What dreams of lice: the most popular interpretation of the dream

The problem of detecting lice in hair seems ridiculous until it touches others. The owner of the parasite-infected head of hair feels panic and shame. If schoolchildren find lice in a classmate, they tease him and avoid talking for a while even after getting rid of nasty insects. In real life, they create trouble alone.

What dreams of lice? Is the dream able to predict trouble for the sleeper in the future, or does it refer to "shifters"? Interpretations of such a dream can be found in various sources. In them, its effects are strikingly different from each other.

Total sleep

Total sleep

There are two common interpretations. The first, unexpected, but very pleasant: lice dream of money. The other is that after a dream you can expect trouble, perhaps an illness. A person will probably fall into an unsightly situation, and it will not be easy to get out of it.

Mage Longo offered to get rid of the object on which the lice crawled in a dream, as it will bring the owner only harm.

Deciphering sleep depends on minor details: who exactly had the lice on, whether they were in the hair or on the body, what color and size. It matters whether the person who saw lice in a dream or whether he began to get rid of them felt the fear and disgust.

Each story is described in detail in the famous dream books, which give answers to the question of what the lice dream about.

Interpretation of dreams in different dream books

Opposite treatments of sleep can confuse and confuse. Wanting to get an explanation of their dreams, people turn to their favorite dream book or browse several sources, choosing a description of the situation that is closest to their own.

By miller

Harmful insects seen in a dream, foreshadow unpleasant events in the life of the sleeper. The more numerous they are, the greater the number of problems on him will come quite unexpectedly. At some point the dreamer will get tired of fighting with them. But if you leave what is happening without attention, the situation will only get worse. When in a dream a person combs lice out of his hair and gets rid of them, he also takes an active position in reality.

If in a dream lice appear on the head of a sleeping child, he too strictly controls his actions and constantly interferes in his life. Caring for the heir is commendable, but it is worth letting him be a little more independent.

An animal infected with parasites personifies sneaking up poverty. Such a dream should be treated as a serious warning and analyze the state of finances.

By wang

Interpretation of sleep

Clairvoyant associated lice in a dream with money and profit. Soon the sleeper will find the desired prosperity. And it will be the result of not one big deal, but several small ones. Shaking off insects from hair to businessmen promises financial stability and success.

Louse crawling through the body, demonstrates that the decision made in reality is the right one and will bring wonderful results.

Too many lice in a dream speaks of the mild ill health of the dreamer or his loved ones. Worry about him is not particularly worth it, it is easy to cure.

By Hasse

Miss Hasse also did not treat pests that appeared in a dream as something dangerous or annoying. On the contrary, in her opinion, they guaranteed the attainment of a good income and a comfortable existence, when observed in others. Louse on the body dreamed of change for the better.If the dreamer had not been very lucky before, then after such a dream he would be able to step into the light strip.

The person who found the lice in his body had to prepare for hard times. Lice fishing is a bad sign. The soothsayer associated this action with the receipt of unkind news or the breakdown of plans. And problems will arise at the very last moment and spoil the whole thing.

According to Tsvetkov

If the lice crawl over the other person, it is possible that replenishment in the family or receiving a substantial income. See nits on yourself a bad omen. Ahead of the person waiting for minor troubles or diseases.

Negative interpretation has a dream with the larvae. Most likely, the sleeper made a lot of mistakes, and he would have to correct them for a long time in order to bring matters back to their former state.

According to Freud

Sleep value

Sigmund Freud's opinion about a dream with the presence of lice, like other dreams, was explained by the influence of the basic instinct on the actions of a person. In particular, the nits on the head or body of the sleeper characterized him as a person who was forced to give up sex for some time.

However, the period of abstinence is completed, and the dreamer is ready to embark on all the grave.In real life, he is prone to sudden changes in mood and sudden actions.

According to Nostradamus

The seer offered to rejoice in the dream with lice in the hair. The sleeper will find family happiness and prosperity. There will be enough money, as the undertakings will bring a small but steady profit.

Lice large size promise particularly good deals. If you dream about a huge insect, the dreamer realizes the most fantastic ideas. Time is extremely favorable for the realization of any cases.

Only black lice are in a dream not to good. The dark color of any creature or object changes the interpretation of a dream to a negative one. In this case, the possible illness of a relative.

Different situations in a dream

Depending on the color and size of the insect, sleep is interpreted as signifying auspicious events or adversities. The behavior of the dreamer is also important. If the dream is disgusting or frightening, but the person fights with what is happening in it and wins, in reality it will be recognized and honored.

