What is a cruise?

Today, many travel agencies offer to go on a cruise. We learn what a cruise is and why it is so popular.

Cruise: Definition

The word cruise was borrowed from Englishlanguage - to cruise - "to travel". Originally, this word only mattered around the world. Now it is an ordinary tourist trip on the sea, river or any other body of water, which has a certain route.

Recently, cruises have become more and morea popular type of recreation. Usually such trips are made on large comfortable liners, estimated, like hotels, by stars. The ships have a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, SPA-salons, swimming pools and sports grounds - all that will provide passengers with a rich and enjoyable leisure. Cruises are offered for Scandinavia, Europe, the Mediterranean, etc. Tourists in the afternoon walk through the cities, and spend the night in the cabins of the liner - at this time the ship follows its route to another resting place.

Travel of business people, during which they combine discussion of working issues with leisure, is called a business cruise.

Other meaning

Known also the term cruise control, literally -"control of travel." This device, which supports the specified speed of the car without the driver, automatically. Cruise control is very convenient when traveling long distances, when it is very tedious to press the gas pedal for a long time.

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