What should be the basal temperature during pregnancy? Basal Temperature Graph

Pretty women! Did you know that body temperature is not only common, but also basal? Yes, yes, these are completely different things!

Do you know what is the difference between them, why do we need basal temperature measurements and what should be the indicators of a thermometer during pregnancy? If not, we recommend that you read this article. In it it is in detail told about basal temperature and about everything that is connected with it.
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What should be the basal temperature during pregnancy

Phases of the menstrual cycle and fluctuation of the basal temperature: briefly about the main things

The continuation of the kind laid in the body of every woman. The ability to bear children appears in adolescence with the arrival of the first menstruation.

Menstruation is a monthly process that occurs in the reproductive organs of a woman,the purpose of which is to prepare the body for possible pregnancy.

On average, the duration of one menstrual cycle is 28 calendar days. However, the cycle time for each woman is strictly individual and can be from 21 to 35 days. The main point is the constancy of menstruation throughout the entire reproductive period of a woman up to menopause.

Cycle fluctuations for 3-5 days in one direction or another are quite acceptable. There is nothing wrong if menstruation begins a few days later or earlier. A woman's body is very sensitive, and this happens for a number of reasons, such as a change in weather or stress.

However, any changes in the steady-state rhythm, such as a delay of menstruation for 5-7 days, scarcity or excessive profusion of discharge, spasms and pain in the lower abdomen, may be symptoms of a failure in the female body. In such cases, it is desirable to consult a gynecologist.

basal temperature during pregnancy

Basal temperature: why measure it

Basal temperature measurement is one of the main methods for diagnosing ovarian function. For decades now, gynecologists from around the world have advised women to keep a basal temperature chart to determine the causes of infertility,observation of hormonal disorders (if any) and to monitor the state of the reproductive system of the woman as a whole.

In addition, a properly constructed schedule can be used to track safe days to protect against unwanted pregnancy and enjoy intimacy with your loved one without additional measures of contraception.

Who needs to keep a schedule?

Most of all with the maintenance of graphics women face, dreaming of pregnancy. If you are already waiting for a miracle, then, knowing what the basal temperature should be during pregnancy, you can easily navigate the state of your body without getting out of bed.

For future moms, just starting to plan their pregnancy, we recommend to observe their cycles when measuring basal temperature.

Due to the daily filling of the schedule, you can accurately identify the day of ovulation and calculate the most fruitful days for conception. After all, the body is almost unpredictable, and many who want to get pregnant often do not feel the physical signs of ovulation.And the usual calendar method and computer programs for calculating favorable days for conception, as a rule, are ineffective.

You can certainly use the tests to identify ovulation, but they are quite expensive and not always true. But the basal temperature chart is easy to use, affordable and always at your fingertips. By taking measurements throughout the entire cycle, you can easily “catch” ovulation, and therefore surely do not miss this favorable moment for conceiving a baby.

Ovulation - the unique ability of the female body

Let's start to clearly define what is ovulation. Ovulation is the release of a ripe, ready-to-fertilize egg from the follicle. In most women, ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, thereby dividing it into two phases.

In the first phase, before ovulation, the basal temperature is always 0.4 to 0.6 degrees lower than in the second, after the onset of ovulation. In a normal cycle and in the absence of any diseases and hormonal failure, the temperature during and after ovulation norm should be higher than in the first phase.

what is the basal temperature during pregnancyHow to measure basal temperature and keep a schedule?

Basal body temperature is measured in the mouth under the tongue, in the vagina or in the rectum. You can choose any method convenient for you - it does not matter. After measurement, the result is recorded in a form, which can either be drawn in a notebook by hand, or downloaded from the Internet and printed out on a printer. In addition, especially for those women who keep up with the times, a lot of online programs for tracking the readings of the mercury column have been invented. Choose any option you like and start measuring indicators. On the basis of the marks on the thermometer, a cycle graph is plotted, in which ovulation and favorable days for conception can be clearly seen.

There are several rules for the most accurate measurement of basal temperature. Follow these guidelines and your schedule will be as informative as possible:

1. It is best to start recording thermometer data from the first day of menstruation - so you will have a detailed picture of the activity of your reproductive organs. In addition, starting to keep a schedule from the first day of the cycle, you will not get confused in decoding. And it will be more convenient for you to keep track of all changes in indicators throughout the full menstrual cycle.

