What is therapy?

In medical circles, and now even in psychological ones, the word "therapy" can be heard more often. About what the therapy means, what values ​​are there for this word, we will consider further.

What is therapy: definition

The word "therapy" came to us from the Greek languageand literally means treatment or recovery. The word is already due to medical practice, and therefore the general definition is as follows: therapy is a process aimed at alleviating, removing or eliminating the symptoms and consequences of any disease, disease states and disorders in the normal functioning of the body. Therapy involves a set of measures whose purpose is to restore the normal functioning of certain organs, systems, and health in general.

The word "therapy" is ambiguous. So, we can distinguish the following values:

  • a section of medicine responsible for studying the methods of recognition, the causes of internal diseases, their prevention and treatment;
  • the very process of treating diseases without using operational methods;
  • a set of methods for treating any disease;
  • Department of the hospital, where treatment methods are used;
  • gradual and cautious measures, the purpose of which is the change of something.

Most often, of course, therapies are used by physicians andpsychologists. But sometimes the metaphorical meaning finds this word in other areas. For example, the literal meaning of the term "shock therapy" was used in the economic sector, when the management system was in crisis and needed to exit from it.

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