What is Dropbox and why is it needed? Dropbox cloud storage

Today's technology provides owners of personal computers and mobile gadgets with many options for storing files and other data. The abundance of opportunities is sometimes confusing, and the average user simply cannot navigate and does not know what to choose: a hard drive on a PC, an external smartphone drive, a regular USB flash drive or a “cloud” on the Web.

what is dropbox

The latter option is becoming increasingly popular due to the widespread internetizatsii. Such "clouds", or in another way - cloud storage, are third-party servers, where the user is allocated a specified amount of data for his needs. A prominent representative of such a fraternity is the Dropbox service.

What is a dropbox?

Such storage is very convenient, especially in our mobile age. A good half of personal computer users do not sit still, and it’s not always convenient to carry the necessary data on the same flash drive.

Take, for example, social networks, where sharing photos, music and some documents is much easier to organize using the Dropbox cloud storage, rather than copying content first to external media, then to another device, and then publish it to the Internet. Such a procedure is complicated, tedious, and does not always work as it should, especially if you get a fastidious flash drive, memory card or cable with the wrong connector.

dropbox what is this program

What is a dropbox? This is the transfer of your data without unnecessary intermediaries. Of course, this option has both its advantages and disadvantages, but there are still more of the first ones. However, more about that later.

Let's try to figure out what Dropbox is and why it is needed. We also denote the main features of the service and the expediency of its use in a particular area.

Why Dropbox?

So what is Dropbox and why should you use it? It is free, but, naturally, with some limitations. The base rate includes 2 GB of free storage space for absolutely any information.

That is, the user can add folders, files with any extension and without restrictions on the volume.The last moment is quoted only by the selected tariff in Dropbox. What kind of program is uploaded to the “cloud” or is you keeping the license track? No one will ask you. The service provides a place without any questions.


Storage, especially if you choose the base case, has its limitations. Let us see how Dropbox works in this case. When downloading data via your browser interface, the total amount is limited to 2 GB. This is quite enough for photos, music and some documents.

dropbox cloud storage

If you want more, then a special Dropbox client for your computer or mobile gadget is at your service. In the event that the base 2 GB is not enough, you can expand the virtual space for storing files to very large volumes, of course, for a fee. There are different rates and options for increasing storage space. Consider a couple of examples to make it clearer what it is.

Dropbox provides an advance payment for additional gigabytes on a virtual server. For example, a 50 GB volume will cost an ordinary user about 600 rubles per month, and 100 GB will cost 1100 rubles per month. That is, the more space you reserve, the more favorable the conditions will be.

In addition, if you put at least a couple of lines on your social media page for this service, you can get free gigabytes on top of the selected fare. So the "cloud" welcomes advertising and strongly encourages users for it.

Other features

We go further. We have not yet described everything about what Dropbox is. It is also a file sharing service. For example, you often exchange with your friends, subscribers, or even with strangers any data like the same photos, music, etc.

dropbox windows

The service provides access to other users to your data through a public section. All you need is to transfer the necessary files from the mobile gadget or Windows to Dropbox and check them with the Public checkbox, then copy the link to your data and place it anywhere. Naturally, there will be no “Wait 60 seconds” here, and users get a direct address without any ornateness, which is inherent in ordinary file-sharing services.

It should also be noted that the service has proper synchronization. That is, you will always have access to your files, wherever you are, so that your device has access to the Internet.The synchronization is the responsibility of numerous clients that can be installed on any gadget and desktop computer (support for Android, Windows, Linux and Mac OS with iOS).

Web interface

If you want to install a full-fledged client service on your computer or mobile gadget, you can use the usual web interface. It is not as flexible as stationary software, but all the functions necessary for ordinary operations are present in it.

dropbox on computer

First you need to go through a short registration. Go to the official site of the repository and select the appropriate item. In the information input field, you must specify your data: last name, first name, e-mail, and also come up with a password. If you wish, you can read the privacy policy.

After entering all the data you will receive an email with a link that activates your account. After that, you can go to the service with your username and password. The storage web interface is very similar to standard explorer. It is almost impossible to get confused there, especially at every step there is a pop-up hint for each item.

Interface Features

On the left side there is a column for searching files with the display of current logs: copy, create, delete, and so on. Almost the entire right side is occupied by the file and folder management interface. By default, there are two directories in the branch: “Public” and “Photo”. The user can create their own folders and name them as you like.

What is dropbox and why is it needed?

The main menu is organized at the top. Here you can upload files from your computer to the service by pressing a single button, create a subdirectory, show hidden files, rename them, that is, do almost everything that the Windows Explorer allows us. By pressing one key, you can make a folder or file publicly accessible, and your friends will get access to the link specified by the service (appears in the context menu). Before adding music to “Dropbox”, video or other files with a specific resolution, it is better to immediately create the appropriate directory, otherwise confusion is provided.

Also, the user is available a detailed history of all actions with files and folders. Here you can trace everything and everyone, but only to a limited extent. The latter can be removed and depends on the selected fare.

In addition, in the service interface there is a point responsible for certain quests, the implementation of which will bring you additional gigabytes to the existing ones. Here you can familiarize yourself with the remarkable features of the repository, install a local client on your devices, share links to registration in the cloud with friends, link your account to a social network or order some kind of share service. For all this, you are given free bonuses and other "goodies" for free.

Local customers

Consider the most popular customer service for the operating system "Windows". You can download it in the appropriate section on the main page of the repository. It takes up very little space and is installed in seconds.

how to add music to dropbox

After installation, launch the client, enter your registration data - you can start working. In fact, the “Dropbox” interface is no different from an ordinary conductor, one can even say that they are identical. That is, you can perform exactly the same actions, with the only difference that all your data is not stored on the hard disk, but on a virtual server.Here you can also share files, upload, rename, delete, add, compare, etc. And all this can be done not only via the context menu, but by simply dragging and dropping files / folders with the mouse.

The service also has clients for the iOS and Android platforms. Mobile version of the repository is similar to the web interface. Here are the same menu items and work with folders. The functionality is trimmed in the sense that when working, you often have to call contextual branches and windows. Fit all on a small screen does not work, but otherwise everything is the same.


The service took care of the security of its users, as well as the confidentiality of the information entrusted to it. The entire process of storing, transferring and other uses of data takes place through secure SSL protocols. The information itself is encrypted with the help of the modern AES-256 algorithm, so the departure of the packets "to the side" was not noticed.

All folders marked “Public” have access only to a limited circle of people, which you define yourself. And downloading files is possible exclusively through your link, where you decide who to give / send to.


Dropbox can be called one of the best services in its segment. Virtual servers allow you to always keep on hand the necessary data. Of course, storage volumes are limited by your tariff plan, for which you need to pay. But even for free accounts, 2 GB of free space is provided, which is quite enough for undemanding users of social networks, and the functionality is not reduced in any way.

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