2It is necessary to measure the temperature in the morning, after a full sleep, preferably at the same time, and be sure - without getting out of bed.
If you are pregnant and monitor the temperature to control the course of pregnancy, it should be remembered that the basal temperature in pregnancy during the day and in the evening differs significantly from the basal temperature in the morning! The most accurate results - only in the morning after sleep!

3. It is best to prepare in advance: in the evening, put a thermometer, a pencil and a blank on the bedside table so that immediately after waking up, without making any sudden movements, take the temperature and put the figures on a schedule.

4. It is best to use an ordinary mercury thermometer - it will show a more accurate result than an electronic thermometer. It is desirable not to change the thermometer and use the same.

5. The procedure should take 5-7 minutes for rectal or vaginal measurement and 3-5 minutes for measuring in the mouth under the tongue.

What can affect the thermometer performance?

1. Tedious business trip, climate change, intense physical exertion, long-distance travel and air travel can significantly affect the measurement result.

2Alcohol in large quantities, as well as hormonal and certain drugs can drastically change the thermometer.

3. Colds, acute respiratory viral infections, influenza and other diseases accompanied by high body temperature will significantly change the basal temperature upward. Postpone the measurement until complete recovery.

4. It should be remembered that a one-time or unsystematic measurement of the basal temperature does not carry any useful information, even on the contrary, when receiving false information, they bring unnecessary experiences.

5. In order for the schedule to be as accurate and informative as possible, measurement indicators for a period of at least 3 menstrual cycles are needed.

basal temperature in early pregnancy

Schedule instead of a pregnancy test

If you know what the basal temperature should be at the onset of pregnancy, you can understand that it is already “in position” just by examining your schedule!

Everyone knows about pregnancy test strips. But only a few future moms are aware of what should be the basal temperature during pregnancy. Most women planning maternity don't knowthat the onset of the long-awaited event can be determined without blood tests and home rapid tests that respond to an increase in hCG (human chorionic gonadropine). If you are not lazy to keep a schedule, it can be done only based on the changes indicated in it.

You already know that before ovulation, the basal body temperature should be 0.4 to 0.6 degrees lower than in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. By the end of the second phase, closer to the beginning of menstruation, it, as a rule, decreases by 0.3 degrees. If conception did not occur, the basal body temperature will begin to fall 1-2 days before the menstruation. It also happens that the thermometer bar is lowered a few divisions lower on the day of menstruation.

If the pregnancy has occurred, then the indicators will not decrease, and this may be one of the reliable signs of the onset of pregnancy.

Has a miracle happened? Basal temperature will answer

Some women who are awaiting menstruation and are unaware of their interesting position find that their general body temperature is elevated in the evening, although there are no obvious symptoms of a cold. This is due to the factthat the body of a pregnant woman reacts to the emergence of a new life in the uterus, and for this reason the body temperature rises by 0.1-0.4 degrees. If the general state of health does not bother you - do not worry. This is absolutely normal.

And if the rise in total body temperature does not happen to everyone, then the basal temperature during early pregnancy before the menstruation is delayed in most cases will necessarily rise to the level of 37-37.5 degrees. This is how intense production in the body of progesterone, the pregnancy hormone, is manifested. The level of progesterone grows - and with it the numbers on the thermometer “grow”.

Thus, knowing what the basal temperature during pregnancy is considered the most significant, you can learn about the emergence of a new life in the earliest terms.

After the 21st week of pregnancy, the line on the chart gradually begins to descend to lower rates, as the hormonal level of the woman returns to normal, therefore, it has not washed away to continue to keep the schedule.

Here is one of the options for what should be the basal temperature during pregnancy (graph)reflected in the figure below.

basal temperature during pregnancy schedule

Do you hope that in this cycle you managed to get pregnant, but your schedule does not look exactly like the picture above? Dont be upset! Indeed, even despite what the basal temperature during pregnancy is considered the norm, in your case, the numbers may be slightly different. Remember the individuality of each organism.

