What is a smart watch?

Literally yesterday it was impossible to imagine,that you can control e-mail without a computer or mobile, and learn the pulse without certain instruments that read heart beats. But, the world does not stand still, science and technology are developing so dynamically that even today we have the opportunity to buy watches that can rightfully be called smart.

A smart watch is a new, stylish device thatsimply fix it to your wrist and the necessary information on Bluetooth will be transmitted to the iPhone / iPad. With their help, it is easy to control biometric indications, such as pulse or respiratory rate. If you change the indicators for the worse, the new-fashioned gadget will sound an alarm to the owner or send information to the treating doctor. Such devices allow you to always be in touch, send voice mail, communicate in your favorite social network. networks, select songs and listen to music.

Take, for example, the watch Apple Watch - a modernThe device with a set of functions, helping in a few seconds to find the information you need. Absolutely at any time it is possible to receive and read important messages, which will be notified by a delicate signal, the volume of which can really be adjusted at will. To see who wrote the message, just raise your hand, and if you do not lower it, the text itself will be displayed. Smart assistant Siri in Apple Watch will help you choose the right way, read the SMS or listen to your favorite song.

And with the help of Wallet will be stored information ontickets and discount cards. Apple Watch will give its owner a new level of communication, making it much brighter with the help of multi-colored markers and stickers. Thanks to these clever watches, you can draw a nice picture and send it to your loved ones. Another interesting feature in the modern accessory is Handoff. It allows you to quickly and without losing the information about the incoming message, switch to communication in the iPhone.

LG watch - quality smart clock with operatingAndroid Wear. Due to the active display of the device, weather data or new notifications are always visible. A powerful LG watch battery allows you to keep the charge for 2 days. The body of the product is waterproof and dustproof. The Google app installed in the multifunctional accessory responds to sound requests and executes commands. For example, you can send a voice message simply by telling who it is addressed to.

The most popular wrist device for activepeople, these are Suunto watches, able to become an indispensable assistant on the way to sporting achievements. Suunto - a choice of professionals-swimmers, skiers, tourists, cyclists and many others who appreciate active pastime. Clever hours of Suunto will calculate the calories consumed, the effectiveness of training, changes in the heart rate. Suunto - a computer clock is often used for mountaineering, because it is there that the compass and barometer, depth gauge and altimeter, GPS and thermometer are important.

Clever Kreyos Meteor watches also found their nicheamong consumers, for whom not only a wide functional set is important, but also a stylish appearance. This accessory can be worn not only on the hand, but also on the neck. Which, of course, adds practicality to the product of the new generation. And a wide range of colors and budgetary cost is another step towards young people, who are constrained in means, but who want to own a fashionable device.

According to leading designers and designerscompanies that produce smart watches, in a short time, such wrist devices will become so accessible that they will be able to supersede the classical models, which are meant to indicate only the exact time.

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