What is the best melodrama?

Surely many lovers of films about the "beautiful" are concerned with the question: "What is the best melodrama?" After all, today the film industry is full of films of this beautiful genre. But, unfortunately, not everyone can make the viewer empathize with the fates of the heroes and enjoy their victories and successes with them. Therefore, in our article we will try to collect all the best films of this wonderful genre.

"Shakespeare in Love"

This beautiful film was shot in 1998. The story of two hearts in love plunges the viewer into the abyss of romance and endless passion. William Shakespeare, in the life of which is a solid black stripe, and the charming aristocrat Viola was destined to meet and spin in a love dance. But in life, as you know, not everything is so simple. The heroes have to go through many obstacles in order for their dream to be always together, finally realized.

the best melodrama

Madison County Bridges

This wonderful picture deserves the title of "The best melodrama." The film "Bridges of Madison County" was remembered by millions of viewers for its penetration and sensuality.The story of two completely different people, which once again shows how infinite love can be.

Fate tied Francesca and Robert unexpectedly. Having met, they never wanted to part. But, as you know, fate gave - fate took. For their love, there are only 4 days left.

"I hate and love"

The list of favorites is continued by a wonderful picture, which is included in the rating “The Best Russian Melodramas of 2015” The sentimental story of a woman who once lost her child shows how strong mother feelings can sometimes be. The main character is faced with a difficult choice - to tell her husband about her past, or to hide a terrible secret.

"Forrest Gump"

Fantastic film, remembered by millions of viewers as the best melodrama of America. This is a heartfelt and unusual story about Forest Gampa - a weak-minded and harmless person with a kind heart. Fate favors him, because in his life he has achieved many heights. But despite this, the heart of Forest still remains loving and infinitely good.

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"Best offer"

A magnificent story telling about what can be done for a wonderful feeling - love. In the center of the plot is a well-known and stately auctioneer - Vergely Oldman.A lonely and rich old man, accustomed to a lonely and measured life, has never been interested in the fate of the people he deceived. Oldman calls a young woman who wants to sell at auction antiques of her family. After that, the life of an old man turns upside down, because for the first time Oldman truly falls in love. But the girl is not as simple as it seems. This picture undoubtedly deserves the title of “The best melodrama of 2012”.

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One of the most sensational stories that won the hearts of a multimillion-dollar public, not only in the USSR, but also far beyond its borders. This very touching and penetrating picture is undoubtedly the best in its genre.

From the brilliant surgeon Rafal Wilchur unexpectedly leaving his wife and daughter. A man without livelihood remains on the street. Will a surgeon with golden hands be able to return to his former life?

"Princess on the Bean"

Watch the best Russian melodramas - a pleasure, and with the famous film "Princess on the Beans." This romantic and quivering picture is about the relationship of an ordinary Russian woman Vera and a successful businessman Dmitry Pupkov.Favorite by many the film “The Princess on the Beans” is included in the rating “The Best Russian Melodramas”.

Dmitry wants to change his ugly surname to a more sonorous one. Just at this time, he meets Vera Sheremetyeva, a working dishwasher, who alone is trying to feed her grown-up daughter and flattery-husband. Dmitry is sure that a woman will agree to his conditions, because a lot of money is at stake. But Vera is not so easy to buy.

"Lake house"

"Lake House" is included in the ranking "The best melodrama." Foreign paintings have always been distinguished by their romance and touching. So is this beautiful film about the tear-tearing story of two young people who fell in love with each other, despite time and space. Will the main characters be able to meet, if the distance between them is a whole ... year?

the best Russian melodramas

"You are my one"

The most beautiful picture telling about the relationship of young and promising Ani and former boxer Eugene. A girl as a child was fascinated by the beautiful and charming Eugene. Now she is a business woman who lives far beyond Russia. Will Eugene change his family to a young and successful beauty? This picture, undoubtedly, deserves a place in the rating “The Best Russian Melodramas”.


Dragonfly is an unusual story that makes the viewer think about the meaning of life. A doctor by the name of Joe can’t get away from losing his beloved wife Emily. It constantly seems to him that he is going crazy, because children who have suffered a clinical death, claim that the deceased woman sends messages from the next world. Joe, after much deliberation, finally decides to find out what troubles Emily.

the best Russian melodramas

"The perfect kill"

The category “The best melodramas”, the list of which is endless, includes the painting titled “The Perfect Murder”. Known to millions of viewers, the story is striking in its originality. Successful businessman Stephen, using the services of a well-known detective, learns about the betrayal of his wife. His faithful has been dating a young and beautiful artist for a long time. But, having made the necessary inquiries, Stephen learns that this is an ordinary swindler, on whose account there are already a lot of marriage frauds. How will he resolve the situation?

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"Everything will be fine!"

An exciting and romantic picture of the love triangle, which is included in the list of "The best Russian melodrama".This story has everything: feelings, betrayal, and love.

The main character Olga is going to marry Nicholas who has just returned from the army. But suddenly, in her life, a young and beautiful Nobel Prize winner Peter, who stands in the way of a once happy couple, appears. Can the genius who appeared to interfere with the wedding of Olya and Kolya?

"Voroshilov Sharpshooter"

“The best melodramas” (list of Russia) is presented by the sensational tragic picture called “Voroshilovsky shooter. The story of the brutally raped girl makes the viewer think about how life is unfair and terrible. A young, modest and trusting girl Kate Afonina comes home to her grandfather, a veteran of World War II, Ivan Fedonovich Afonin, upset and depressed. The pensioner learns from his beloved and only granddaughter that they have brutally abused her. The grandfather decides to take revenge on the rapists at all costs.

the best Russian melodrama

I would like to say a few words about the upcoming and most anticipated 2015 melodramas.

“The Battle for Sevastopol” is a historical melodrama telling about the fate of the legendary female sniper - Lyudmila Pavlichenko. This is undoubtedly the best melodrama that all Russian viewers are eagerly awaiting.

Cinderella is a well-known story about a poor stepdaughter serving an evil stepmother and her sisters.

“Happiness is ...” is a simple story about the fate of seven different people.

“Paper Cities” is a romantic and touching melodrama, demonstrating the life of one guy in love.

We hope that after reading this article you will no longer have a question about what kind of soulful film to watch tonight. Enjoy watching!

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