What is Skyfall? Detailed analysis

Films about James Bond have always been very popular among movie fans. Despite the fact that the franchise dedicated to the most famous secret agent has been around for decades, it still remains on horseback, attracting more and more new viewers. In this article we will answer the question: “What is Skyfall?” - and tell you about the plot and actors of this film.

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To understand what Skyfall is, you just need to familiarize yourself with the plot of the eponymous film about agent 007. That is what we are talking about now.

In the center of the story is James Bond. On the next mission in the Turkish capital, the protagonist is trying to find a hard disk with valuable information about MI6 agents. Bond was close to success, but his partner accidentally wounded him, hitting him with a firearm.

In the course of this mess, James fell from a large bridge straight into the water and allegedly crashed. While the agency wrote an obituary about the dead hero, secret information got into the world wide web. As it turned out, someone stole it and deliberately leaked it to the network for public viewing.Soon the headquarters of the Secret Service was blown up, thus burying many of the agents there. But, as it turned out soon, James Bond is very much alive. Suddenly, the "resurrected" special agent returns to service. Ahead he will meet with the most dangerous and most cunning opponent in the history of his professional career.

General information

"The Coordinates of Skyfall" - a feature film directed by director Sam Mendes. The picture premiered on October 26, 2012. The total duration of the film is 2 hours 23 minutes.

What is skyfall in the movie universe?

Skyfall is a mansion located in Scotland. It is a family estate of the Bond family.

Actors and roles

Now let's move on to an equally interesting topic - the actors. Almost all parts of the franchise about 007 could boast a good cast. The film "Coordinates Skyfall" is also no exception. We suggest you to get acquainted with the people who participated in the filming of this film. Let's start with those who played the role of positive characters.

Daniel Craig - James Bond, Agent 007.The central character of the film, around which revolves the plot of all parts of "Bond." Bond is a secret government agent who is trained in all the intricacies of espionage. He is charismatic, cool and always confident. He has many successful special operations on his account, and he is not going to stop this account.

Coordinates of skyfall

Rafe Fiennes - Gareth Mallory. The new director of MI6, replacing Olivia Mansfield in this post.

Naomi Harris - Yves Manipenny. Secretary of the Director of MI-6.

Judi Dench - Olivia Mansfili, or "M". The former director of the Secret Service for which Bond worked.

Helen McCrory - Claire Dovar. Member of parliament responsible for intelligence and security.

Ben Wishaw - Q. A talented techie and head of the research center of the organization for which Bond works. It is worth adding that of all the actors who have ever played the role of Kew, Ben Wishaw is the youngest.


The villain in the picture about James Bond is an obligatory component, without which no film about this character is possible. As mentioned earlier, in the Skyfall Coordinates, the main character will have to fight the most dangerous enemy in his entire espionage career.This time they became a character named Raul Silva, masterfully performed by actor Javier Bardem. Silva is a talented programmer who previously worked on MI6. He has long been familiar with the "M" and is going to take revenge on her for what she has done to him in the past.

Feature Film

Now you know what Skyfall is, what the plot in this picture is, when it came out and who took part in its shooting. We hope this information was useful to you.

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