What is Doshirak? The history of one discovery

Today there is no such person who does not know what "Doshirak" is. But just a few decades ago, this issue was difficult for many.

How it all began

what is doshirak

Every invention is born thanks tothis or that event. And what is "Doshirak"? How did he become known to the world and what prompted such an opening of its creator? This happened in Japan in the middle of the last century. In those years, hunger raged in the country, and in the streets of many cities you could see endless queues of poor people at a meal. That's when Momofuku Ando, ​​the owner of the food company, decided to help his fellow citizens. Several years of work were not wasted. The persistent inventor even turned his house into a real laboratory. And soon everyone learned what "Doshirak" is. His appearance was a real breakthrough in the food industry. Now it is no secret to anybody that "Doshirak" is just noodles, though not quite ordinary. It can not only be stored for a long time, but also prepared in a matter of minutes. It is worth recalling that the Chinese in the last millennium already found the opportunity to produce pasta, which did not spoil a long time. But Ando went further in his studies. And now not only the Chinese, but also the inhabitants of the seventy countries of the world know what "Doshirak" is.

Eternal doubts

pre-shirak is bad or not

Once the famous noodles appeared on theshoppers, buyers immediately began to ask the same question: "Doshirak" is harmful or not? "Everyone was wondering what made an unusual product and how it can affect the human body. In principle, everything that is included in its composition ( flour, salt, dried vegetables, emulsifiers, dyes and food additives) can not have any negative impact.Each component alone is a food or chemical substance that only possesses certain properties and does not cause direct harm.The main advantage of Doshirak in The huge amount of carbohydrates and proteins gives a person vitality and allows you to retain a sense of satiety for a long time.However, it is necessary to agree that 462 kcal is a lot for simple noodles.Therefore, on the question of whether Doshirak is harmful or not, nutritionists the same opinion and doctors who believe that stabilizers and emulsifiers in the body act as carcinogens and are capable of causing cancer.In addition, people with a diseased liver are unlikely to be able to eat food with so many spices and all kinds of x imitative additives. But if you eat such pasta only occasionally, then there will be no danger. In all the measure is needed.

History of the famous brand


Noodles "Doshirak" appeared in 1958. Then the brand itself was registered. Currently, he owns the corporation Korea Yakult Co. Ltd. In recent years, she has become the undisputed leader in the production of instant food. All over the world, distributors and those who import new unusual products began to appear. Wonderful noodles filled the trading market and entered the everyday life of many people. Initially, the product was quite expensive and was considered almost a delicacy. But just a year later the leadership decided to reduce the price. This led to an uncontrollable increase in sales. Ando himself always believed that there should not be hungry people on the Earth. If everyone is full, then in the world wars will stop, and mankind can live happily. And the noble idea still led the famous Japanese to victory. There was a real era of fast food. Cheap noodles entered every house, and many even helped to solve serious pressing problems.

The price of pleasure

pre-shirak price

In Russia, too, is quite popular brand products"Doshirak." The price and rich assortment allow everyone who wants to buy it in any quantity. Today, this product has become the subject of increased demand. Sachets with "miracle-macaroni" at 15 rubles apiece quickly disperse on the hands. The company has always tried to meet consumers, and in the seventies of the last century packaging for polystyrene and noodles was on sale for the first time. They are very convenient, since they do not require the presence of additional utensils. Hot water can be poured directly into the packing bowl. It can also serve as a plate. An unusual novelty was a real godsend for bachelors, students and ordinary workers who did not want to spend extra money on expensive dinners. Over time, the sale of products appeared in containers in the form of cups and in the form of rectangular containers. Its cost was already slightly higher (26-30 rubles apiece), but this only increased customer demand.

The company is rapidly gaining momentum, and nowyou can find in the store not only noodles. In convenient boxes are sold oatmeal porridge and mashed potatoes with a variety of tastes. Fairly democratic price of new goods (20-25 rubles) attracts even more attention of new customers.

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