What is a team?

The word "brigade", like many other words of the Russian language, can have several meanings. In addition, it can be used and spoken.

Let's consider what a brigade is.

The ambiguous word "brigade"

A brigade is a military unit of severalbattalions or regiments and special forces units (for example, a motorized rifle brigade). If we talk about the artillery brigade, it can consist of two companies, two batteries of 6-8 guns each. It can also be a naval unification of troops: ships of the same class. The brigade is the main tactical formation. In the hierarchy of military formations, it follows the regiment and before the division (from the smaller to the larger). On average, in the brigade - from two to eight thousand people. The brigade is commanded by the colonel.

On the railroad, this word refers to the personnel that the train serves (for example, a team of conductors).

In production, the brigade is a union of workers, a common task (for example, a plumbing team).

On slang this word can mean membersone group (or members of the thieves' world) who pursue the same goals. Everyone knows the series "Brigade" directed by Alexei Sidorov, who was popular in the early 2000s.

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