See at home

See at home

According to Loff, seeing lice on oneself means that the dying man is aware of the injustice of his actions towards his friends or colleagues. Guilt gives rise to such an unattractive dream.But the psychologist believed that a dream with insects on the night before the completion of the transaction would lead to dizzying success.

If the lice have covered the entire head, not leaving any free spots, the person will come wealth. It is best if the size of the insects is large. Then the profit will pleasantly surprise the dreamer.

See another person

According to Miller, a person who noticed a louse in the hair of another from a dream, fears awkward situations and avoids confrontation. At the same time, he treats the actions of those around him quite critically, and in the dream, the subconscious draws nasty insects in their hair.

Some dream books promise an acquaintance with the patron after the dreamer watched the parasites in other people's hair with disgust, but did not attempt to crush them. Another interpretation - a person who dreamed of lice can catch an infectious disease.

Many lice

Miss Hassé saw a wonderful omen in a dream with a huge amount of lice. Each insect meant profit, and the more of them, the more tangible it will come out. The sleeper will receive a large amount of money from an unexpected source.It is possible that they will be a legacy or a generous gift from relatives.

When a lot of lice bites a person, in reality it may be unfairly insulted, or he will get involved in a scandal. Opponents will not cause any noticeable harm, but the story will leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

When lice in a dream are combined with other parasites, such as bedbugs, you should prepare to receive unexpected and not particularly revered guests. This invasion will lead to hassle, waste and hassle. It is better for the dreamer to treat the visit indulgently and to take care of the nerves.

Crush nits in a dream

Wang believed that a dream of getting rid of lice shows a person's willingness to achieve goals, destroying all obstacles in the way. Thus, he will certainly get what he wants. Nostradamus also interpreted the murder of lice in a dream as an indicator of the material well-being of the sleeper. He will be respected by his family and those around him.

According to Hasse's dream book, such a dream meant severe frustration and tears. Yevgeny Tsvetkov explained such actions in vain, not bringing any benefit. On the other hand, in several sources, sleep is treated as random earnings.

Freud interpreted the desire to eliminate in a dream the body of lice as a solution to get rid of loneliness in reality. The person is ready for a full-fledged relationship with a partner. He realized that, hiding from life, will not gain anything but boredom and routine.

Comb nits

Comb nits

Combing a dream of lice from the hair of another person in reality will lead to the need to solve other people's problems. The sleeper behaves responsively and kindly than the lazy people enjoy. It is necessary to look at the situation from the outside and refuse to perform not their duties.

If the lice pour out of their own hair, the sleeper will get rid of problems and routine work and begin to look for new career paths. He will forgive himself for the previous shortcomings and will learn from them. After sleep, it is possible to receive news by mail. The news contained in it will not have a global impact on the fate of the dreamer.

Value by day of the week

Our ancestors made up special tables characterizing the meaning of the dream depending on the day of the week. Sometimes it should have been considered a “turn-key”, and on another night the dream was considered prophetic.

  1. Sleeping on Monday most often turns out to be insignificant.It reflects the personal experiences and events of the past week.
  2. Sleep on Tuesday is influenced by Mars. Bright, filled with different subjects, he characterizes the powerful energy of a person.
  3. Sleeping on Wednesday shows the true position of the dreamer in a circle of friends and acquaintances. The dream, having a dark color, demonstrates his loneliness and thirst to establish communication.
  4. A dream for Thursday promises changes in service and career growth if it leaves a good impression.
  5. Sleep on Friday has long been considered prophetic. It expresses the sincere dreams and desires of man. Joyful events with which you do not want to part in a dream, can be repeated and in reality.
  6. Sleeping on Saturday is able to give answers to the tasks and questions facing the sleeping, if you solve it correctly.
  7. Sleeping on a Sunday is associated with native people and situations important to the dreamer. Life will become more exciting if in a dream the events hit and make them remember.


Sometimes the most amazing and interesting dream does not foreshadow good events. At the same time, unpleasant, with annoying insects, is interpreted by most dreammen as a sign of impending wealth and prosperity.Even if after it there was not the most positive feeling, the dream should be perceived with humor.

Sometimes the subconscious mind paints such images in a dream that the absurd paintings of renowned abstract artists will not seem bright enough.

A person who believes in himself and his ability to succeed will always benefit. After all, any dream has several interpretations that often contradict each other. It is worth remembering only good interpretations and hoping for the best.

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