If you have a slightly modified basal temperature during pregnancy - the schedule may look slightly different. And if there are no significant fluctuations in performance from the generally accepted norm, the thermometer bar stands still or slowly but surely rises higher - most likely you are pregnant!

But despite the fact that we have tried to solve the question of what should be the basal temperature during pregnancy, we recommend that you dispel doubts and finally make sure of your interesting position. Make a home rapid test, take a blood test for HCG or visit your gynecologist.

basal temperature during pregnancy

The basal temperature during pregnancy is 37 and 36.9 degrees. Should I worry?

Some women who follow the schedule over several menstrual cycles are confident that they know exactly what the basal temperature during pregnancy should be.And when the desired state comes, they find with anxiety that its indicators have frozen on the division of 36.9-37 degrees and remain so for several days.

If the birth of a new life is confirmed by a test, blood tests or when examined by a gynecologist, then the basal temperature during pregnancy of 36.9-37 degrees gives a lot of excitement to the expectant mother. However, do not worry ahead of time. You need to carefully analyze all your graphics. It is quite possible that your temperature readings were always below the generally accepted norms due to the individuality of your body. If your temperature was low before, then most likely, its fading at around 36.9-37 degrees does not threaten your pregnancy and is absolutely normal.

However, if your rates were within the normal range, and suddenly they began to drop below 37 degrees every day, it is worth reinsuring yourself and consult with your doctor in order to take measures to preserve pregnancy in time.

High basal temperature: it's time to see a doctor

High basal temperature can alert you as well as lowered.
Excessive rates on the thermometer in early pregnancy, present over a long period, can adversely affect the health of the woman and the fetus. Excess to 37.5 degrees and higher can lead to placental abruption, miscarriage or adversely affect fetal development.

A pregnancy temperature of 37.9-38 degrees indicates that an infectious disease or any pathology is possible in the body.

Also, such a high temperature may indicate ectopic pregnancy. If your basal temperature is increased - we recommend immediately contact a gynecologist.

low basal temperature during pregnancy

Low basal temperature during pregnancy: whether to worry

The body of each woman is unique. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure what should be the basal temperature during pregnancy in a single case. All women are different, and each pregnancy is exceptional and unique, just like fingerprints.

Remember that it is impossible to establish a uniform rate of thermometer data for all women in an interesting position.However, referring to your individual schedule, you can find out whether everything is in order with the beginning of pregnancy and its development.

Low are considered to be less than 37 degrees. This may signal that complications are possible, such as a lack of progesterone and the threat of miscarriage. With missed abortion, basal temperature also usually decreases.

Do not worry if the low temperature during pregnancy happened once - the indicators may move down due to severe fatigue or due to any other changes in the woman's body.

You should rest, calm down and take a measurement several times throughout the day. If the indicators do not change, or decrease below 37 degrees, an urgent need to consult a doctor who will conduct the necessary examination and complex tests and find out what happens with the development of pregnancy and the hormonal background of the woman. In most cases, even with the threat of miscarriage, with timely access to the gynecologist, pregnancy can be saved.

What is the basal temperature of missed abortion?

Unfortunately,A desired pregnancy does not always end with a long-awaited meeting between mother and baby in a delivery room - a missed pregnancy sometimes happens, as a result of which the embryo dies and does not begin to develop. This happens for various reasons, which will be found out in the office of a gynecologist after conducting a series of medical examinations.

Studies have shown that with missed pregnancies, the basal temperature almost always has a discrepancy with the norms established during a favorably developing pregnancy.

If this happens, progesterone ceases to be produced in the amount needed to sustain the life and prenatal development of the embryo, respectively, the mercury column will lower every day.

Remember that with missed abortion, basal body temperature is always low and never rises.

If the indicators suddenly dropped sharply and the signs of pregnancy that you had previously (toxicosis, swelling of the mammary glands, susceptibility to smells, tearfulness) disappeared, you should immediately consult a doctor.

We hope that in this article you have found answers to all your questions and learned how to make your own schedule.Now you understand why this is necessary and how to do it correctly, and you know what the basal temperature is when the pregnancy occurs.It is considered the norm, and what should be alerted and in time to signal the need to consult a doctor.

We wish you good health!

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