on your journey, feel free to go inside. Look forward to excellent cuisine and extremely helpful staff. The atmosphere in such establishments is ideally combined with the general concept.

3. Two stars

This institution can be called almost perfect. Therefore, it is worth a visit, deviating from its main route.

4. Three stars

It is worth coming to such a restaurant on purpose, tables are booked one and a half to two months before the visit. We can say that guests will experience an incredible pleasure from the kitchen and service. The bill for dinner, however, will surprise you too.

Looking through the Michelin Guide, keep in mind that such places are a tribute to luxury. Outside of this list, there are lots of wonderful places where travelers can get delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere and great service.

Michelin star in Russia

Criteria for Michelin Stars

Until today, no one but the inspectors knows what nuances are taken into account when drawing up a report on a visit to a restaurant. It is only known that there are more than fourteen. Moreover, inspectors are never limited to a single visit. For example, before receiving one star a restaurant will be visited by at least four different Michelin inspectors. Two stars can not be obtained without ten visits, but institutions with three Michelin stars can boast of whole international delegations. This approach allows to preserve the objectivity of inspectors.

Restaurants with Michelin stars in Moscow

Types of Michelin Guide

If someone tells you that there are restaurants in Russia with Michelin stars, then do not believe it. Unfortunately or joy, the Michelin inspectors have not yet reached our country. Until now, it is not mentioned in the famous "Red Guide".

Michelin experts are not too fond of embarking on the study of new countries. Initially, only one type of guide was produced - in Europe. It included the following countries:

  • France;
  • Spain;
  • Portugal;
  • Austria, etc.

Moreover, European institutions have been included in various directories, this trend continues to this day.Over time, Michelin reached the American institutions, released a guide to New York, San Francisco and other major cities. Tokyo was a great discovery for gourmets. This city has broken all French records in the number of Michelin-star institutions. Now in the guide, one hundred and ninety one restaurants from Japan, with several new dozens of contenders for a star appearing each year. The Michelin star in Russia still remains the unattainable dream of chefs working to create their own name in the world of haute cuisine.

Restaurants in Russia with Michelin stars

Michelin Star: Possession Features

Having a Michelin star imposes certain obligations. For example, the institution can not in any way put a star on display or mention it anywhere in the restaurant. For such advertising inspector may well deprive you of the cherished gold mark. Travelers and guests of the city should find out about the rating of the establishment only from the Michelin Guide. There is no other option.

Michelin-starred chefs can take them with them by going to another restaurant. Yes, yes, the rating is awarded to the chef, not the institution.Therefore, any restaurateur is interested in having a star chef working for him. After all, this fact immediately raises the restaurant in the eyes of gourmets and connoisseurs of fine cuisine.

Michelin-Starred Chefs

Restaurants with Michelin stars in Moscow: the prospects of appearance

What prevents Michelin inspectors from coming to our country? They have no objective obstacles. But most experts believe that Russia is far from fine cuisine. Here people make a choice in favor of nourishing and simple food, and not refined, elevated to the rank of art. Another reason for the refusal to include our country in the Michelin Guide is the lack of the restaurant business as such. Indeed, in Europe, restaurants are opened by people who know a lot about this business. But in Russia, businessmen become restaurateurs who earn money on this without worrying about the development of the establishment itself.

Therefore, the Michelin star in Moscow will not appear soon, although our chefs have already honored it working in foreign restaurants. The very first Russian cook, mentioned in the Michelin Guide, was Anatoly Komm, working in Geneva. Recently, Andrei Dellos has been awarded a star. He lives and works in New York.This indicates the potential of our children, who increasingly began to appear in various international cook ratings.

Michelin star is an international recognition that a talented chef gets for his hard work. Perhaps someday every Russian will be able to look into the Michelin guide in Russia and choose a restaurant with golden stars as the venue for the celebration. After all, dreams still have the property come true.

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